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  1. This is the best website.

  2. My favorite part is the one errant hair hanging down in his forehead. My other favorite part is everything else. <3

  3. This amazing website won’t bring back YOUR GODDAMNED HONEY

  4. I’d take pleasure in HTML5 JavaScript manipulating your head, boy.

  5. It’s about time someone made a page detailing what I see before I go to bed. EVERY NIGHT.

  6. That site contains just crazy amounts of head. #gross #accurate

  7. This provides ample goofing around time during boring conference calls. My productivity might actually thrive now.

  8. National Treasure 3.0: HTML of Perfection

    • Justin Bartha: How are you going to prove your great grandfathers innocence?

      Nic Cage: I’m going to infinitely multiply my face in the President’s web browser.

  9. This page is a National Treasure.

  10. If you move your mouse really fast left to right it looks like an open audition for Oh! Calcutta!

  11. Found my new homepage

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