Hey! Assholes! If you are going to be rude, try not to be so trite. #LAME (Via TheHighDefinite.)

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  1. That video lasted longer than the tv series of the same name

  2. That’s actually what my barber says every time I go in for a haircut, only it’s really more of a regular cut. I need to find a new guy.

  3. “How about this – shut your mouth or I’ll kick your teeth down your throat and I’ll shut it for you. ”

  4. Stand Up and Talk: How To Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

    • Take a seat and be quiet, R2.

      • If you haven’t noticed, R2D2 can’t sit. Plus he has Turrette’s (that’s why he makes those farting noises). How about a little sensitivity, here?

        • A downvote? See, it was a joke, because R2D2 is a robot, and doens’t have knees, and why would a robot need to sit down, anyway? And a robot with Tourette’s Syndrome is just funny, (not to make fun of people with Tourette’s) because a why would a robot have a physical disability? Plus R2 really does make little farting noises amid the beeps and boops. Who’s to say that’s not robot Tourette’s? I mean, C3PO clearly has an clincial narcisism and an anxiety disorder. Who would program robots like that? Even a long time ago? I like explaining jokes. It makes them funnier.

          Or maybe it was because I misspelled Tourette’s.

  5. “Shut up and sing!” – a disgruntled Dixie chick fan

  6. Sometimes I feel like Gabe is talking directly to me, you know?

  7. So first I sit down, and THEN I shut up?

  8. More like sit down and SHO-NUFF! Am I right?!

  9. I don’t understand how people make these super-cuts. How many movies do they watch to get these clips? It seems insanely labour intensive.

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