PHEW! That was close. There was a bit of time there when I thought we’d have to watch our planet crumble, consumed in fire and garbage, on January 1st while we and all of our families and friends die, WITHOUT first getting to see the video for Insane Clown Posse’s “It’s All Over.” OH THANK JUGGALO GOODNESS. And it’s been given to us not a moment too soon, because now there’s still enough time to learn its valuable lesson, which is: REPENT! Because God has had enough of our shit. Unfortunately it doesn’t delve too deeply into what kind of shit God has had enough of, but I can imagine that it’s, like, a LOT of gay shit, some women shit, and some other shit. I bet God hates that kinda shit. Insane Clown Posse doing the Lord’s work, as always. TAKE IT AWAY, BOYS!

It’s all over, indeed, but at least it went out with A LOT of very good graphics, some fun dancing, and a super catchy hook. See you guys in Heaven! (Thanks for the tip, Gabe.)

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  1. Kelly must’ve gone to Juggalo Island to escape the firework aliens. #bestsentenceeverwritten

  2. this is someone’s favorite band!

  3. Fucking planets, how do they work?

  4. So your telling me they no longer believe in miracles? Now I don’t know what to think.

  5. Always Be Hitting on the girl sitting against a fire hydrant (?) during the end of the world.

  6. This is getting me so psyched for Christmas in Michigan.

  7. I thought there was some sort of Videogum ban on Juggalo news? I mean, I’m as eager as anyone to make fun of them, so…you know…

    …ON WITH IT! hahahahahahaha. Nice.

  8. That reminds me, has anyone here seen American Juggalo? It’s a ridiculously beautifully shot look at the Gathering and Juggalo culture, go and watch it.

    • I found it to be exceptionally depressing. It didn’t make me UNDERSTAND juggalos, but it certainly made me feel sorry for them.

      The one pregnant juggalette near the end made me feel very uncomfortable.

    • I actually did watch it. Honestly. It was interesting. Still a ridiculous culture in my eyes, but opinions are like teeth, almost everyone has them, and some are different than others. And some are neglected by the British. I forgot where I was going with this.

    • “I was drinkin Caribou Lou… on the carnival rides… I got fucked. up.” Quotes such as this have entered my typical vernacular.

    • Oh crap, I tried watching it because of this thread, but I got skeeved out by the girl who called herself “Maniac” and looked strung out on Meth.

  9. I got pretty excited when they said “it’s all over,” but then I saw there was still, like, four minutes left.

  10. I’m just sad Ass Dan is going to have to miss going through the End Of Days with the rest of us.

  11. alright, i’m ready….

  12. I started prepping for 2012 after watching TLC’s show about adult virgins last night. Not even the Juggalos are as creepy as those people.

  13. um…crud and hood don’t rhyme

    • Yo! Yooz sayin that shit incorrectly! To rhyme with smectly! Fo reals? You know it bitchhead! The way the peeps of the masses be sayin crud, that’s some wrong-ass shit right there. Crud, the correct pronunciation of which is croouuuud, should be pronounced in such a way as to coincide with the pronunciation previously typed. Or are you a hater? And hood while not being a perfect rhyme is pronounced as hooouuud so as the amount of vowels and their placement at least sumquat achieves a symmetry even if it’s not apparent to you duumquats. Why you gotta be a kumquat? Kumquat.

  14. It’s nice to see that Kevin Smith is still finding work.

  15. No, I’m not signing up to drink the Faygo with you this time Jay and Shag, this is how they tricked those Hale-bopp Heaven’s Gate people.

  16. I logged into my seldom-used account to give each and every one of you a thumbs up for some great comments. Except for explainer guy tries again and his supporter as I don’t know the reference. Try again and explain yourself, uh, explainer guy tries again. Yeah.

  17. Well this beats REM’s “It’s the End of the World and as We Know It” on my list of top songs to play on New Year’s Eve. Don’t tell me I’m gonna be the only person with it stuck in my head all December.

  18. Did you notice:

    The hatchet smashes a clock set to 4:20 in the middle of the video…
    Then a hatchet smashes the final TV at the 4:20 mark on youtube.

    Because I totally did not. I didn’t even watch the video…

  19. I watch it..its a crop…………

  20. Ladies, can we just agree… when the world is ending, let’s not waste our time with high heel shoes!

  21. Are we all on board with petitioning to have “hood” and “crud” officially classified as rhyming words? Yes? Okay, good! Let’s go occupy JugNarnia!

  22. “I’m Newt Gingrich and I approve this message.”

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