• GQ chose the men of Breaking Bad as their BADASSES of the year. Hooray! I’m sure it’s quite an honor. -GQ
  • Have you been dying to know which movie theaters are going to be screening the six-minute Dark Knight Rises prologue before Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol ever since you heard that they were doing that in one of the MANY batman email newsletters you subscribe to? Well you’re in luck! Because here is the list! I can’t believe you didn’t receive this in the same kind of newsletter, maybe your email is broken! -FilmDrunk
  • Here is a video of 15 characters in sitcoms that were never really on the sitcoms very much or at all. A lot of them are husbands and wives of main characters so, you know, don’t get married! Just kidding! This has nothing to do with that! Get married if you want! -TheDailyWhat
  • OH MY GOODNESS. Here is an extended look at the kissing couple from Virgin Diaries! Is it Christmas already, I thought it was only December 2nd!?! -Dlisted
  • Ahhh, here is an essay about the last few minutes ever of Six Feet Under. What a great show and what a GREAT ending. I have to assume that we all agree. -PopMatters
  • Oh no! Universal Studios is closing its Jaws ride! It’s apparently being closed to “make room for an exciting, NEW, experience.” Booooooooo. Change is the worst! Resist all change! -SlashFilm
  • Uhhhh Pauly D got signed to 50 Cent’s record label? Pauly D is a rapper? 50 Cent is still doing things? What world is this? -Celebuzz
  • Would you like to read an interview with Steve McQueen about his new film Shame and all of the naked bodies in it? Are you going to go see that movie? Are you going to feel weird about it? -Salon
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  1. Darth First…. Rrrrriiiiiise

  2. What do you mean 50 Cent still exists, he won an Oscar for his portrayal of a cancer patient

  3. Do not confuse GQ‘s “Badasses of the Year” award with People‘s “Bad Asses of the Year” award for the grossest celebrity bikini butt picture of the year. I believe this year’s winner was Dustin Hoffman.

  4. Some of us may or may not have bought tickets to MI:4 earlier this week after the prologue announcement was made. No idea who though. Not naming names.

  5. So 50 Cent wouldn’t sign Danny Brown but he signs Pauly D? Good call!

  6. Kelly, any time Gabe brings up You Can Count on Me, just be like, “Six Feet Under.” And you should say it exactly the way Noxeema Jackson says “Your mother” in To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar

  7. I just finished re-watching season 2 of Breaking Bad about a week ago. It is an especially heart-wrenching experience, that season, as it really encapsulates the weightiest transition the characters go through– continuing from the first season– and jumps head first into deeper, darker waters, that get pitch black by the season finale.

    Whenever I really love something I always want to share it with my parents (like a kid rattling off info about a cartoon they watch with detailed lore, despite recognizing my parents’ glazed-over eyes). I spoke to my mom a day after finishing season 2, and I was in a bit of a funk over some real life stuff, and she didn’t want to end the call with me feeling glum, so she kind of just stayed on the phone making small talk until somehow I started talking about Breaking Bad. Ideally, i wanted her to check out the show herself, which I knew was unlikely, due to my mom’s distaste for violence, foul language, and other mom things.

    I was speaking in generalities about why the end of season 2 is SO GOOD and she basically just wanted the details, so I wound up spoiler-summarizing the whole plot of interwoven intentional and unintentional actions the characters make and the ultimate consequences of those actions that come to bare (OH! It’s because of something a character said that made me bring up Breaking Bad in the context of the conversation: “One thing you do with family is you don’t give up on them”), and hearing my mom’s reactions of delight and disgust as I described these complex characters’ morally suspect decisions really made my night.

    It was one of those rare moments where I had my mom’s undivided attention and kept it until all subject matter was exhausted (a common problem in my family is we all lose interest quickly and our minds begin to wander, and I’m the only one who is continually annoyed by our general lack of focus, but being a huge nerd, I think it’s always because I want to talk about so much stuff that is very particular “YOU DON’T SAY?” -Videogum Comments Reader).

    In other words, Breaking Bad: Bringing Families Closer Together.

    • Do you feel like that is what you’re doing here in these commentator web sections, trying to build a sort of family, or asserting some kind of family type bonds not satisfied elsewhere?

      • Could be, Steve. I’m not ruling it out. I do enjoy the communal, generally good-natureness of the Videogum comment sections, and it has spread out on occasion to tinychat, twitter and Monster Meet ups and such.

        An added plus is knowing that just because I wrote a lengthy comment doesn’t mean everybody HAS to read it, although many here will take the time, which is something I appreciate about the Videogum readers/commenters.

        • Recently I have been typing a lot of longer comments on VGum, and I do become sensitive to that sort of thing and other commentators having to negotiate around a huge comment, so I’m hoping to dial it back now.

  8. RIP Jaws ride. It was an awesome throwback. I like outdated amusement park attractions.

  9. Six Feet Under? Ah yes, a very cute show from back when Alan Ball was just finding his footing as a TV showrunner/writer. So glad he outgrew that amateurish phase of his career and really dug down to find himself in time to create his Important Masterpiece, True Blood…

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