• Adam Scott was on Conan last night! He talks about how handsome he is, how he gets his suits to look so nice, what his exact height is, and also something about Jon Hamm. One of those is true! Go watch it! -TeamCoco
  • Do you like podcasts? Do you like movie podcasts during which the people who do the podcast interview two I think porn stars? Who are doing some kind of Romeo and Juliet thing, I think? Do you like having more information about all of it than what I’m giving you right now? Great! Go listen to FilmDrunk’s podcast, then! -FilmDrunk
  • We’ve certainly been talking about PSAs a lot lately. Are we ok? Remember the Darren Aronofsky meth ones? Holy moly. And then there was the Sam Jackson one yesterday? Well. Here is another one! It is an anti bullying PSA and it is also very unsettling. Please don’t bully! -TheDailyWhat
  • Some man cheated on some Kardashian with Kristin Cavallari! Sorry to ruin all of your ideas of true love! I wonder what Kristin Cavallari is doing right now, or ever these days. Are cameras still following her? Does anyone know? GUYS? -TheSuperficial
  • Sasha Grey visited The View to defend how she read books to children. Leave Sasha alooooone! -Mediaite
  • This is a very good reporter send off. This reporter send off is, in fact, a very good way to end ANY situation you’re in. Congratulations to this reporter for being the best. -Dlisted
  • South Park has been renewed for three more season! My goodness! That means it’s going to run for at least 20 seasons! That is so many! -Vulture
  • George Clooney says he wants to “kick the hell out of Breaking Dawn” at the box office when his movie, The Descendants, premieres at the same time. Uhhhhhhhh, well, you’re NOT GONNA! Sorry, George Clooney.-Celebuzz
  • This is YOUR Ryan Gosling “Sexiest Man Alive” petition. -Change.org
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  1. Adam Scott also did an episode of WTF with Marc Maron on Monday. Adam Scott Nation.

  2. Oh man, it was the Megadouche Kardashian, too! The Kardouchian. I dabble in pacifism, but every single thing about that person makes me want to punch him in his stupid, douchey face.

    • How can you differentiate between any of them? I can’t even tell the difference between the girl from the Sherman Oaks: The Real Valley and the girl from the O.C. Wait, Malibu Shores? I don’t know anymore!!

  3. Are those Ryan Gossling acid tabs?

  4. Wait. No. South Park premiered when I was in high school. I refuse to believe that it has been on for more than six years AND SHUT UP NO ONE BRING LOGIC OR CALENDARS TO THIS CONVERSATION. Fuck it, I give up. I am going to go listen to Tragic Kingdom on repeat until someone puts me in a nursing home.

  5. Bradley Cooper has had waaaaay too many bad hair styles to be the sexiest man alive. Is Adam Scott on the list? If not, I don’t even know what People magazine is talking about anymore.

  6. The Adam Scott won’t play for me! I’m only freaking out a little…

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