Over the weekend, Bill Murray ran into Barack and Michelle Obama at a Tigers-Beavers game at Towson University. You know how it is. Pretty typical Bill Murray/President of the United States stuff. Can’t throw a rock in that arena without hitting one or the other, and then you’re pinned to the ground by the secret service because you can’t just throw rocks in there, the President is in there! What were you thinking? The obvious thing to caption in this photo would obviously be Bill Murray, as he is the one who’s face we see, and whatever he would say would probably be funnier than whatever Michelle Obama would say, no offense, Michelle Obama, your ladyship. Then again, you could caption the President and feel like a real Hot Shot. But the thing that I’m most curious about is WHAT WERE THE BASKETBALL PLAYERS SAYING when they realized BILL MURRAY AND ALSO BARACK OBAMA AND ALSO MICHELLE OBAMA were at their game?! Probably just “whoa.” That’s probably it. Unless you can do better.

The winning caption will receive the Presidential Special Mention in this week’s Congressional Monsters’ Ball. (Image via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. “You’re not Muslim? No one will ever believe you.”

  2. Tigers and Beavers, living together… Mass hysteria!

  3. “gunga-galung…gunga galunga”

  4. Bill Murray: [Coughs] Mr. President, what could I do for this cough?
    President Obama: Shit, I was just thinking about that. Check this out: you get some hydrogen peroxide…
    Bill Murray: We got that for cuts and stuff.
    President Obama: …take fifty percent hydrogen peroxide, fifty percent water. You gargle with it. Do *not* swallow. You spit it out. Don’t swallow, Bill Murray.

  5. The First Family *is* just like us, always having bizarre chance encounters with Bill Murray that only people on the Internet will believe.

  6. Everybody was curious about what he said, but he just leaned in close and whispered into their ears as the music swelled and it remained a mystery forever.

  7. “…so I got that going for me.”

  8. “i am here at the urging of Canadian Parliament, lobbying on behalf of one Dan Akyroyd. Please do Ghostbusters III.”

  9. “No way! Wrestlemania! How did you know? We’re gonna be in Pittsburgh anyway!”

  10. Obama: What an incredible Cinderella story! This unknown, comes out of nowhere, to lead the pack at Towson University. Eh? Eh?

    Bill Murray: ::shakes head::

  11. If you look at this picture long enough it looks like Bill Murray is moving his mouth.

  12. “You wanna know what I REALLY said at the end of Lost In Translation? Well I guess you are the President… I told Scarlett Johansson that I had naked photos of her and I’d post them on the Internet if she ever appeared in a shit movie. I woulda put them up quicker but it took me a year to get around to watching Iron Man 2.”

  13. No funny caption, but this happened like 5 miles from me and I am distraught I wasn’t able to witness it.

  14. “So re-election is tough, I’m sure. And in ’08 you had all the kids rally around you, right? So what I’m saying, is show up announced at a slew of parties around Brooklyn half-drunk and a little stoned. Hit on some girls in their mid-twenties and maybe sing a couple songs. After that, you’ll be a legend.”

  15. “yeah, i read that too…i knew charlize theron when she was a kid. she wuz hot but she a bitch.”

  16. “…so it looks like you’re still gonna be the only black guy ever nominated.”

  17. Obama: “So two Garfield movies. What’s up with that?”

    Bill Murray: “So the budget crisis. What’s up with that?”

    *Both lower heads in shame*

  18. “I’ve been looking for decent stuffed pizza for awhile too. I ordered it online once, but it just comes soggy — even with the dry ice. And is it worth the Fed Ex cost? I’m not sure. Basically, I just wait until I’m back home.”

    • (All my conversations with ex-Chicago residents always come back to stuffed pizza and whether or not you can even get it where I’m living at the time and/or should we do a group order since the FedEx charge is the same for 1 or 58.)

  19. “Thank you for bringing our Hoops home” – J.R. Smith/Wilson Chandler

  20. “Well I guess there’s a *chance* your guest bathroom is haunted by Eleanor Roosevelt, but I’m really not an expert.”

  21. “I just read that Arrested Development IS coming back. Glad to see you read my sign.”

  22. President Obama: “Bill? Bill Murray?? Bill Murray, I thought that was you!”
    Bill Murray: “President Obama?”
    President Obama: “Bing!”
    Bill Murray: *punch*

  23. “Take dead aim on the rich boys. Get them in the crosshairs, and take them down.”

  24. “You two ever hear of this thing called the internet? I guess people see me on there from time to time and I’m AWESOME at it.”

  25. “We really enjoy your earlier comedies and your career-rebounding dramas, but there was certainly a down-period in the 90s where we didn’t even bother to see your films because they looked so juvenile. Nonetheless, you are one of the rare celebrities who somehow manages to appear down-to-earth in spite of their immense fame and fortune. And, yes, ‘career-rebounding’ was meant to be a basketball-related pun,” The Obamas said, in unison.

  26. The president is coming to our town to speak tomorrow, and my son got himself a ticket. Laaadieeesss?

  27. “Is this lady with you guys?”

    • Barack: Well, what do you mean by WITH?

      Michelle: GOD, we’re getting divorced.

      Barack: Cool. Cool cool cool.

      Bill: Hey baby.

      Barack: You’re still pointing at her when you say that.

      Bill: Yes? And?

  28. The Tigers-Beavers game is the perfect place to take a vacation from your problems.

  29. Everyone at Towson was thinking, “At least we’re not the University of Maryland football team. Huzzah!”

  30. “Bill, listen to me. White men can’t jump.”

  31. “i was in ‘space jam’, so yeah, i pretty much invented basketball” – bill murray

  32. I’d like to talk to that woman in the background, because apparently there is something even more interesting happening just to the left of the POTUS and FLOTUS and BILLMURRAY.

  33. Mister President, if someone asks you if you were born in this country, you say YES.

  34. “I have to be leaving, but I won’t let that come between us, okay?”

  35. Does anyone else remember when garfield was actually relevant? I’m pretty sure my first email was something like chunkylover53@garfield.com.

    • Serious question: why does Garfield hate Mondays? I never understood that part. It’s not like he has a job.

      • He hates Mondays because Monday is closely associated with The Moon via its linguistic derivation. As he deliberates on his bed of dream-lasagna, it reminds him that there is a cycle to everything, a rise and a fall, a diastole and a systole, a going-forth and a retreat, a la the tides. No-one enjoys being reminded of their own mortality, especially when they have too much time to think about it.

  36. Barack: “You’re Bill Murray! Bill Groundhog-Day, Ghostbustin-ass-”
    Bill: “Shut your fucking mouth.”

  37. “Yeah, I was in the shit.”

  38. “back off, man. i’m a scientist.”
    - Bill/Barack

  39. So…mac and cheese?….-Bill

  40. Obligatory Jay Leno joke:

    “Both Murray and Obama also love golfing. Yeah, yeah. When asked what they were both doing after 2012, one replied, ‘Retiring and golfing around the world.’ The other said, ‘Making the new Ghostbusters.’”

    Slam dunk! Hole-in-one! Kevin Eubanks ginning ear-to-ear! Sports!

  41. “You might think you had everyone fooled with that NBA lockout red herring, but you didn’t fool ME.”

  42. “Larry’s not white, LARRY’S CLEAR!”

  43. “I know it comes as a surprise, Michelle, but that wasn’t a real gopher in Caddyshack.”

  44. “No one will ever believe you.” – Murray

  45. Murray: “Yeah, sometimes I google my name too…”

  46. “Will you guys please do your fucking job, PLEASE.”

  47. “take dead aim on the rich ones. put them in cross hairs…and take them down. just remember. they can buy anything. but they can’t buy backbone. don’t let them forget that.”

  48. “Don’t tell anyone you saw me”

    “You can trust us Bill Murray”

    “Serious delirium”

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