A few months ago (I’m assuming), we all heard about the new Rob Schneider sitcom coming to CBS in January of 2012 called ¡Rob! about (I’m assuming) a white person who marries a loco Latina. (They might not actually be married? It’s hard to say. He might be a long-lost brother, I don’t know, IT DOESN’T MATTER.) It looks like a sitcom about the Sofia Vergara plot line of Modern Family. Anyway, I don’t actually remember hearing about this show, but I HIGHLY doubt that it was off of our radar completely. There’s just no way! ROB SCHNEIDER? Spanish stereotypes? CBS?!?! The ABCs of entertainment, basically. One thing I do remember about this sitcom, though, is that a few days ago they announced they’d be changing the name from ¡Rob! to just Rob. BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Boooo boooo boooo booooooooooo!! A terrible decision. How will we know about the Spanish part of the thing?! Why not, at the very least, El Rob? BAD JOB! You did a bad job, CBS, go take a time out. While CBS is on a time out, we can FINALLY watch a promo for ¡Rob!, I refuse to acknowledge the name change. And you know what, guys? It doesn’t look too bad!

Hahahahahahah. Just kidding! It looks like garbage! AREN’T SPANISH PEOPLE WEIRD? Isn’t Rob Schneider normal? Isn’t CBS our favorite primetime TV channel and don’t we wish we could rig our TVs to ONLY get CBS and we don’t know why the cable company refuses to help us with it? Can’t they at least help us sew the TV right into our brains? I NEED THIS SO MUCH CLOSER! (Via Splitsider.)

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  1. They should have called this, “I Took Spanish in High School for Four Years, But I Don’t Remember Any of It”, because that is what people always say to you when they find out you speak Spanish. I’m assuming that will be the standard greeting for the wife character.

  2. jaja ¡Rob!

  3. My parents are going to watch the hell out of this show.

  4. One of my favorite holiday traditions is to watch all of the terrible holiday movies on Lifetime. The other night I watched “Nothing Like the Holidays,” which had Debra Messing in the iRob! role, and John Leguizamo in the iRob!’s crazy wife role, and they #literally had the same scene at the dinner table.

    Good work all around, everyone!

  5. Rob Schneider is definitively the type of comedian that comes to mind when I think subtle social & cultural commentary.

  6. He can do it.

  7. The should have just called this show, “Dos Hombres y Medio”

  8. Rob Schneider and Fred Armisen are multi-ethnic people who can do anything and not be racist

  9. Hahahahahaha this is what network executives consider cultural diversity HAHAHAHA*BANG*

    • More like cultural PERVERSITY HAHAHAHA *BANG TOO*

    • stop recycling comments from posts about Outsourced, That One.

      • This seems so much worse than Outsourced (and I base my entire opinion on a 20-second clip*). CBS is not so subtly selling the show through exploitation of xenophobia and racism. At least NBC decided Outsourced should play up the Crazy Indians as actual (albeit shallow) characters (okay, caricatures) in the run-up to the premiere. This promo is just straight up “Those Fucking Mexicans Are Crazy”.

        Imagine that the entire cast is white. It would be fine. A dude marries into a family that argues a bunch. Sure. We’ve seen plenty of TV and film that follows that same trope. But the title’s use of Spanish punctuation gives it an entirely different context. This is about cultural divisions, which leads to the asterisk.

        *It’s possible that this show will be about different cultures coming together and finding common ground, and I’m sure that it will attempt that in one form or another, if for no other reason than maximum demographic coverage. The interesting thing will be to see how it handles this. Maybe the series turns out to be touching, hopeful and respectful, but let’s be honest: This is Rob Schneider we’re talking about.

        • It will probably be just respectful enough to avoid really pissing off his wife and in-laws.

        • I think it’s a draw. Curry is spicy, but Latins have fiery tempers.

          I am honestly curious if they took the ¡ and ! out of the title because they were worried their core audience would think they stumbled onto some Telemundo nonsense.

          • Telemundo nonsense being how the core audience would describe a show about Mexicans… even if it stars their always-favorite comedian, Rob Schneider.

  10. They should just call it $#/! My Executives Greenlight

  11. Guys, you’re all missing the silver lining here: there is a very good chance we’ll get to see a joke involving a pinata mix-up and Rob Schneider taking a baseball bat to the junk.

  12. According to IMDB, the actress playing his wife was named Spain’s sexiest woman alive by Esquire Magazine. Come the fuck on, Rob Schneider.

  13. i don’t feel bad for that big latino family, for it is the viewers who will be iRobbed!

  14. In the same vein, why does Tracy Ullman think she’s allowed to do this?

    • Seriously, what the fuck is up with that? I understand that blackface has a far more sordid past in the States, but she’s doing a fucking show about the States! So many shows I watch on Hulu play this ad and literally the second shot of the actual show is her dressed up in blackface and doing blackvoice. Unbelievable.

      • Maybe her black friend told her it was ok.

      • In other news on the modern use of black face on cable…

        From the Summer Heights High guy’s new show on HBO, Angry Boys. One of the characters he plays is a west coast rapper. Yikes!

      • It is one of those things you run into in a show like that. The Kids in the Hall had, I believe, a blackface character or two, and tons of drag characters as well … of course being a bunch of white guys that make up the entire cast of the sketch comedy, they had to pick between having nothing but white guys, but play something they aren’t. On SNL, this often gets ‘avoided’ by having at least one person on the cast that can play every black person, male or female, just to avoid doing blackface, etc. Jimmy Kimmel has his Karl Malone bit. I haven’t seen the clip, so I’m not sure how insensitive the portrayal is, but there is a sliding scale of offensive blackface. Based on what I can find out about the show, it’s a sketch show with more or less no one but her as a ton of different characters, each being a snip it of about 1 minute of “life in America”. So, I guess she could do nothing but while women for each character, and leave out any black celebrities, etc … but the show’s format does sort of force the choice of blackface, or no black characters at all. Now, if she gets up there in full blown minstrel blackface and playing to base stereotypes, that’s one thing. This make up, at least, seems like an attempt to look like a real human being.

    • Tracey does some of the best black face stuff that I have ever seen, BUT, whites in black face still has racist origins, therefore she should not be doing it. There is no such thing as respectful black face.

  15. And before know it, they’ll be wheeling out the 100 episode cake and airing the show on Nick at Nite.

  16. Oh my God CBS really sucks. Or should I say CBS muy sucko.

  17. Black face done by white people is ALWAYS racist, there is no such thing as respectful black face because it has racist origins.

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