How is Arnold Schwarzenegger not recording DVD commentary for all of the movies? Now that we know what a DVD commentary track can actually BE, who on Earth wants to hear what Wes Anderson has to say? Shut the fuck up, Wes Anderson! Shouldn’t you be in some hotel penthouse in Paris getting your pants shortened? The adults are trying to talk. To Arnold Schwarzenegger. About movies. And record that talk. For the DVD. STAY TUNED FOR MY NEXT DVD COMMENTARY. (Via PaulScheer.)

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  1. In this comment, I’m typing into the box on the Arnold Schwarzenegger DVD Commentary post. As soon as I’m done typing, I will hit the “submit comment” button.

  2. “I am having sex with the nanny. I shouldn’t be doing this. It will ruin my career. This is funny.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  3. “Oh, now I get it.” -Everyone watching this movie with commentary

  4. This is actually a lot like watching a movie with my grandmother. I…I had no idea my grandmother was Arnold Schwarzenegger. I guess he really is a great actor.

  5. “and here is where the jingling was all the way and everything”

  6. This has me begging to hear Arnold explain what goes on during time travel.

  7. Sounds like a best new party game to me. Arnold’s commentary on the AFI top 100, perhaps? “And so the man is sad for the burning of the sled and all that…”

    • This is the part where Michael explains that he knew that it was his brother, Fredo, and that it had caused him to have his heart broken and all that.

    • “And it becomes apparent that the size of the boat is maybe too small because the shark is very large.”

    • “This is the part where I notice that even though we are twins we have divergent phenotypes and such.”

    • And here is where he says he has been looking at her and he calls her “kid.”

    • Now there is rain falling all over the street and the man is singing and dancing in it. Oh yeah, haha, he splashes in those puddles. That was funny.

    • This is the part where Sharon opens her legs and you can kinda see her vagina for like three seconds and Michael Douglas is all “Say what?!”

    • And this is the part where the bad man tells the guy Lucas that he’s his father and everything and Lucas makes a face like you make when you angry and then Lucas says no a lot because he doesn’t want the bad man to be his father.

    • And now the boat is making for the sinking and it is funny because there are not enough little boats to fit all the people from the big boat so it is going to cause many problems for them.

    • This is where the angry man, he becomes so angry that he starts yelling about being angry and then all the people at home make yelling because they’re angry also and it’s funny because it is an unusual thing to happen on the news, you know while you home eating dinner and it’s six o’clock and you put on the news and there’s a crazy man yelling there and everything.

    • This is where he draws her wearing only the blue diamond necklace in 3-D. Wow it really pops.

    • This is where she sings about her favorite things, and the examples are very good. This is a good song. She’s a very good nanny. I like nannies.

    • this is the part where he seems to not give a damn about where scarlett is going and so forth

  8. This is the part where I imply that I will return at some point in the near future.

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