Life is so hard sometimes. The world is cruel. Existence is absurd. You get overwhelmed. Have you seen Tree of Life yet? I can’t even. (Via ViralVideos.)

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  1. I would be proud to call that boy my son.

  2. I’m with you, kid. I fucking hate Tom Brady.

    • Does anyone else think this might be the kid that he conceived with Bridget Moynahan, before he straight-up dumped her pregnant ass for Gisele?

  3. I hate Tom Brady too, but only because he stole my woman. It’s the same reason I hate Ellen Degeneres and the Schnozzberry kid from Super Troopers.

  4. Good try, kid, but Angry Greg Ryan is the cutest Eagles fan.

    • If you look up “Eagles Fan” in the Oxford English Dictionary, there is a picture of Angry Greg Ryan in there, but there is a .wav file of this kid squealing and crying as further clarification.

  5. I found some more people who hate Tom Brady.

  6. My dog barks the same way at Mike Vick

    • Wait…did Tom Brady force small children to fight each other to the death? I’ll be honest, I hope that’s not the case, but at least then I would give a rat’s ass who he even is.

      • Tom Brady *is* The Hunger Games.

      • I have only a peripheral understanding of who Tom Brady is (he’s America’s answer to David Beckham, right? That’s what I’ve always assumed, feel free to correct this), but this kid has swayed me to his side. You have my sword, little human child. I also hate Tom Brady!

        • Not supposed to be a reply. Way to ruin the internet, lbt. *wipes off flop sweat, drowns sorrows in gin*

        • For Canadians: Tom Brady is America’s Answer to Steve Yzerman

          • So many people are going to be so confused by that reference. But I am very glad you made it.

          • I don’t even know if it’s an apt comparison, I just feel like he’s the classic guy that most non-Detroitans would be like “Uh, who?” whereas every Canadian is born having memorized his 1992 stats.

          • Does that apply to Tom Brady, though? I think a lot of non-Americans/non-football fans know who he is because he’s pretty. In that sense I think he’s more the Beckham.

            I thought you meant that fans of his team wish he’d fathered all their babies, while everyone else hates him (though secretly wished he played for their team), and have grudgingly respect his ability.

          • I think mainly it’s being the captain of a team that was dominant for a over a decade and that most hockey fans kind of begrudgingly speak well of, but secretly wished ill upon, because, like, enough already Detroit, you’ve had your time. And, yeah, he’s easy on the eyes.

          • I think that only works if Yzerman had played in Vancouver and won cups for a Canadian team that is still hated by a lot of Canadians, the way most Americans hate every team from Boston.

            The only Canadian that was really good AND whom I wished ill will upon (and still do!) is Doug Gilmour.

          • True, that makes more sense, but then everyone loves Toronto’s teams so I don’t know how that would work. We are Canada’s capital! Right?

          • Also, a Toronto sports team would have to be successful for any extended period of time. So I guess Frank Mahavolich was Canada’s answer to Tom Brady? (anyone getting this reference is either from Toronto or VERY OLD.

          • But he’s not. Remember that time Brady got a girl pregnant then dropped her off at the curb to get with Gisele? Like a piece of shit? Stevey-Y would never do that.


  7. I would make fun of this ENTIRE FAMILY for being Eagles fans. But I won’t. I’ve been there kid. His name was Gary Anderson. I hate you Gary Anderson.

  8. I think this kid is just sexually frustrated like the rest of us.

  9. The sequel to this video will be titled “I Hate You Tarvaris Jackson” and it will be posted later this evening.

    • HA!

      Also, it’s a good thing the Eagles don’t play the Packers this year. Can you imagine that kid’s meltdown if they went up against my boyfriend Aaron Rodgers?

  10. the only thing more annoying than a crying, unintelligible child is….
    tom brady

  11. “i hate stupid whiny little kids who roll their Rs” – tom brady, i’m sure of it.

  12. i bet this has a lot to do with his hair. it is bad hair, kid.

  13. This is not a Tree of Life thread, but oh man is Tree of Life amazing. It’s as great as it’s ending sucks. Brad Pitt is seriously terrifying. Really, just so great.

  14. The original title was Jeb Watching Walking Dead.

  15. I honestly hate it when people imprint their sports crap on their kids.

    Fact: your baby DOES NOT back the Pack, no matter how many goddamn bibs you buy him and how many times you write adorable captions about it on Facebook.

    (This is my #4 pet peeve.)

  16. This is how I feel about stupid Jesusface Tim Tebow

  17. aww, Ruxin was a cute kid.

  18. This kid is like the missing link in the great “are sports fanatics born or made?” debate.

  19. I feel ya, kid. I’m not going to cry about it like a little bitch, but I know where you’re coming from.

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