The first images of Daniel Day Lewis in full costume and makeup for Steven Spielberg’s Abraham Lincoln biopic have been released. So exciting. So GOTCHA!

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  1. Fool me once, shame on, shame on you. Fool me… you can’t get fooled again.

    • The three ways to get shamed for fooling is once, and that’s on me, and the second one is on you if twice, and the third is, uhhhh…oops!

  2. Gabriel, you rapscallion.

  3. That’s not Abraham Lincoln! Strange things are afoot at the Circle K…

  4. Daniel Day Lewis goes full method… I wonder if he is having “problematic and distant relationships with women in contrast to more warm relations with men in his life.”

  5. Melissa McCarthy better play Mary Todd.

  6. My buddy is a grip on the set. I asked him about Lewis’ method acting – he told me they are all required to call him “Mr. President” when he’s around. He told me that even though that sounds douchey, everybody is really into it and has a fun time playing “President” with Day Lewis.

  7. I live in Richmond and haven’t seen a single movie star, which bums me out. Although I wouldn’t know Daniel Day Lewis if I saw him (although I guess now I would know to just look for Abraham Lincoln). I really just want to see/meet/fall madly, mutually in love with JGL or Lee Pace though.

  8. “There’s an ocean full of freedom under our feet and no one can get to it except for me!”

  9. I drink your Oppression. I drink it up.

  10. Gabe, you’re the REAL prankasaurus

  11. I watched In the Name of the Father the other night (Netflix Instant, Best Film Oscar Nominee, Professor industry terms over here) and it was good! You should watch it if you like DDL. Also Pete Postlethwaite (RIP Never Forget) is always great and this movie is no exception

  12. I find the look of triumph on Daniel Day-Lewis’ face here particularly funny because I wrote a sketch once where he was scared of moustaches. True humblebrag!

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