Last week, we all enjoyed a delightful video of an old woman trying Pop Rocks for the very first time. “It just does’t get any better than this,” we all thought. “I could watch this grandma try Pop Rocks for the first time all day — all week, even. Just a continuous loop of that grandmother eating Pop Rocks that I would stare at and stare at for days, my delight only increasing with each rotation. If only I could meet this grandmother and watch her try other things that she hasn’t tried, like Warheads or Cry Babies, that would just really be the greatest treat for me. And think of the television shows she hasn’t seen — I would love to watch her face when the big thing happens with the guy on Game of Thrones. And the last episode of last season’s Breaking Bad? Shut. Up. THAT WOULD BE ADORABLE! But, I’m getting carried away, what I’m trying to say is I’m 100% positive that there is nothing better than watching that grandmother try Pop Rocks for the first time. There could be nothing cuter and nothing more significant. I’ve closed my eyes and my heart to anything else. I’m basically dead now,” we all said. BUT WAIT! WE DIDN’T KNOW THAT THERE WAS ALSO A VIDEO OF A BABY TRYING POP ROCKS FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!! *RECORD SCRATCH* *CAR CRASH NOISES* *BOMB DROPPING NOISES* *POP ROCKS NOISES*

Well, once again the world is turned on its head. I don’t know what to think. Is it better to watch a person at the end of their life finally try a candy that pops in your mouth, or is it better to watch a baby try a candy that pops in your mouth at the beginning of its life? A baby didn’t make the decision to eat the popping candy on its own and who has no idea what’s happening at all because it’s a baby and it hasn’t grown its brain yet? I don’t know. I feel like MY BRAIN is trying Pop Rocks for the first time AND IT HATES THEM!!! (Via reddit.)

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  1. This is how it makes him feel:

  2. I think the best part about all of this is how alike the baby’s and the old lady’s reactions were. I’m pretty sure that if you were to videotape just about anyone trying Pop Rocks for the first time, the reaction would be pretty much the same –

    “Why are you giving me this candy I don’t even want a– Wait, What the hell is happening? What???? HAHAHA! Whoa! This is terrifying but somehow it doesn’t even really hurt! I am freaked out and also excited!” – anyone trying Pop Rocks for the first time

  3. Too much too soon. That poor baby is going to be chasing the dragon for the rest of his life.

  4. I want to see a video of the girls from the “two girls one cup” video eating pop rocks for the first time. I’ll bet their reactions would be priceless!

  5. I think they gave him Pop Rocks to distract him from the fact that his fucking name is Beckett.

    • Parents are TERRIBLE with the names these days. Here are a few of the names I’ve seen through my wife’s mommy groups:

      • You did not meet a baby named Rage. I’m calling shenanagoats. Barnstormer I believe… Or I want to believe.

        Also: did anyone else read this article in the NY Times this weekend? I I fucking LOVE that these idiot parents didn’t name their daughter what they wanted because they Googled Kalia and got a stripper so they went with Kaleya… which is pretty much the worst name I’ve ever heard… THEN the damn kid has a Googleganger with a YouTube channel. My point is this: Who complains to the NY Times about crap like this? WHO???

        Also: my brother has a Googleganger who was Mr. International Gay Rodeo in the early 2000s, which is beyond awesome. I emailed the guy a few times and he’s very nice. I was secretly hoping he was my brother and my very square brother had a secret life as a drag queen but, alas, no.

        • First of all, I didn’t meet Rage, but there IS a baby out there named Rage.

          Also, my friend, the nerdiest, whitest guy there is, has a Googleganger who is an aspiring rapper with the stage name “Big D Nutz.” That is excellent.

          • Does it come up in interviews? Can I create a fake job ad suited directly to your friend so he will apply and then I’ll explicitly talk about his role as a rapper and ask many, MANY questions about beats, rhymes and why he chose Nutz over Nuts? Not as a prank, but to help him when it will inevitably comes up so he is prepared when things are TNT very serious?

      • My real name is Philippus Jaye Phri and now my feelings are hurt.

    • My friends have a baby that looks a lot like this baby and his name is Beckett.

      • Save him some time… but don’t crush his spirit! And tell him that Godot might not be coming. And that existential discomfort he’s going to feel? Yeah, just get used to that.

  6. i say this respectfully:

    maybe a weekly segment a la “the petting zoo” where we can combine all of the week’s best baby videos? “digital daycare” or something?

  7. I like the Grannie better, because I felt less like I was watching the very moment that someone began their long road towards diabetes.

  8. The Pop Rock videos are for free. You gotta pay good money to see a baby eat a GoGort.

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