As far as groups of children singing songs that cool adults like go, the New York City public school chorus at PS22 already has the market cornered. They’ve performed at the Oscars and on Oprah and they’re very cute and well put together and inspirational and every mom has already emailed their videos to all of the adult children in America and they’ve all gotten no email response back. And that’s fine. Good for PS22! But not all of us need our singing children videos to be quite so tidy, because not all of us are a bunch of POSERS! And that is where this OTHER group of children led by a hip young white male singing songs that cool adults like comes in! The Sullivan School kindergarten class in Seoul, South Korea, singing their completely ridiculous version of The Ramones’ “Judy Is a Punk” with almost no real words and lots of pogoing. Finally, a group of children singing songs that cool adults like for OUR subculture.

To be fair, those are also the only words that I know. The kids also do an incredible version of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity,” but I’d like to request a few more:

  • Dead Kennedys, “Terminal Preppie”
  • Minor Threat, “Minor Threat”
  • Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, “The Ballad Of The Sin Eater”
  • The Germs, “Lexicon Devil”
  • Crass, “You’ve Got Big Hands”
  • Dinosaur Jr., “Feel the Pain”
  • Dead Milkmen, “Punk Rock Girl”
  • Misfits, “Astro Zombies”
  • Jawbreaker, “Bad Scene, Everyone’s Fault”
  • Screaming Females, “Boyfriend”
  • The Adolescents, “I Hate Children”

ALL SONGS! Just do all of them. (Thanks for the tip, Helena!)

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  1. You forgot Deerhoof Kidz are So Small

  2. No G.G. Allin songs?

  3. they should have done “Now I wanna EAT some Glue”
    missed opportunity.

  4. This is the best. Shut down all searches for the best, we found it, right here.

    Also: little children pogoing is pretty much the cutest thing. So we can close those searches, too. The cutest and the best, all right here.

    • Completely. I teach in Gwangju, South Korea and had my grade 4′s to a rendition of “Float On” by Modest Mouse (“Pssshhh, you OBVIOUSLY should have done something pre-Lonesome Crowded West”–someone we all know, I’m sure) for open-class day. In the practices leading up to the performance the kids had managed to get the song down well enough where all the lyrics were, for the most part, understandable (we’ll ignore for the moment the fact that few of the parents would have known the difference in the first place). But when it came time to perform for their families, the excitement of it all overtook them, and it became a globular ball of mush, and oh-so-cute. “I drive a car and the cops, today, he is laughing ok ok”…”a fake man to took a stand it was worth it learning about hands” were some of the lyrics I could hear over the chaos.

      • No way! I taught in Gwangju!! I was in Sangmu by the Starbucks and KrazE Burger!!!! I was never allowed to try teaching the kids to sing songs. Although we did have a Ke$ha dance party on Halloween. They have no idea how gross that was. The general cluelessness of RoK is the best. I saw a reality show one time with a young mom (I think it was some K-Pop singer) playing around with her infant daughter and the gramma. She was wearing a t-shirt that said “Too Drunk to Fuck” (I don’t think it was a Dead Kennedy’s ref though) on the front really big. Normal network TV.

  5. Why can’t any of these kids do the Dead Boys “Ain’t It Fun”?

  6. obviously they need to do “i don’t wanna grow up” by the descendents.

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  8. Punk Rock Girl! Kelly wins all the points for that one.

    These kids are all right.

  9. I See Red by X

  10. I really like their version of “Now I Wanna Eat Some Paste.”

  11. My List:
    The Misfits – Angelfuck
    Circle Jerks – Group Sex
    Minor Threat – I’m seeing red
    Suicidal Tendencies – I Saw Your Mommy and Your Mommy’s Dead AND Institutionalized!
    Moldy Peaches – Who’s Got the Crack?

  12. the guy in the yellow really isn’t feeling it.

  13. I think those kids knew more lyrics to that song than I ever did, and I love that song.

  14. That song just isn’t the same without Gwyneth Paltrow kissing a topless woman on the Rive Gauche.

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