My favorite part of this story about how Alan Dershowitz sent the “Palestinian Chicken” episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in an attempt to broker a dialog with Mahmoud Abbas is how he name drops that Larry David sent him the episode personally. Relax, Alan Dershowitz! We all saw it on TV, you show off. Just send it to the Presidents or whatever.

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  1. There’s an important detail missing here – Alan Dershowitz named his cable box Larry David.

  2. Pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty good Alan.

  3. Benny,

    Check out this ep LD sent me, it’s a (netanya)hoot. Lets talk tics.



  4. Watching that episode made me so hungry for chicken. Also, it made me laugh.

  5. This must’ve taken a lot of…

  6. Just don’t serve the chicken on milchig plates.

  7. So that middle east chicken is a thing now?

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