• Oh, goodness. First, I’d like to say that I love Community. I believe that has been well documented on this website. But. Oh my goodness I am already so very sick of all of the “Save Community” things on the Internet!!! Uggghh. I am so upset about how long this is going to go on. Here are some propaganda posters. -PopCultureBrain
  • Jason Schwartzman is guest starring on an upcoming episode of Sesame Street as the host of Cast Iron Cook. You can watch it here! It is cute and enjoyable to watch. -RatsOff!
  • Just in case you haven’t had enough reboot news today, there’s going to be another Friday movie probably! I understand that it doesn’t qualify as a reboot, but — DOESN’T IT? -FilmDrunk
  • Here is a lady racing a camel. Guess who wins? Try to guess, then watch the video. Also want to guess which actress the lady looks like? (Sometimes she looks like Emma Roberts.) (I think.) -TheDailyWhat
  • Oooohh, guys and LADIES, there is a new episode of PolitiChicks! And they’re talking about Obama’s birth certificate! Finally, the truth will come out. -PolitiChicks
  • So apparently there was originally a lot of Robert Pattinson’s buttcrack in the Twilight sex scene, but then the Twilight editors had to edit it all out and the way they did it was to make it look like there was no buttcrack and only skin. “I wish the Twilight editors could edit MY LIFE.” – You, you weirdo. -TheSuperficial
  • Speaking of, is Bella a demon or a Christ figure? I say: Can’t she be both? Very radical thinking coming from me. Very UNradical article coming from Salon. (Just kidding, Salon.) (Love youuu.) -Salon
  • Snookie was on Conan last night and do you guys ever wonder about when the last time you’ll ever hear the name Snookie will be? In your lives? I think about things like that a lot. I’m guessing that I will be 67 years old when I hear the name Snookie for the last time. Not that she’s going to be talked about nonstop until then, but she’ll probably be mentioned every so often. Right? -Celebuzz
  • Here is Minka Kelly, from Parenthood, at a boutique opening. Hello, Minka Kelly! Also: Are you guys watching Parenthood? Can you BELIEVE what happend with Adam on Tuesday? Give me a break. That’s what I think about it. Give. Me. A. Break. -JustJared
  • For full-sized Louis C.K. image here —> -JoanVaritek
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  1. I so wish that thing with Adam did not happen on Parenthood Monday night. It’s too cliche for Parenthood.

    • I agree. The previews for next week drove me crazy. “I HAVE to tell my emotional wife who just had my baby and is not feeling so great about herself what happened.”

  2. I share your lack of enthusiasm for the save community movement. As much as I like staring at Allison Brie, that show is not “all that”. Certainly not up there with Arrested Development. If that show goes, life will go on. And we will always be able to find photos of Allison Brie on the internet that we can stare at. I bookmarked an animated gif of her in my web browser.

  3. So, Victoria’s brother photoshopped her face onto a painting of a naked lady as a gift to her? Merry Christmas!

    • He’s so good with the layers!!

      Also, she’s afraid of the Kindle because the government will try to control what we read? NAILED IT.

  4. Did Adam lose an arm in a wood chippee again? Haha, oh Parenthood.Classic Parenthood!

  5. That’s not a propaganda poster. This is a propaganda poster.

    I’m enlisting later! For the war!

  6. I was totally (never) going to see the new Twilight, but now I’m too afraid of RPatz’s crackless ass!

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