You can’t really criticize people for trying to make the world a better place, even when that person is Ke$ha. So first and foremost let’s just point out that it’s nice of Ke$ha to make a PSA for the Humane Society and let’s all hope that the puppies have a good Christmas this year, or whatever. We can, however, criticize Ke$ha for, you know, being Ke$ha, and for the fact that she’s only trying to make the world a better place insofar as she sat in her dressing room at Madison Square Garden or whatever and read about the Humane Society from a cue card with the same tone she probably uses to half-heartedly apologize to her parents for using up all the rollover minutes on her phone and racking up 300$ a month in SEXTING charges. (Her parents, I assume, are still managing her phone bill on some kind of Cingular Wireless Family Plan.) Also, if you ARE going to try and make the world a better place but you AREN’T going to bother leaving your dressing room, just pick a charity that’s in your general area. There are plenty. Why is she trying to save Guatemalan dogs from the Pontiac Silver Dome? There is something so jarring about the b-roll footage of third world country people actually physically trying to save animals intercut with Ke$ha unmoving in front of her rack of wardrobe changes saying “Please join me in helping these poor animals.” Join you where? WHAT ARENA ARE YOU AT? And join you how exactly? BY READING CUE CARDS AND LOOKING LIKE LAST NIGHT WAS A ROUGH NIGHT? But like I said, so good of her. Such a powerful PSA. Good luck, puppies.

Again, you can’t criticize people for trying to do a good thing in this world, I’m just worried that no one will learn about the sad puppies because they’ll turn this video off as soon as they hear “I’m Ke$ha.” (Via ONTD.)

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  1. Looks like we finally found our generation’s $arah McLachlan

  2. At first, I thought this was a Courtney Stodden PSA, but then I realized that she looked way too put together.

    • I will be the lone figure who stands up and speaks truth to power: SHE’S PRETTY.

      Okay, you guys, gotta go — me and my new girlfriend are saving dogs in the Congo tonight.

      Honeyyyyyy, where’s my facepaint? (oops, I wasn’t supposed to type that part.)

      • I think she looks, talks and acts almost EXACTLY like the perpetually bored awful girl in Suburgatory.

        • I keep hearing the word “Suburgatory.” Maybe I should find out what it is.

          Basically I am an 82-year-old woman who doesn’t know from Pop Rocks.

          • It’s okay. I don’t recommend seeking it out, but it’s not the worst. I basically watch it while I bide my time for Happy Endings and Revenge. I think it’s gotten better, but it was pretty meh to begin with. I’d much rather watch CougarTown when I’m pounding my grape on Wednesdays.

          • so good So Good SO GOOD. Watch it now. Incidentally, it has somehow made the addition of Jay Mohr a GOOD thing. That is no easy feat.

        • I haven’t seen Suburgatory (yet) but to me she does look like the perpetually bored awful girl from EVERYWHERE.

          I don’t think she’s pretty. Her face is symmetrical but why? WHY?

  3. God, she looks and sounds like she would rather be doing literally anythin else. Like a bratty 14-year-old forced to BE A FAMILY.

    • The only reason she’s not obnoxiously chewing gum (with loud snaps whenever anyone directly addresses her) is because her PA heard Double Bubble when she CLEARLY said Hubba Bubba. That PA is no longer with us, alas. A brief moment of silence for the nameless PA.

  4. Actually I think you can fault people because as we go forward, it would be better to develop the sense that altruism is superior to being charitable selfishly. That is, we shouldn’t be creating the NEED to feel like we’re doing something regardless of who or what it is we help. Self-satisfaction shouldn’t be the reward for good deeds. The deeds themselves should be the reward. This self-satisfaction is going to lead to a culture where everyone asks “what’s in this for me” instead of “what can I do to help you” which makes it very easy for any entity to take advantage of a group of people looking to get theirs, because as long as they are given what they want, the end result becomes irrelevant. “Who cares who I help? As long as there’s a logo of a ribbon on my car,” is an attitude that is slowly subverting the notion of “well the ends justifies the means, so all charity and idealistic intentions are fine, whatever the motivation.”

    My point is, Ke$ha sucks, and Movember is for dicks.

    • Hey! Movember is for testicles and prostates!
      I haven’t paid attention to the cultural impact or connotation Movember has (although I’m going to assume it’s popular with the dreaded hipsters and co.), but I participated for the past two years, raising money by growing a mustache from scratch and documenting it, and it felt good to do it (being a survivor myself, it feels good to remind people to regularly inspect their testicles for lumps).

      But I absolutely understand your point, as I’m sure every charity has the people you’ve described in them.

      • Point taken and accepted (I really just dislike the inherent “let’s make fun of moustaches” theme, since I’m mustachio’d year round)

        But I’m still weary of the notion that it is totally okay to create a culture where we have to feel satisfied in order to be charitable -that we need to do stuff. I’ll be taken as a hypocrite since I run Half-Marathons for Cancer, but I like running! And my motivation for doing it is admittedly purely selfish, even having lost a longtime friend to Cancer very recently. I have no qualms with saying it. I also know that most of my runs are sponsored by large corporations who get free branding and tax exemptions for all their fine work. So there’s a lot of selfish behavior that is involved in charity. I’m also very dubious of non-profit organizations (I work for one) and the “non-profit” aspect isn’t exactly the whole truth.

        • Oh sure, I totally get all that. If you are doing something you already like to do and would be doing it anyway, well now you can raise money for a charity while doing it. There’s nothing wrong with that.

          And for the record: I don’t think Movember is trying to make fun of mustaches. I’ve never grown a mustache ironically. My dad’s had one my entire life, Mario has one, and when I finally get around to shaving every so often, sometimes I wind up sporting a mustache for the next 3-6 months (I’m very lazy with shaving, probably because my dad, being military, always keeps his up to regulation).

          I like the quote from the Mr. Show with Bob & David episode where in the opening scene, Bob and David have a discussion about which of them is the most charitable. Bob defines charity as, “when you do something for people while other people are WATCHING.”

          And while I’m on the topic of Mr. Show, another one of my favorite quotes is from the skit where Bob is applying for a job and has to take a lie detector test, and his answers get increasingly ridiculous but the detector never indicates he’s lying, so they keep asking him crazier and crazier questions:

          Jay: “Have you ever taken a train and eaten it piece by piece… AFTER you just derailed it with your penis!”
          Bob: “…yes.”
          *the lie detector doesn’t go off* *everybody flips out*

          • It’s an odd discussion to have, because some people are like “Nope, there’s nothing to talk about, if it’s for charity it’s good so shut up.” I have nothing against charity. Mainly celebrities who vouch for movements and organizations make me mental.

            Movember is built on irony! I know that some people mean well, and you obviously do. But definitely there’s a level of “Ha ha hey, I’m gonna grow a moustache and it’s gonna look HILARIOUS” and from my experience that attitude is the majority, by a massive margin. Some people are also huge pussies about it. Some of the upper brass at my company are doing it, and they are to weak to go for gusto, so they grew Goatees instead. So weak.

            We are literally, all of us, all of the time, on the topic of Mr. Show.

          • The lie detector sketch is one of my favourites and it’s the one I show people when I’m trying to convince them that Mr. Show is awesome. So far it hasn’t worked because… I don’t know why but it’s okay because there’s so much more to Mr. Show than that and those people are the ones who are missing out, not me, for I am of The Eternals. Their opinions are of no practical use. Can I use them to fuel my mind-rockets? Pff, no!

    • While I do not disagree with what you’ve said, It’s still hard to fault people without sounding like a total dickbag yourself. I mean, I was all ready to blast Tyler Perry for writing that letter as much for his own image as it was for that kid, which is why he made it a publicly viewable open letter, instead of just sending it to the damn kid. But there’s no way to bring this up without sounding like an ass.

      • I knew I was going to sound like a dickbag (strangely I still got upvotes)

        Anyways, if you do something good and publicize it with the intention of improving your status, that is inherently selfish, and we are developing in that direction, and I think it kind of sucks. I’m sure Tyler Perry might have had good intentions. But it was also AN OPEN LETTER to everyone. So we can say “oh he just wanted to make valid points for everyone to read,” or we can say “he’s trying to look good in front of everyone” or “maybe both.” But he could have just sent the kid a letter himself. Or gone to visit the guy, himself. Disagree as you feel necessary, people.

      • The best thing I’ve read on this topic, as I understand the topic you guys are discussing, minus the P.C. apologizing, is an essay by David Foster Wallace (go figure) called Up, Simba from the book Consider The Lobster which, if you haven’t read it, you should. Read it. It’s about John McCain’s trial-run at the presidency and the blurriness of the line between sincerity and self-aggrandizement.

    • likewise, any strategy that is focused on “hedonistic altruism”, aka “buy this 30 dollar INSPIR(ED) tshirt from this multinational corporation and we will donate some profits to AIDS”! just fucking donate money and skip the middle man who had to shell out a gabillion dollars for the stupid ad campaign starring all the celebrities with “tribal” paint on their faces that said “i am african”. that shit was kinda fucking racist on top of it all. GAAAAHHHHH.

    • Additionally, I think this is kind of ridiculous. I have been to countries where there are these “hardcore feral street dogs” and for the most part the dogs seem pretty happy. The cultural attitude is different. Sure the population may get out of control and something needs to be done for health reasons. But the idea that these dogs deserve more help than the poor people around them that lack clean drinking water is silly and culturally ignorant. I find the cause in bad taste and ill conceived made worse with the additonal of that thing … you know… her.

    • I don’t really know a thing about what Movember is for or how growing facial hair gets money but I am just glad that it is almost over so I can walk around Brooklyn and not have to worry about trying to figure out who is a well meaning asshole and who is just an asshole.

      • I just want it to be over so we can all get back to what really matters: using cartoons for our Facebook profile pictures in order to fight child abuse.

  5. “Street Dogs” is the name of my new garage band.

  6. Ke$ha gained a particular sympathy for street dogs after those few days* she spent in that alleyway dumpster.


  7. Ke$ha doing a PSA for mangy street dogs seems a little self-serving.

  8. I want to adopt one of those dogs now! Also, someone else really needs to adopt Kesha. Did you see that single earring? She is clearly “of the streets.” Have some compassion, y’all!

  9. So Ke$ha is still a thing apparently? Jesus christ.

  10. The song playing in the background made me realize Ke$ha is the poor man’s Alanis Morrisette. (Real poor. Like, Third-World poor.)

  11. I went to a Ke$ha concert once! I like stupid pop music about getting drunk because I relate to that! I really like being drunk! Like a lot!


  12. hey Chris Hanson, what are you doing here, you need a ride to Ke$ha, well… oh shoot. Yes I’ll sit down right here.

  13. Street dogs are very sad and all, but aren’t there actual human beings in the developing world that are mangy and starving too?

    Also, OF COURSE Kesha is doing an ad for street dogs. She reminds me of those punked out seasonally homeless 20-somethings pan handling near China Town with their dogs. You know what I mean. This definitely isn’t only a Montreal thing.

    • It’s a lot easier to help street dogs through spaying and neutering than it is to address the cycles of poverty that cause the human suffering. (And in China, many of these street dogs are killed alive and stripped of their fur, which is then sold as “faux fur” to Americans… ironically the Ke$ha demographic.) I don’t know if you’ve seen this in real life, but it’s heart-breaking. And helping kids and helping dogs is not mutually exclusive. Plus if her audience is 14-year-old girls, they’re going to be way more interested in saving the puppies.

      Also, the dogs really really really need our help. She’s an idiot but I support this completely. And I’m not kidding about that faux fur as real dog fur thing. It’s a big problem and most people don’t know about it.

      • I grew up in Mexico and lived in Brazil as an adult (where I adopted a lovely, giant bear of a street dog I named Horatio), so I’m familiar with street dogs in real life. I suppose you are right about people getting suckered into helping cute homeless puppies more easily than raggedy poor people, but the line about the dog needing to find enough food to feed her babies made me flinch a bit. Maybe because it was basically a World Vision ad with the babies replaced by puppies? The whole thing seems very misguided.

  14. “For I am a Street Dog too” – Kesha

  15. Ke$ha and those adopted dogs are totally gonna cannonball some brews and bourbon shots and get fuuuuuuuuucked up in an arena near you!

  16. And now I will do a Humane Society PSA for the glitter unicorns forced to be in ke$ha videos. Will no one think of the glitter unicorns?!

  17. Um, Ke$ha made a whole petition and sign up sheet for people to donate and save abused and neglected dogs all around the world, thanks to HER promo-ing this, people are donating, and thousands of dogs are getting the help they need in hospitals and shelters. Ke$ha and her thousands, even MILLIONS of fans watched this video and were inspired to donate money and help out animals. If Ke$ha didn’t care about anything but herself, she wouldn’t have spent the last 8 months doing multiple charity jobs and touring around the world and performing for her fans, she named her album ANIMAL because she feels as if we should let out our insides, and be our selves un-apologetically. That’s what she’s doing, singing about drinks, sleaze and love, she’s a 24 year old, she’s being herself, and doing her thing. She doesn’t give care what haters say, because there are millions of people who love her. You can thank Ke$ha for organizing these charity events with the Humane Society, just because she gets drunk does not mean she has any feelings or care for others. So shut your close-minded, ignorant mouths, and grow up. I donated, and so have hundreds, soon to be thousands, of others.

    • I stopped reading after you said um. Don’t say um anymore. Until you stop saying – or TYPING um, which is so passive aggressive, really, I mean, why not store up those seconds to do something useful? – I and I believe a significant portion of your readership will never take anything you say or write seriously, um. See? It sucks. It’s stupid.

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