They say that the only reliable thing in this world is change. That can be very disconcerting or very wonderful, depending on your attitude towards change. On the one hand, change can be very difficult (oh man, I can already tell that this blog post is going to be a work of GENIUS, filled with incredible INSIGHT!) and painful, or at the very least scary. It’s different! On the other hand, it can be very exciting. Who knows what will happen next?! If nothing else, embracing the world’s entropic movement towards constant change is very liberating because that means you’re not failing somehow if you can’t hold it together or keep things the way you want them. No one can. Hush now. The point is, everything is constantly moving and shifting and evolving and collapsing and destroying and rebuilding and there’s nothing to hold onto, for better or for worse. Well, almost nothing. There’s still BROKENCYDE! Those guys will never not be the fucking absolute worst. New Brokencyde video after the jump, not that you can tell the difference. Might as well be an old Brokencyde video!

Still the king, indeed. The king forever, boys. (Thanks for the tip, @scottgum.)

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  1. Indeed person in the WTF shirt, indeed

  2. Also brokeOUTCYDE. brokeALLOVER, really.

  3. I suddenly miss T. Mills.

    • I know, where are the Millionares when you NEED them?

      • I got a recommendation on facebook to subscribe to one of their band member’s Facebook profile. I guess Facebook has been keeping tabs on all the links I clicked when I discovered ‘Take one for the team: Brokencyde Challenge’ :(

  4. You know how Moms like to warn little kids not to make ugly faces because they might “get stuck that way?” I kind of feel like that’s what’s happened with Brokencyde, but with their whole beings.

  5. This is my protest! #occupybrokencydetoshutup

  6. Brokencyde is our generation’s……. nope, this is it. There has never been anything worse than this, and there probably never will be.

  7. I feel like I may like this if I were 13 and living in suburban Chicago and came from a broken home.

  8. You know what, guys? We have been talking about Brokencyde for what feels like decades now and I still honestly cannot understand a word they say in these videos. Am I getting old? Do I have old person ears? Or is everything just terrible and it isn’t my fault? Help.

    • You’re telling me! I feel super old right now because I never heard of this… band, is it? And I must definitely have old person ears because I had to stop the video once they started… singing, I guess?

      Seriously, though, I am 25, but someone needs to put these guys into context for me. What generation’s tween goth population listened to… Brokencyde? Am I saying that right?

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