Politichicks is a new web series in which conservative women discuss the issues of the day from a conservative viewpoint. According to their YouTube description, “Conservative Americans will have an alternative to those other liberal-based talk shows in which women scream over each other and call Conservatives vile names.” What show is THAT? That sounds like a GOOOD show! Anyway, the first episode of Politichicks (and if I haven’t already complimented these ladies on the name of their new show, ladies, great name!) is posted after the jump and let me just say YIIIIIIIKES. It’s no secret that Victoria Jackson is the worst, but I’m not sure we’ve ever seen her be the worst for so LONG, and without any EDITING. She won’t even let the show’s host open up the day’s topic of “Gay Marriage” before launching into a song she wrote on her ukulele about THE ISLAMIZATION OF AMERICA. Good grief. (They do try to steer the conversation back to gay marriage, eventually, so don’t worry. Except it immediately gets derailed again because of the incredible paradox of liberals loving gays and muslims even though muslims want to kill gays, and then a 10 minute discussion of this beautiful logic trap. So worry away.) I know that this show is not intended for me in any way whatsoever, but it is still hard to imagine someone wanting to watch 15 minutes of four women sitting in a circle having a hard time even finishing their own racist and homophobic comments. At one point, Victoria Jackson explains that the reason she is having trouble is because she is 52. Uh, no, my friend. It is because you are an idiot. A big old stupid dumb racist nightmare idiot.

Oh, Politichicks. (Thanks for the tip, Gideon and Chris.)

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  1. Conservative Americans will have an alternative to those other liberal-based talk shows in which women scream over each other and call Conservatives vile names.

    Hey, politichicks. That’s just how my sister and I talk to each other.

  2. That is without a doubt THE most curious use of a green screen I’ve ever seen.

  3. Does anyone else think that this show was supposed to have been called Polichicks, but then illiteracy intervened?

    • “Are you sure that has enough syllables? It looks like ‘Polish Chicks’ to me. You don’t want people thinking you’re Polish, do you?” -Illiteracy (1,000,000 BC- 2011 AD)

    • I was thinking the same thing. Maybe they didn’t want it to be confused with a show about polygrams and polygons, or just geometry in general, because, you know, shapes and stuff.

    • Now, of course, is a great time for four other ladies who AREN’T completely insane to make their own show and give it the correct name.

      Ooooh, Victoria Jackson’s head would just *explode*.

  4. How did one of the robots from that “A.I.” video get her face to stop popping open to reveal the metal underneath, and why did she rename herself Ann-Marie Murrell?

  5. They should call this show A Beautiful Mind, because of how BEAUTIFUL all these ladies are, and how much I wouldn’t MIND killing them in their sleep.

  6. i’m pretty sure Victoria Jackson is just one life-long performance art piece. the fact that she got Tim & Eric to shoot this video just bolsters the argument.

  7. It’s nice to see Miss Piggy doing the promotional circuit, but I’m not sure I agree with her politics!

  8. I love that she dismisses Snopes because it proved her wrong and that some guy she knows said she was right. So she’s right. Beautiful.

    • My wife has a cousin who thinks like these ladies (Muslims and gays are going to ruin “Amurica” and Obama is a Kenyan socialist). I pointed her to a Snopes link once to show she was mistaking an urban legend for fact and her response was, “I don’t know who runs Snopes!” Like I was pointing her to a site secretly run by Muslim homosexuals who wanted a Kenyan socialist to be president so they were “debunking myths” that were actually true.


  9. That’s a dealbreaker, ladies.

  10. “All terrorists are Muslims” — Victoria Jackson’s long hours recording a voice role in “The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue” precluded her from noticing Oklahoma City or the Unabomber in the 1990s

    • Also, that Victoria floats the theory that aliens have infiltrated the Obama administration, because not everyone yells at people as manically she would.

      Also aliens: everyone else, past or present, in the cast of “Saturday Night Live.”

    • Right??? When that blonde lady was like “all terrorists are Muslim, that is just a FACT!” I bonked my head on my laptop so hard I may need medical assistance. I would be totally willing to listen to these coconuts (haha, just kidding, they are human nightmares) but they don’t even know what they’re talking about!

      • I bet your keyboard typed out some crazy-ass shit, though.

        “what is this crazy motherfucker typing?!”
        “what a wild sentence!”
        –things people would say when they read what the impact of your forehead typed out on your computer screen.

    • Duh, white people aren’t terrorists. They’re FREEDOM FIGHTERS.

  11. But, Gabe, did they rest their case?

  12. I am thinking that Victoria Jackson is drinking the same kool-aid as Randy Quaid….

  13. Victoria Jackson: “I’ve noticed that they have dead eyes…” Better than having a dead brain, sweetie.
    Ugh, I just hate all of these ladies. GO TO BED.

  14. “Most Muslims aren’t terrorist but ALL terrorists are Muslims.”

  15. What are the odds that any of these women have read any of the many books on the set?

  16. You know, I hate the fact that “conservative” has become synonymous with “homophobic” and “racist.” There’s more to it than that.

    Not that I’m blaming you. The fault rests entirely with homophobic racists that describe themselves as conservative.

    • Well, you know. We have Michael Moore ruining all the synonyms for “liberal.” So.

    • Yup. That is all.

    • Sorry to get seriousgum, but it’s not just that homophobic racists describe themselves as conservatives, but that But Republicans seem to tolerate (if not encourage) real idiocy like this. Why don’t mainstream Republicans laugh this shit out of their party? And don’t get me started on creationism. Yes, Michael Moore may be a buffoon, but he’s not president of the U.S. Rick Perry got cheered for executions, Cain and Palin are proud of their ignorance, Bachman thinks the U.S. should be a theocracy. These are not fringe folks, but important Republican figures.

  17. You know that scene in Gone Fishin’ where Joe Pesci and Danny Glover say that things couldn’t get any worse….. You know the one. That’s YOUR movie. Anyway, that’s like Victoria Jackson joining this show.

  18. I couldn’t make it past the logo. OH THE HORROR.

  19. At least seven commenters in this thread (arbitrary fact pulled out of my ass, just like everything in this video) are going to experience a live cover version of this at Thanksgiving, right?

  20. So the conservative response to a site fact-checking their unfounded accusations is to make an unfounded accusation about said fact-checking site. That’s sort of beautiful, actually.

  21. I like how their intro/logo has a lip-print at the end . . . cause ladies be lovin’ LIPSTICK!

  22. This is one of the worst examples of organized ignorance, hatred and idiocy i have had the misfortune to watch. I am neither Christian or conservative but i feel even worst for people who identity themselves in either of those categories as these woman spew their garbage opinions THROUGH those costumes.

    If anyone in America should never be given a voice it should be Victoria Jackson. She single handedly pushes the country back several years and lowers the IQ of anyone within her range.

  23. It’s so true! We aren’t even allowed to say “In Jesus’s name we pray” or have a Christmas tree but the Islamists are legally allowed to beat their wives and behead them under US law because of our so-called freedom of religion.

    Also, “All muslims are terrorists. That’s a fact.”

    Yes, that’s a fact. Because we all know that Timothy McVeigh was a Muslim. Anders Breivik was a hardcore Muslim. The KKK? Nothing but Muslims.

  24. I just checked wnd.com because I hadn’t heard any news about Victoria’s columns in a while, and she no longer contributes to that site anymore! Boo! I am so sad! But on the other hand, at least she can now contribute to this full time! Yayyyy!

  25. I tried and just can’t do it, I can not watch this. All the unintentional humor evaporates in the face of the fact that people actually agree with them.

  26. You guys, is no one else worried about Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s rapid weight gain???

  27. It is pretty entertaining the way the less-famous ladies seem to be just BARELY tolerating Victoria Jackson. She somehow manages to highjack the whole thing. I pretty much patently disagree with everything they say, but it’s not like it’s a bad idea for a show.

    Jesus Christ, how hard would it have been to call cut, sweet-talk VJ into writing a goofball song about gay marriage, and start over?

  28. Oh, I get it. Victoria Jackson is drunk!

  29. What the H-E-double hockey sticks is this goddamn fucking shit?

  30. I love the persecution complex of these wackos. After spending 10 minutes of calling Muslims violent-prone pedophiles that are hell bent on secretly taking over the country, they say they can’t criticize gay people because they’ll be labeled bigots.

  31. Horrible I guess Conservative means moron

  32. It’s such a sad self-image conservative women have. Grown women calling themselves chicks, and putting a lips stamp in the end? I’m sure they’re conviced they’re just being playful and cute, but why would a grown woman make herself to be playful and cute when talking about, what she at least thinks, are serious subjects? It’s sad how cockwhipped they are.

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