During a recent appearance on the Graham Norton Show, Bradley Cooper addressed the controversy surrounding his “Sexiest Man Alive” title, admitting that Ryan Gosling does obviously wear pea coats and scarves much more nicely (or something). APOLOGY ACCEPTED!

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  1. Yeah, but he didn’t mean it. He was only acting under a threat from a certain Monster.

  2. He continued to praise Gosling’s skill, saying “He’s also a better actor than me. I used his character from Van Wilder as a template for my performance on The Hangover.”

  3. We James McAvoyians are not appeased.

  4. Who’s this Bradley Kaun guy? And where to I pick up my $3.

  5. Thank god this national nightmare is over.

  6. I love how all this is over an annual fluff piece in PEOPLE MAGAZINE. I bet People’s editorial staff are so pleased with themselves, having actually been able to drum up some controversy over it.

    “Ooh, ok guys. Lets think ahead to next year’s issue. Who will we know is the sexiest man alive, and then who can we pick who is sexy to some but definitely not to all, a bit of an acquired taste, right? Yeah. Definitely not the clear winner, but very pleasing to the eyes and attractive. Of course, not TOO attractive, because we want him to be seen as a poor choice to our readers when compared and contrasted next to the clear favorite. It’s almost TOO easy…”


  7. Why did this never turn into a Ryan Gosling GIF party? Unacceptable, monsters.

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