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  1. I was going to ask who her mom is, but I happen to know her mom played the part of the little girl in the Sweet Daddy Bear video.

    I was also going to put something like “TEH WORST. She’ll never make a dime on the pole.” But then at 1:03 she started grinding and thrusting and other words that should never be used to describe what a three year old is doing. I give up, she’s going to be a pro.

  2. The Videogum jail must be getting really crowded.

  3. it was funny in Mean Girls, but now it’s just sad.

  4. She sucks. Totally self-conscious….keeps looking at the teleprompter for her ques. Really unprofessional. Not fluid at all. Her performance lacks passion and also her outfit looks like practice gear.

  5. keith  |   Posted on Dec 17th, 2008 0

    Let’s all notice the beer bottle next to the sofa. Much like Elaine Stritch, Baby doesn’t go onstage alone.

  6. this little girl is the niece of one of my acquaintances, so i’m kind of SHOCKED to see their family video here.

    i love videogum but this is a bit jarring to see – especially with it being criticized and sexed up like this by strangers………

  7. I couldn’t finish it, it was a bit disturbing.

    It’s one thing to do a cute dance number in your living room, it’s another for said cute moment to be filmed and broadcast on the internet as if you are watching some pedophile’s santa letter come true.

  8. Weird, a little girl in my son’s preschool class sang this song into her Backyardigans microphone for Show and Tell last week. In her defense, it is a very catchy song. Oh and also she was wearing pants.

  9. I meant “cues” not “ques.” Oye. I should go to spelling jail.

  10. j  |   Posted on Dec 19th, 2008 +1

    I think she IS ADORABLE and the video is really cute.

  11. jo  |   Posted on Dec 26th, 2008 +3

    For those leaving unnecessary nasty comments your looking to deep into this video, its an adorable little girl imitating a harmless dance.

  12. nina  |   Posted on Jan 6th, 2009 0

    yea. she’s just having fun. enough with the prudency and rude comment. the child doesn’t even know what all of you are blabbing ’bout here

  13. ?????????????????

  14. paris  |   Posted on Mar 6th, 2009 +1

    i thought she is very adorable lol!! very cute and she will one day be a great dancer or performer!!!! so shut up haters!!!!!

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