After a couple weeks of rumors and speculation it has finally been confirmed that Ricky Gervais, the atheist, will be back to host the Golden Globes for a third straight year. Ugh. Perhaps it makes sense, though. Not just because of the obvious publicity this immediately earns for an awards show that by all rights no one should, and no one really does, give an actual shit about, but even more importantly because what is becoming increasingly clear is that the organizers of the Golden Globes, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, do not even understand WHY they shouldn’t bring him back. From the Los Angeles Times:

According to the person at the vote, the majority of the dissenters were older members who found Gervais’ material in January insulting and were concerned that some of the A-list stars on the receiving end of the jokes wouldn’t return for more abuse. “My worry was that he was insulting, and when I invite someone to my house, they don’t insult me,” said longtime HFPA member Judy Solomon, who writes for an Israeli publication. “But this is show business. I guess I’m old-fashioned.”

A blog post on the HFPA site acknowledged that “while many welcome Gervais’ return, not everyone is happy with the decision because last year his blunt one-liners targeting big-name celebrities caused anger and resentment in some quarters.” The upcoming ceremony is set for Jan. 15 and will air on NBC.

ENH! WRONG! You shouldn’t worry about bringing Ricky Gervais back to host the Golden Globes because he might INSULT JOHNNY DEPP. Who cares?! Fuck Johnny Depp! (I love you Johnny Depp!) The reason you should not bring Ricky Gervais back as the host of the Golden Globes is because HE IS BAD AT IT. He’s smug and self-satisfied while he delivers hackneyed 1980s insult comedy that sounds like it was written by a couple of Emmerson sophomores the night before their “Pop Culture References In Bad Stand Up 201″ midterm. It’s awful. Because, here’s the thing:

By creating The Office, which was genuinely brilliant, and has been remade in multiple foreign countries (including this one) to repeat great success, Ricky Gervais now has what is called “fuck you money.” He’s very rich, innit? Good for him! He should be! The part where it becomes problematic is that I have a feeling he doesn’t understand that what “fuck you money” means is that he can now afford to work on the projects he WANTS to work on in exactly the manner and within exactly the timeframe that he wishes. No one can tell him how to do his job, or when to do it, or anything. That is what “fuck you money” is. It’s not actual “FUCK YOU” money. You don’t use it to encapsulate yourself in a sardonic shield of Raw Confidence as you go on ACTUAL TELEVISION and say FUCK YOU to EVERYONE. And not just fuck you to the aforementioned Johnny Depp, but fuck you to the audience as well. I’m all for watching an irreverent awards show where no one takes themselves too seriously, and people can laugh at and celebrate in the human foibles of our Celebrity Heroes. That sounds great! But whatever that was last year, it was a miserable slog through the mean-spirited swamp of a comedically lazy and disgustingly pompous goon’s Guinness riddled brain. LET ME OUT OF THIS SWAMP! I don’t care if Katey Sagal IS going to win a moonman.

And that is why the HFPA shouldn’t have hired Ricky Gervais to host the Golden Globes again. Not because the lame jokes he made at everyone’s expense were hurtful or disrespectful, but because they were so lame. Oh well. Remember three years ago when they didn’t even bother televising the Golden Globes? That was nice.

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  1. But How do you feel about England’s decision to have Steve Carell host this year’s Gilded Lorries?

  2. Actually, I believe he just proved there IS a god…the same god that lets kids starve in Africa…I think I’m no longer agnostic.

  3. Aren’t there other people who could do this? Like maybe Bill Hader, or Jane Lynch, or please, James Franco for pete’s sakes. My kingdom for James Franco. Watching Ricky Gervais make “jokes” is like watching someone chew with their mouth open.

  4. I’ll still watch it. I’ll probably just watch it on mute, or something.

  5. Hey! I went to Emerson (one m, thank you very much) and I never took a class called “Pop Culture References In Bad Stand Up”! I did, however, take a class on Postmodernism and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Just kidding! My parents told me they wouldn’t pay my tuition if I took that class! (true story.)

  6. I know I’ll likely get downvotes for saying this, but I still think that him getting up and being mean to celebrities is a million times more entertaining than anything else that ever happens on this sort of thing. That is to say, he’s bad, but so is mostly everyone else in a room that is filled with people eager to win arbitrary awards for things they’ve already received critical and financial success for. That is to say, even if you think he’s smug and self-satisfied and does a half-assed job of it…well that’s kind of par for the course, at the least.

    • That is to say.

    • I kind of agree. I don’t have a hard time laughing at rich vain people.

      • Its very easy, innit? And it’s not just rich people…it’s rich people looking for recognition. And they INVITED him to host. The whole thing sounds delightful to me.

        • Oh no! I accidentally downvoted this! Please accept my humblest of apologies; I dropped mashed potato on my keyboard and my hand slipped and, you know, it was just a whole thing and I’m very sorry.

    • I particularly liked how he called Steve Carrell an ungrateful bastard, but then again, I still have a tough time not knee jerk laughing at Gervais sometimes because of all of the hours and hours of great podcasting, call me New old-fashioned I guess.

  7. The worst part (just kidding, everything about this is the worst) is that all of the jokes this year will be commentary jokes on the “controversy” of last year’s show.

    • You know what would be genius? Gervais comes out, doesn’t mention anything about last year, and just recites a bunch of silly pun insults a la Norm McDonald at Bob Saget’s Roast. But alas, we will instead receive endless commentary on last year’s controversy BECAUSE THERE IS NO GOD.

  8. I don’t even understand why an awards show needs a host. Let the winners have more podium time instead of forced monologue jokes.

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    • Gabe isn’t rich yet. It’s his job to make snarky comments about celebrities, and he can’t just choose to leave it. Or did you not read the entire post?

      • Nah, I agree with Krup–I just don’t give a shit because Gabe, and to a lesser extent Gervais, are hilarious when they rail on the rich and famous so whatever, keep at it lads. But hypocrisy is hypocrisy, and certainly isn’t dependent upon whether or not the accused is “rich enough” to leave it alone or not. Gabe just does it with more intelligence and humour than Gervais.

    • Ricky Gervais = definitely a smug asshole to everybody, both celebrities AND the little people. I don’t think Gabe was really pissed about Ricky Gervais making fun of celebrities (read: “Fuck Johnny Depp!”)

    • Yeah, I do think a joke about celebrities being in the closet based on tabloid smut is hackneyed.

  10. I wish Ricky Gervais would disappear so I wouldn’t have to keep forgetting how to pronounce his last name.

  11. I cringe at the unpopularity of my opinion (please don’t stone me I’m not martyr material), but I still find this man heeeeee-larious.

    Smug and self-satisfied? MOST DEFINITELY! Heeeeee-larious? JUST AS!

    • Nah, I’m with you. The thing is, is that all celebrities are smug, egotistical, self-satisfied jerks. It’s difficult to be humble when you’re constantly being recognized for doing genius things. In this day and age when we get way way too much information about these people, it’s easy to “get over” the artists we like when we find out they’re kind of dicks. But like, all the great authors and composers and filmmakers and philosophers and painters…they were all assholes. It takes an ego to want to share your creations with the world in the first place. The ego has nothing to do with the output. Ricky Gervais’ comedy is the same it’s always been, we just all know more about him than we used to, which probably isn’t a good thing for an audience.

      • Ricky Gervais has always touted evolution over creationism, and it was intelligent humor for the most part, but for me, the Gladwellian (thanks Gabe) Tipping Point was smack dab in the middle of The Invention of Lying when all of a sudden his focus in life seemed to be to renounce any possibility of God, rather than renounce the extreme fashion in which some people worship God.

        Dear Ricky, take your fuck you money and just pay Karl Pilkington and Stephen Merchant to sit in a recording studio and force you to joke about anything other than religion. Thanks!

  12. Alex Vermitsky  |   Posted on Nov 17th, 2011 0

    Ricky Gervais is the TOOL of insult comedy like atheists are the Christians of bummer sermonizing.

  13. (There is no) God damn it!

  14. Fuck the RG hate. He was the funniest thing about the Golden Globes this year and overall one of the best comedic minds of the last 10 years.

    • Both of those things are true, but they don’t change the fact that basically everything that’s come out of his mouth this past year has been unfunny garbage. Hate on, haters.

      • Word. How quickly we forget his “bit” where he laughs uproariously after using the word “Mong.” (But I didn’t mean it that way!) HEEElarious indeed.

  15. i don’t like to brag, but i’ll do it anyway. because what is the internet, if not a collective humblebrag.

    never liked him. i’ve put up with years of “you don’t like Extras?!” and “you love the Office, how can you not love the british Office?! It’s so much better!!” ,etc. etc. and now i feel like people are catching up with why i don’t like him.

    whilst bathing in vindication, i will also say I was ahead of the game with Dexter and the Walking Dead as well.

  16. My current theory is that Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant are the new Jerry Seinfeld & Larry David and I’m just patiently waiting for Stephen Merchant’s Curb Your Enthusiasm and to quietly laugh as Ricky Gervais is left to host The Marriage Ref…

  17. While I get what you’re saying about ‘fuck you money,’ I would agree more if he was JUST doing things like making fun of celebrities on awards shows. But he IS doing the projects he wants to do as well. Life’s Too Short, Cemetery Junction, working with Larry David (a hero of his) on his show, etc.

  18. They should’ve got to Karl Pilkington to host it

  19. I welcome him back with open arms. I want more gems like: “I like a beer as much as the next man, unless the next man is Mel Gibson”. And he says this AS HIS INTRODUCTION FOR MEL GIBSON.

    Is the guy a pompous jerk? Yes. Do his jokes often come off as mean and not really all that funny? Definitely. Do I want to see another supercut of all his insults to other pompous jerks at an awards show? Totally.

    • He’s an asshole but that was actually pretty funny. Was that last year or the year before? I remember the first year he was much funnier and the second year was a comment on the first year and I just really don’t want his smugness as a comment on the comment on the first year to overshadow the few funny things he does manage to say… which it most definitely will.

      But it’s a useless awards show… unlike, say, the People’s Choice Awards WHERE THE PEOPLE CHOOSE. Or my personal favorite, The Blockbuster Awards. I wonder who will win the Netflix/Qwikster awards this year? I hope it’s an illiterate pot-smoking Elmo avatar. I really do!

  20. Yeah, but look everyone who doesn’t like Ricky Gervais, because maybe this will bring you over to the darkside (the correct side) – his schtick for years has been being a pompous asshole. This is who he is. You know how Stephen Colbert basically exists in the public as Stephen Colbert, who is by all accounts a complete asshole (he does this brilliantly by being such an affable asshole, but obviously, this is not Stephen Colbert) is not that person. We know this. Okay. Well this is what Ricky Gervais does. He is a dick. He plays a dick. Every character in every show is in the same vein, and surprise, when he does live shows and stand up and hosts awards ceremonies, he is consistent in that he comes across as a prick.

    So when you say “Ricky Gervais is a smug or pompous jerk or self-satisfied or whatever yada yada” what you are actually saying is “Ricky Gervais is exactly the product he sells”

    Now if you don’t like that product, that’s totally okay. Russell Brand is a similar style of comic, and I find him absolutely insufferable. But if you’re arguing “I think RG is pompous but I find him funny sometimes” think about why you find him funny sometimes. Because he doesn’t exactly tell joke-jokes, right? He makes humour out of being a certain type of person.

    • The difference is, Colbert plays a jerk but is actually a nice guy in real life, whereas Gervais plays a jerk but is actually a huge jerk.

      I’m with you on Russel Brand though.

      • Right, but that’s what I mean…Colbert is affable, even in Jerk-form. he’s so good at it, that his likability shines through his persona. But the truth is that neither of us – nobody – knows what a nice humble guy he may or may not be in real life. I’ve never met the guy. I have no idea. What I do know is that RG has been the way he is forever. I find it hilarious, but I also find him to be consistent. It feels weird, this sudden backlash, because like…hey the thing you liked about Gervais you now hate about Gervais. it’s not like anyone has actually met the guy and decided “Oh I met him in person and he was SUCH a jerk” is a fine thing to say. but I still think “He said a jerky thing on Twitter and so he’s a jerk” is so unreasonable to me for so many reasons.

        Russell Brand has never said a single funny thing. I don’t get it at all, that guy. And I have a very ticklish funnybone. I giggle at even the thought of someone uttering “titmouse”

  21. Ricky Gervais makes more money than you Gabe. HE MAKES MORE MONEY THAN YOU!
    BAM! Argument won

  22. I really appreciate your definition of “Fuck you money.” It’s a phrase I find very amusing, and that was a helpful discussion of its exact meaning.

    My favourite drink is toilet.

  23. Ricky Gervais’ 2011 monologue was not funny, yet you think the recent season of the office is? I feel lost Videogum. Whats going on buddy? you doing ok?

  24. The opinion expressed in the article is in my opinion ignorant and offensive (I think the offensive bit is irrelevant but I’ll leave it in anyway). Judging someone’s comedy is always going to be a subjective thing so saying that the reason Ricky shouldn’t host the GG again is because no one found it funny is not a proper justification, it’s only why you think he should host them again. Not to mention the fact that this is Ricky’s style of stand up comedy on display at the GG, and his stand up gigs often sell out with critical praise.
    Also, the idea that Ricky is only able to do this because he has “Fuck you money” is ridiculous. Consider how Ricky got his fortune in the first place. Oh yea, it’s because of his comedy, which involves doing things the way he wants to. He’s been getting money because he’s been expressing his opinions and comedy which often involves telling people, tradition and status quo to fuck off. Now he has money to do more of the things he wants, but he’s always done the things he wants to do the way he wants to do them. Rick is a comedian and therefore in my opinion an Artist, and I don’t think he’s taking any artistic advice or orders from anyone because he hasn’t had a good reason to do so yet.

    So please Gabe, give me a reason not to tell you to keep your subjective opinions to yourself and that they do not justify an objective view why someone shouldn’t do something. As for the fuck you money, that seems like a lack of fair mindedness and research on your part.

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