I feel you, little girl! Wait, that sounded super bad. I just meant, shoot. I just meant, like, “I feel you, little girl.” Because, you know, sometimes things are tough but then you put on a pair of sunglasses and they don’t seem so bad. Not, like, “I feel you, little girl, and that’s why I brought over the six pack you asked me to bring over when we were chatting on-line which I realize is a police method used to prove that I had intent but at the same time I’m not going to NOT bring a six pack of beer over if you politely ask me to bring a six pack of beer over and why is Chris Hansen here? I thought we were just going to talk about how your mom is never around and you feel really vulnerable, little girl!” I just meant yeah! Sunglasses! Peace signs! Before we were crying but now we are too cool to cry! I FEEL YOU, LITTLE GIRL! Does that make sense, warden? When I explain it? (Via SayOMG.)

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  1. So this confirms it; Asian ladies are pretty much just born with the instinct to throw up peace signs in front of cameras.

  2. What a great trick! Why didn’t I hear about this when I could have used it?

    • Just bring a pair with you when you go see Twilight with Kelly, cause you know she’s gonna be bawling either during the wedding or the eating of the baby or whatever.

  3. Vintage ‘domestic-abuse’ look. “With sunglasses on, he can’t see my tears…or my bruises.”

  4. “Of course! Wear sunglasses when you don’t want people to see you upset. That would have been useful from the ages of 7-12″-Charlize “hard knock life” Theron

  5. This is straight out of a Fellini movie.

  6. Kim Jong-il had a similar video taken of him as a child.

  7. Where are all the “Deal With It” gifs?

  8. Looks like this little girl was up . . . . past her bedtime


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