There was an article in the Jew-run New York Times last week about the current congressional fight over a payroll tax cut that pointed out how, in a rare turn of events, democrats were out-maneuvering republicans over a tax cut, which, you know, is usually the republicans whole “thing.” The reason for this is the terms of the cuts, which, as proposed, would provide tax relief for 160 million middle-class Americans, but would raise taxes on 350,000 millionaires and billionaires. By standing in the way of this legislation, the republicans are presenting themselves as aggressively pro-rich at a moment when, uh, you know, that’s not that cool. Whoops! The reason I even mention it is because the article cited a pretty interesting recent statistic that more than 70 percent of Americans support a tax increase on the wealthiest Americans. As they should! But that is a huge number. It is increasingly clear that politicians on both sides of the debate (although they all agree about being millionaires themselves) are going to need to make some changes soon to address this genuine problem before the whole thing falls apart. In light of this, and the Occupy Wall Street movement, and the general tone of the national discussion after years of a depressed and immobile economy, listening to the FOX News business channel spouting any kind of tone deaf, pro-big business propaganda feels off to say the least, and downright insufferable if you actually spend any time with it. But to hear them spouting off about how wonderful OIL BARONS are in an unnecessary attack against THE MUPPETS, well, OK, that’s kind of funny.

Who OK’ed this? Which producer OK’ed this? Was it Steve Doocy? I don’t think he’s a producer, but I like to imagine that he makes all of the decisions over there. “Rule #1: Ask Doocy.” Obviously, if you ARE going to build a case that Liberal Hollywood is trying to “use class warfare to brainwash our kids” against the oil industry (?!?!?!) then you should definitely start with The Muppets, move on to Cars 2, and then cite Syriana and THERE WILL BE BLOOD. It is almost cruel how those children’s movies manipulate their audience against one of the most beloved industries in the world. (What is even going ON here?!)


I definitely do think that the first dude has a point, though, when he says that these movies are ignoring what oil means to most Americans: FUEL TO LIGHT A HOSPITAL and/or FUEL TO FUEL AN AMBULANCE TO GET YOU TO THE HOSPITAL*. That is totally what I was thinking. Incredible. Whenever I think of fuel I definitely think of the excessive profits that oil companies make from a product that is almost impossibly destructive to the environment, is largely run by a cabal of middle-eastern billionaires with questionable intentions and known ties to terrorism, and is a limited resource with a stranglehold on our global economy while working tirelessly to prevent the types of innovation we will need to prevent an international collapse when it runs out all the ways in which we definitely need to go to the hospital. Is he psychic? GET OUT OF MY BRAIN, YOU PIECE OF SHIT! (Via HuffingtonPost.) #OccupySesameStreet

*”They don’t want to tell that story.” Holy shit, can you imagine how good the movie about how fuel runs the ambulance to take you to the hospital would be? Good movie. Three stars. All the Oscars.
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  1. If they actually watched the movie, he wasn’t just an ordinary business man. He was an EVIL businessman. Duh.

    *maniacal laugh*

    *maniacal laugh*

  2. The most communist of all Muppets:

  3. I made it 30 seconds in. Anyone does better, you have my sincere admiration. And pity. My admiration, and my pity.

  4. Sheesh.

  5. Leave rich successful buisiness people ALONE!!!! Why can’t liberals let them be great? This segment is particularly interesting with the 60 Minutes peice from last night about how the Sarbanes Oxley law is not being used to go after Wallstreet… and how there was a systematic overinflation and fraud of peoples incomes for banks to justify making it rain subprime morgages pre-2007.

  6. Remember back when you were a kid and all of your heroes were rich businessmen who want to destroy fun?

    • Fun as defined as the sugar cereal advertising programming that became popular in the 1980s after Reagan and his cronies deregulated the need for educational merit in children’s television?

      My hero was Geraldine Ferraro. I was a very intense kid.

  7. “Go listen to Maroon Five, Communists”

  8. Pretty sure you don’t need oil when you travel by map.

  9. “I thought Sesame Street was supposed to be about sharing … not communist propaganda”


    • OMG accidental downvote!! I’m so sorry–many apologies from me, your friendly neighborhood leftist pinko fellow monster!!!

    • Caught that slip, too…hilarious.

      I also love the suggestion that the villain should be evil President Obama and his foodstamping henchman. From the party that would foist Christian values on the masses comes the vilification of a man who gives out food to the poor. Oops!

  10. Puke this puke straight to puketown.

  11. So lately, I’ve imposed on myself a cleansing of sorts (GP would be so proud) with regards to my media diet. I’ve canceled my cable and eradicated any intake of cable news, sensationalist blogs and bad TV and movies. As a result, my tolerance for this sort of shit is way down. Now when I come across someone who, say, claims the fucking Muppets are part of a liberal conspiracy to brainwash our kids, all I can feel is an intense urge to punch this person in the face.

    I’m not joking. It’s all I can think about right now. Punching this guy in the face.

  12. Before everyone on this site ignores this as not feasible, remember who this is coming from and ask yourself is there’s any place better qualified to know brainwashing when it sees it.

  13. FOX News in 1946:

    “And of course, Mr. Potter is the villain. Typical liberal Hollywood. Why can’t we just celebrate Mr. Potter’s role as a JOB CREATOR?!”

  14. Umm, don’t you mean there was an article in the JEW York Times? A rare miss, Gabe.

  15. “It’s a Muppet Movie for goodness sakes!”
    Yes, Fox News, it is a Muppet Movie, for goodness sake leave it alone.

    • More like, yes, Fox News, it is a Muppet Movie, why would you be surprised it has leftist leanings?

      Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Muppets, but bipartisan they are not.

  16. Fox News, out there to prove that things work out just fine for bullies.

  17. “is ‘the Rainbow Connection’ about gay sex?” – gretchen carlson next week

  18. So much to detest in this piece. The dumb, REALLY dumb lady calls Chris Cooper’s character a Muppet, right before she starts slinging biblical terminology to really rest her case. “We’re teaching our kids to COVET…” “…SEVEN DEADLY SINS!!!”


    Lady, the seven deadly sins aren’t even IN the Bible.
    And you’re right, Sesame Street IS for kids. But this is the Muppets we’re talking about.
    Sesame Street is owned by PBS. Muppets are owned by Disney.

    And Tex Richman is not a Muppet. He’s a character played by Chris Cooper in the film.
    Good grief.

  19. Oh God this is like watching Mother Teressa debating with a bunch of hungry cavemen who think that eating their young is ok

    • and btw yes I understand that this analogy might not work since mother teressa would eventually be able to make the cavemen see reason as opposed to our friends at Fox who still believe in witchcraft, but these clips just make me REALLY upset

  20. I love the lady who’s gets angry half way through about the muppet meant to draw attention to childhood hunger issues. Basically argues that liberals got their fucking, bleeding-heart social programs, why the hell are they still complaining about kids not having enough to eat?

  21. Huh. Maybe this helps explain why Conservatives are so reluctant to endorse Romney.

  22. That guy doesn’t really seem to know what The Matrix was about.

  23. at this point i feel like Fox News is just some sort of ongoing performance art piece. it helps me sleep at night.

    • Roger Ailes is their James Franco.

    • Yeah, I love the fact that the Seven Deadly Sins aren’t biblical. “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” is another.

      Speaking of communism, shouldn’t Fox News be against Santa Claus delivering free presents (welfare!) to everyone?

      • Un-asked for explanation of my random post: I started to reply to someone else, decided not to, clicked to reply to this comment instead, my original unsubmitted comment appeared, so I clicked “Submit” to submit that comment there before replying here, but it replied here instead of there, making my comment seem incredibly random.

        Yeah, I know… fascinating story.

  24. Next up – the undercover journalism continues on Dora the Explorer and Sesame Street to uncover the conspiracy about illegal immigration, gay couples, and “poor” that live in trashcans.

  25. I wonder what will happen if they watch any shows by Sid and Marty Krofft…

  26. That first commentator Dan and I share a last name. I hope no one thinks we’re related…

  27. A spectre is haunting America; the spectre of felt.

  28. so lately i’ve been reading a lot on discourse analysis surrounding economics and the political aspects of economics, since the lines between governments and economies are getting incredibly blurry and weird, which is simultaneously incredibly boring and incredibly fascinating. and watching segments like these is very very interesting, because you’re watching the power elite literally scraping the bottom of the intellect barrel to figure out how to continue to dominate a conversation regarding why profit maximization is a great system- and they are losing it. they are actually starting to lose the narrative that they have built over the past fifty years regarding the roles of the state, the market, and society, because the logical extremes of their positions are becoming realized and it is an incredibly unsustainable and tenuous system. and apparently last week the republican governors association met in florida and had a strategy session to figure out new language to use- including the fact that they shouldn’t even say the word capitalism anymore because it has negative connotations! so now the republican party is probably going to start saying “economic freedom”. but that’s crazy, right?? the fact that the republican party is even recognizing that saying capitalism is a losing political marketing strategy! it gets my nerd alert bat signal tingling! which sounds way more exciting than what it means. it means i’ll probably write a paper. oooooo!

    • Hey now, you can have a nerd sense that tingles, or you can have a nerd bat signal that shines up into the clouds to alert you to things, but this tingling nerd alert bat signal business is nonsense. NONSENSE, I SAY!

    • The latest leaked Republican talking points say to respond to a 99 percenter by saying “I get it.”
      Instead of pepper spraying them in the face.

    • You can also throw into your paper how freaked out the ruling elite got by the Occupy Wall Street thing. A bunch of kids **who made no actual demands, but only called attention to rather obvious facts about income inequality** (I don’t know how to bold, so I did that. Did it work?) Got one of the strongest police reactions (mass arrests, beatings, pepper spraying) since the 60′s. Overreact much, oligarchy?

  29. This is so stupid. Everyone knows the SMURFS are communists! Hasn’t anyone seen Slacker? Papa Smurf even LOOKS like Karl Marx.

  30. Damn those liberals for corrupting our children by brainwashing them with such innocent kid-centric movies like, “The Muppets” “Cars 2″ and “There Will be Blood”!

    Wait. what? Did this guy think “There Will be Blood” is actually ABOUT milkshakes so he let his young children watch it?

  31. I’ve seen homeless people arguing with trashcans that made more sense than that video.

  32. Couldn’t finish watching. This legit is depressing to watch.

  33. Wait: the sneery lady says The Muppet Movie teaches kids to covet what others have, but isn’t Rich Texman evil expressly because he covets what the Muppets have? He wants to seize their studio and knock it down so he can have their land for himself, right? I didn’t see the movie yet, so I’m just going by the clip Fox rolled on their own show. But, like, right??

    How is anyone alive this stupid?

    • Worse than that … he hates the Muppets because other people enjoyed them and he didn’t. He was laughed at because he couldn’t laugh at the Muppets (or anything). So, because he couldn’t have something, he wanted to destroy the people that produce the things he can’t have. So, exactly the kind of villain they want, if they actually looked at the movie and came up with a tortured way of spinning the story to fit their goals.

  34. Why are the liberals against villains?!

  35. Where does this guy get off bringing Captain Planet into this?!

  36. If the host’s parents were so convinced that starting a business and working hard were how a person got rich, why didn’t they get off their lazy asses and start a business? Huh!? Quit being so lazy, mom and dad! You’re so lazy! UGH!

    Segments like this just make the right look paranoid and desperate.

  37. Well, you know, the thing is: the fuel that lights a hospital and that the ambulance runs on, people PAY for that.

    The environmental destruction and terrorism, we get that for free.

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