Pat Robertson asking the tough questions.

CONFIRMED: mac and cheese is apparently a black thing. Get on board, America. (Thanks for the tip, Nathan.)

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  1. If nobody has ever loved Pat Robertson enough to make Mac & Cheese for him, then no wonder he is one of the world’s most hateful people.

  2. It could be, I guess, but that’s typically a sign that you’ve left it on the stove WAY too long.

  3. If mac and cheese is a black thing then I’m Miles Davis.

  4. But is being a blowhard a Robertson or a Pat thing?

  5. Mac and Cheese is a black thing if it’s baked near a holiday and made with sweetened condensed milk, pounds of butter, and pounds of cheese. But if it’s that kraft blue box shit, that’s white ppl mac an cheese (or poor black people mac and cheese)

    • You see white people making mac and cheese and they’re all like *oh, hello, honey, I’m making mac and cheese*, and then you see black people making mac and cheese and they’re all like BAM, BAM, BAM, I’m makin’ mac n cheese, woman!

    • This Anglo Ginger made Mac & Cheese (macaroni, condensed milk, whole milk, butter, cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese – mix together, cook in crock pot) for Thanksgiving this year. If anything, it’s a southern thing.

      (Tweet at me for the recipe – @Ginger_Ball_Z)

    • Or just fucking gross mac and cheese.

    • And black people don’t call it “mac and cheese” – that is definitely a white thing.

    • poor black people mac and cheese is made with velveeta and shells instead of noodles. throw in cut up hot dogs if you’d like.

      but yeah, there is black people mac and cheese and white people mac and cheese. i only learned this after my white boyfriend freaked out at my family’s christmas dinner over our crazy delicious mac&cheese.

  6. He’s god’s Michael Scott.

  7. You guys, what’s going on with that comedy, is that a Jew thing?

  8. HONESTLY, THOUGH. This motherfucker lives in Virginia Beach. The only possible way that he doesn’t know about Mac & Cheese is that he has either never gone into a grocery store at all in his entire life, or has never been to a Golden Corral, Cracker Barrel, Old Country Buffet or any other restaurant in Virginia Beach.

    Also, what is going on with that woman? Are you seriously going to confirm Pat Robertson’s suspicions about Mac & Cheese? Also, the world IS DEFINITELY ON BOARD with Mac & Cheese. The world might be way too on board with Mac & Cheese, in fact.

    I have been upset about this for days!

    Now, if they were talking about sweet potato pie vs. pumpkin pie, then I would kind of understand it.

    • In his defense, Cracker Barrel, Golden Corral, and Old Country Buffet are DEFINITELY black people things.

    • Seriously. As much as he hates gay people, I freaking guaranty you that he’s been to a Cracker Barrel.

      Also, Mac and Cheese is more of a gastropub/foodie/hipster thing these days, at least in Chicago.

    • speaking as someone who semi-regularly watched the 700 club from 2002-2007, pat robertson is an extreme wheatgrass smoothie old timey health nut, which is probably why he is still alive/has a head shaped like an alien. i would not be suprised if he hasnt actually eaten at a restaurant in 30 years. there are creepy fitness segments where hes always lifting weights with his old man arms and touting the benefits of royal jelly. another cool thing about the 700 club is that it pretends to be a “news magazine” type show and has a short headlines portion, but mysteriously all of the headlines are about israel. gotta get all those jewish dudes together so the world can end, you know.

  9. Only if you mix Hennessey into it.

    But Mac And Cheese, when Baked, is A Black Dish Served at Holidays. (See my above comment)

    • My mom is 1/2 black, 1/2 Italian and makes a baked mac & cheese on occasion, whether it’s the holidays or not (and the holidays are definitely fair game for the macaroni & cheese), but she learned that recipe from her Italian mother. I don’t believe it has pounds of butter and the condensed milk is probably not sweetened if it’s my mom making it (she’s a health nut). I can definitively tell you it has a layer of bread crumbs on top, and my mom will dice up some onions and mix it in with the noodles and the cheese.

      But yeah, coming from such a mixed ethnic background, I rarely if ever peg one thing down my family does as specifically culturally identifiable with one ethnicity over another, which is why the fact it is considered a ‘black thing’ is news to me.

      At the end of the day if you’re not enjoying a delicious baked macaroni and cheese casserole dish anytime during the year, including the holiday season, there’s something wrong with you.

    • I am a white person from Virginia, and we had mac and cheese probably bi-weekly in my house growing up. The baked version, with milk and eggs and shredded cheese. Different households do it differently, I’m sure, but in general mac and cheese (like the general mac and cheese alluded to here) is pretty much universally southern.

      • My wife is Finnish, and they make a version of it that has a lot less cheese, but is still basically the same thing. And Finland is about as far north and white as you’re going to find. I think it’s an “everywhere, macaroni and cheese is delicious” thing.

        • As a Finn, I just had to comment on this. Macaroni casserole – which is probably the most popular dish here – is definitely not “basically the same thing” as mac and cheese since it traditionally has no cheese in it.
          But umm… I think macaroni and cheese sounds pretty delicious. I’ve never actually had it. White people problems?

          • A casserole is a large deep dish within which you bake stuff. While casserole in the modern sense is often associated with meals like green bean casserole or a shepherd’s pie, lasagna also qualifie as a casserole, as does macaroni and cheese (macaroni and cheese sauce baked in a deep dish).

            The most common version of mac & cheese preparation these days I could see not meeting the definition as one is usually boiling the noodles and then stirring in the cheese sauce after the fact, but baked macaroni and cheese fits the definition of a casserole.

          • It has cheese when my wife makes it. It was a prerequisite to our marriage. Just a layer of mozzarella on top. And you can probably find some Kraft mac ‘n cheese at the American store in Forum, if you’re in Helsinki. Of course, they also charge 11 euros for a box of Cap’n Crunch, so it may not be worth it.

    • I think baked mac & cheese, served during Holidays is more of a Southern thing. We had some for the first time (as a dinner side, not yummy delicious lunch or past midnight snack) when my sister-in-law from NOLa brought it over.

      ps: it was crazy good

    • I’m from Massachusetts and my family does baked mac and cheese. My mom does it with fancy mixed cheeses and bread crumbs. I do it with half a pound to a pound of Cabot cheddar (it has to be brand name so i feel okay about eating a pound of cheese) and for this reason I have discovered that too much cheddar will give you a cheese headache. Funny story: When I was on Accutane my cholesterol skyrockted to the point they had to stop for fear I would have a heart attack. TOTALLY UNRELATED I AM SURE.

  11. So THAT’s why people never believe me when I say that the boxes and boxes of mac ‘n cheese I’m buying are for my kid!

  12. Somebody needs to poop in a box and give it to Pat.

  13. For some reason after reading this I keep repeating that kid’s stand up from Wet Hot American’s Summer.

    “White folks sound so stupid when they get mad. They be like “hey asshole, I’m going to kick your b-hind.” But the brothers won’t even need to raise their voice. These motherfuckers be like “don’t make me say it twice.”

  14. This is why I keep a photograph of mac n cheese in my wallet.

  15. I don’t know which version you’re talking about, but either way, that’s racist.

  16. I always thought of it as a Scottish thing, because of the “Mac”

  17. If Mac and Cheese is a black thing, Paula Deen is my Malcolm X.

  18. Next week, Pat Robertson finds out about Tom Cruise’s favorite dessert, ice cream and cake, and says he would like to try it, in case there are no gay people there?

  19. Roger Ebert makes a reference to Mac & Cheese being an essential at the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners in black households in his review of a Thanksgiving movie he tweeted about this past Thursday… The movie is called “What’s Cooking?”

    This is a link to the review (I think)

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