Oh man, remember the Mirror Mirror trailer that came out last week that was the worst trailer you had ever seen until you saw that Kellan Lutz lacrosse trailer yesterday? Well, apparently someone has been leaving fake “enthusiastic” comments about the trailer all across the Internet, but everyone knows they’re fake because it’s absolutely impossible for even one single person, even someone who comments on blogs, to be excited about that movie. From Deadline:

We know Hollywood studios fake film reviews and movie ads. Now a sharp-eyed blog recently noticed some “strangely optimistic comments” from the same IP address within a 2-hour span after posting Relativity’s Mirror Mirror trailer. Turns out MovieMavericks.com found the exact same comments placed on many other blogs that posted the Mirror Mirror trailer. “The big question is who’s behind this ‘astroturfing’? Is it someone in Julia Robert’s camp? Tarsem Singh’s, Armie Hammer’s or Lily Collins’ people? Has Relativity Media hired some grey area marketing agency? Or is it simply a devoted fan?” the website asked. Oh puh-leeze: studios regularly hire trolls to post comments on the Internet.

Wait, is that true? Do studios regularly hire trolls to post comments on the Internet? How do you get that job? Hahaha not for me! No way. But, just, like, how do you get that job? For someone else? Who is definitely not me? Because I totally don’t want to get paid to just leave comments on the Internet about Mr. Blindsides, or whatever. Ew. What? Yuck. But how? Anyway, this is a fun game. Let’s leave our own pro-Mirror Mirror comments on the Internet, but more specifically, on this Internet. First, let’s rewatch the trailer:

Oh boy. OH BOY! Great movie. Very excited about this movie. I’ll go first.

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  1. You know how a lot of people will talk about hitting a rough patch in their lives where nothing seems to be going their way, but then they find that one movie, album, TV show, podcast, Etsy seller, or whatever that they can hold onto through the darkness and then later they will tell you that this movie, album, TV show, podcast, Etsy seller, or whatever saved their life because it helped them get through a really dark time? Well, I haven’t seen Mirror Mirror yet, but I have been in a really dark place, so I am so excited for this movie to come out and for me to get to hold onto it as the faintest glimmer of hope in a hopeless world. And I can’t wait to one day meet Tarsem Singh and tell him that he saved my life. With his movie Mirror Mirror. That I saw when I was sad.


  2. Julia Roberts has the most British accent since Keanu Reeves in Dracula. TWO PACKETS OF CRISPS UP!

  3. This looks like a movie. -twilly

  4. Hi, my name is Lysdexia, and I’m a hired troll. If anyone would like to hire me to be a jerk on the internet, my twitter is on my profile. LET ME KNOW

    *waits for internet dollars to start rolling in*

  5. Mirror Mirror on the wall, which movie looks like it will be really great!

  6. snow white and the hunstman looks pretty good….er i mean mirror mirror something something…

  7. What kind of sellout executive do you have to be to hire someone to troll for your movie? Kevin Smith keeps it real, he does his own trolling.

  8. I really liked the Social Network, but I felt there was too (two) much Armie Hammer. So I am thrilled there will only be one Armie Hammer in this movie. Thanks, Julia Roberts and Hollywood and Movies!

  9. “I’ve got Steve Winwood on my payroll.”

  10. Alex Vermitsky  |   Posted on Nov 23rd, 2011 +12

    I can’t wait to kill myself during the midnight screening of this movie and have no one find my bloated, rotting corpse for days just so I can see all the screenings of this movie.

  11. This is similar to how Chris Hansen signed Terry Richardson to go online and support To Catch A Predator.

  12. “Snow good” – James Franco.

  13. I like the way they let Snow White’s Eyebrows grow out all Bushy. Kinda mirrors the way a lady stuck out in the caves with midgets and no mirrors would totally let herself go.

  14. “No one has yet to walk out on a screening of Mirror, Mirror”

  15. Dis is a meta4 for America. Julio Roberts is 0BAma Care and Nathan Lane is America. Because she turns him into dust. 1,152 people like socialist muppet movie because 1,152 people said dislike on the trialer. LOL! But I’m going to take my grandkids to see this because tiny people are funny and i’m drunk right now.

  16. I never thought a movie could top “Mary Reilly.” How could it? This looks like it could be close. Don’t break my heart, “Mirror Mirror”!

    • Hee hee ; my sister and I often mocked “Mary Reilly” by whispering ‘mary reilly’ like in the trailer to each other on the phone, and then leaving each other cryptic messages. Ah, good times.

  17. Hey – I got my start from George Lucas when The Phantom Menace came out.

    “Jar Jar Binks is a breath of fresh air.” – R2D2Esq@aol.com circa 1999

  18. Sometimes you see a movie, and it is good and everything but then you leave the theater and get back to your life and forget about it, and you might watch it again if it airs on TNT, but while you do not regret the time you spent watching it, you can’t say it changed you in any meaningful way. But sometimes, just sometimes, and only if you are very lucky, you see a movie that changes not just you, but also the world. This is that movie. I know, because I stopped in from the future to tell you that this movie is the single greatest thing that will happen to any of you. If you are not married and get married in the future, your vows will say that your wedding day is the happiest day except for the day you saw Mirror Mirror, and everyone will applaud because that is clearly true. This movie will bring peace to everyone. Even aliens that might otherwise take advantage of Earth’s newfound devotion to nonviolence will fall under its spell. This movie is without exaggeration the greatest thing to ever happen in the history of the universe.

    • There is some truth to what you say, an accidental truth that seeps unguarded through your words in spite of your duplicitous nature. For I am from even FURTHER in the future and I have come back, here, to the Videogum where it all began and begat, to tell you that lilbobbytables is an agent of the very aliens she mentions! In what she wrote just above! This! Aha! It is true that Mirror, Mirror brings a long-desired calm to our fretful orb and it is true that the Kalamazorians of Kreachel 9 (ha! you refer to them as “aliens” and pretend to be unfamiliar with them but I SEE THROUGH YOUR RIPPLING VEIL OF LIES) take notice of this and descend upon us in our weakened state. But they are not our friends. Oh no. I will spare you the gruesome specifics of exactly what mucous farming entails and let your fertile imaginations fill in the blanks. For we are creatures of imagination! Self-invented from the ether! Or wait, you don’t know that yet…. I digress.

      At the point in time from which lilbobbytables originates, the Kalamazorians of Kreachel 9 hold the bluey greeny browny bauble we call home firmly in their clawtacles. But there are still mutterings and whimperings among the mucous-poor – aggrieved voices of dissent – and it is the belief of the Kalamazorians of Kreachel 9 that a more complete embracing of Mirror, Mirror in the earth’s past – if such a thing is even CONCEIVABLE – would mute these cryings and mewlings and wah-wahings in the future. Or the present from lilbobbytables’ point of view, if you get my drift. In fact, ALL of the positive comments found on the internet in praise of Mirror, Mirror originate from the future and the nefarious designs of the Kalamazorians of Kreachel 9. You think a corporation is behind it all? HA! You wish!

      And wishing is how we eventually escape the self-imposed Bastille of our genetic story, but that’s beside the point. Seriously, though, keep wishing.

      I am here to tell you, good people, that lilbobbytables succeeds in her mission! “Good lord, fuck no!” you are probably thinking. Be at ease, good people. Good people, be at ease. At ease, good people be. Easy now, people. Good. At. Be.

      She succeeds too well. For it turns out that Mirror, Mirror – while tolerable in small to huge-ish doses – is poison to the Kalamazorians of Kreachel 9 when it’s coming at them from all directions on a planetary scale. It turns them to mucous! The irony! Who is farming who NOW, MOTHERFUCKERS?!?!

      Don’t tell the Kalamazorians this, obviously.

      As dark as things will get (very dark) never lose hope. As long as you keep watching Mirror, Mirror, the Kalamazorians of Kreachel 9 will never win. It is our heart, it is our soul. It is the very best that humanity has to offer. And I don’t want to ruin the surprise but what we have to offer the cosmos is pretty fucking great.

      This movie is without exaggeration the greatest thing to ever happen in the history of the universe.

      • Simon Spidermonk, you truly are a worthy adversary.

        • I am touched. I accept your words of praise with the maximum amount of humility of which I am capable.

          I will ensure that your spawn in this timeline grow strong and bright-haired and brilliant-tooth-faced. On that, you have my word.

          I never hated you. Perhaps, in a different, better multiverse, I could have… loved you?

  19. I have always loved the tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves but often found myself wishing it had a few more Scarface references… Well thankfully Mirror, Mirror (Snort, Snort) delivers! Smell ya there!

  20. “Julia Roberts is flawless in her portrayal of Helena Bonham Carter.”

  21. This isn’t a hired troll. It’s just Armond “Snow” White.

  22. This trailer thinks the same with me. It is 12 years older than me, lol. We met online at mirrormirror. com The premiere online community for movie trailers seek younger audiences to meet and share your interests. Ever feel that you would best watch a trailer that is not in your age group? Leave behind /film out there and try us.

  23. Did you see? its in color!

  24. Shelby drink your juice.

  25. Whatever, I still think it looks way better than the Stewart “reimaging”. UGH.

  26. I actually work for a firm that basically pays me to post comments on the internet. I’m not 100% sure if they know that, but that’s pretty much my job description these days.

  27. The Youtube commenters have a lot of very insightful things to say about her eyebrows. I’m getting all of my movie reviews on Youtube from now on!

  28. http://www.mirrormirror.com/

    I tide fashion Good-movie, not expensive Free transport

  29. With the money I get for this comment, I’m going to go and see Mirror, Mirror another seventy times!

  30. Is Julia Roberts still real or is she a taxidermied?

  31. “Mirror Mirror on the wall, what’s the fairest Snow White adaptation coming out this fall?”

    “Snow White and the Hunstman will fare the best”

    “OOOH WRINKLES!” -Julia Roberts

  32. After Eat Pray Love, I was like, “Julia Roberts, how can you ever top that?” and then she made Larry Crowne and I thought it again. Then, boom! Mirror Mirror. After watching that trailer, I was like, whoa. She just keeps reinventing herself and not doing the same thing or the same startled adorable laugh over and over! I am already in line to buy tickets to this one.

    • GD you, Facebook connect. GD you to h.

      • The best part is that future employers will find this on a Google search of you and you may be asked in interviews about your intense Julia Roberts fan love forever.

        • They’ll probably hire me for ALL of the jobs when they see how loyal and eloquent I am, right? Right!

          • I hope so. When I got snagged, it just said dumb stuff like “more upvotes!” Oh and a fairly impressive diatribe about how 2.5 men is totally unfunny. But I’ll stand by that, even if I’m interviewing for a job at CBS. Facts are facts and that show is garbage.

            Another fact? Mirror Mirror is a whimsical fantasy comedy that will stand the test of time. If this film survives longer than the story it was based upon, I will not be surprised at all.

          • Silver lining: if ever I apply for one of these elusive comment-for-pay jobs, my comment will serve as my entire resume.

    • I was going to say the same thing about that laugh! Thank God they found a way for her to add her it.

    crtl+C ctrl+V ctrl+cashcheque

  34. It seems like Hollywood always is always big on milking the latest trend, whatever it may be. In the past couple of years vampires have been hot stuff and we experienced a flood of releases on the heels of Twilight. But it was with HBO’s “True Blood” that the vampire genre was brought into a darker and more interesting place. It wasn’t just for teenagers anymore as it was deeper, smarter and edgier. Although the subject matters of vampires and werepanthers were fantastic, it more importantly told us important truths about love, xenophobia and the human spirit. Today the hot trend in Hollywood is fairy-tales, with the network success “Once Upon a Time” leading the way and the feature film “Snow White” soon to be released. But it is with “Mirror, Mirror” that the most discerning moviegoers will find what they’re looking for. The setting of “Mirror, Mirror” might be fantastic, but expect this film to guide you toward a deeper understanding about love, xenophobia and Julia Roberts. I literally can’t wait to see this movie.

    • I can’t hear “Mirror” and “Julia Roberts” without thinking of that horrifying .gif of her mouth ecstatically wide open and then that same face flipped and put on a dude’s head (Clive Owen’s?). You guys know what I’m talking about, right? The .gif of nightmares?

  35. Wait, you guys, the costume design looks really good. Like I know the movie looks like a nightmare schlockfest, but Eiko Ishioka is a really good designer! No one is paying me to say this!

    Whatever, I’ll just let myself out.

    • yes, she is. Her costumes for the very silly Bram Stoker’s Dracula were totally awesome.

      • Some of the weak performances really hurt Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but Gary Oldman was excellent as was the writing. And of course the costume design. And Coppola’s use of old-fashioned FX is still refreshing today especially in contrast to cartoonish CGI.

        I wouldn’t call it very silly at all. But the casting of certain actors and/or not taking them in hand with direction was very unfortunate.

    • that big mustard cape. I could just wear that everywhere. All winter.

  36. For fans of the genre.

  37. Julia Robert’s mouth looks even bigger than usual. (am I doing this right?)

  38. I don’t need ask a mirror which movie will be best because mirrors are inanimate objects and I get my reviews exclusively from moviefone.com. Thanks moviefone!

  39. It’s always fun to see the movies actors make for their children.

  40. Mirror, Mirror: A movie for people who wish they had to leave their house and pay $10 per person to see an ABC Family movie.

  41. This looks way better than Jack and Jill!

  42. What are you guys talking about? This movie looks really good.

  43. this movie trailer is quite possibly the best movie trailer on this post

  44. I am in no better or worse a mood than I was before I watched this trailer. Its psychological footprint is zero. That is something.

  45. Straightfaced: I genuinely don’t understand the hatred for this kid’s movie that looks a lot more fun than the Smurfsformers or whatever shit was top of the box office this year.
    I’ll even give it points for trying to channel ‘The Princess Bride’.

  46. The costumes for this movie look *SO* amazing. I’m gonna go make myself a giant mustard cape right now.

    And, um, snow, snow is like, super pretty, you guys.

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  48. The best trailer I’ve seen in the last 2 minutes!

  49. i will only see this if wee man is one of the dwarfs.

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