Happy Holidays, Still, Day 100. (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. the second black swan really seems to be heading in a different direction

  2. It’s pretty impressive the way those two were able to match up their voices like that. If I turned my head, I couldn’t tell which one was singing!

  3. I don’t understand the costume change! I don’t get it!!

  4. Love it or hate it, this is definitely better than when the scary lady performs it.

  5. I like that all the Christmas videos are set to the same song, too!

    “There can only be one.” – the North Poleander.

  6. This is the greatest. I smiled the whole time. People are the best…and unashamed people are even better than everyone else. I can’t wait until Fox News uses this as an attack on upper middle class white heterosexual Christmas.

  7. So these 2 are giving us about 10,000 .gif’s for Christmas? Cool

  8. “Finally, someone gets it.” -Jesus

  9. This is one of those times where I was like, “I’m probably not going to watch the whole thing,” but then I definitely watched the whole thing.

  10. 2:28 – Clever girl……

  11. 1:59 money shot my ninjas.

  12. The business across the street has the highest suicide rate in the city.

  13. this is going to sound mean, but i felt a deep sense of relief that 1) i didnt have to watch the whole thing. you can just turn it off! 2) these people don’t know me and ask me for compliments

    i didnt realize it until 3 minutes into the video and it turns out i was so tense about it!!

  14. Weirdest “Is Anyone Up?” ever.

  15. All I want for Christmas is gifs of this video! It’s simply the best, every time that guy entered or exited the frame I cracked up. Dancing sugar plums ain’t got nothing on these two.

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