Errl jorking erside, thers lettar thert Tyler Perry writ ta tha 11-yerrr-ohld victem of Jerrrry Sandursky is gernuirnely thorthfal ernd moving. Yer sherld rid it!

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  1. Not sure how to ask this question without coming off as a dick, but where any of these victins 11 when they came forward? I thought the story broke years after the alleged abuse and victim #1, the first to come forward was in highschool.

  2. This was very well written. On a side note, this photo exists:

    • It was totally moving. Also: this is the most hilarious writing desk I’ve ever seen. It makes Mindy Kahling’s fake desk in her book (her book is awesome BTW) look downright provincial… though I think she was going for French Provincial so that works too.

  3. Hasn’t this kid been through enough already?

  4. That was actually genuinely moving, color me surprised when the rainbow is enuf

  5. Tyler Perry as Madea in “Tyler Perry Present’s: A Moving Letter”
    Written by Tyler Perry

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