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  1. Why did I click that link? Why did I give this video one more view? Why do I continue to the legitimize the idea that Rebecca Black has a “music career” by leaving this comment?

  2. Y’fool me can’t get fooled a’gin.

  3. With all that interest, it’s amazing she’s still in the black.

  4. Someone needs to tell her that “Person of Interest” ≠ “Interesting Person”

  5. /sigh
    Yeah, but now anytime I see a little girl and they aren’t making bird sounds I get disappointed.
    Rebecca Black! More bird sounds! Give the people what they want!

  6. This song is about Ryan Gosling?

  7. I found the person of my interest


  8. Not enough cereal-eating.

  9. We all know what you think, Gabe.

  10. “You know, it’s really easy to make a verse rhyme when you end every line with the same word.” – poet laureates

  11. I like this song. It’s horribly violent, but Becca Black has always been about edge for me. I also just really like people who can multitask while go-karting.

    • This reminds me of a time when me and a friend tried to convince our grandparents to give us money so we could open up a go-karting/lazer tag place where you shoot people while driving.

  12. Rebecca! Pay more attention to your date, maybe? He’s right there! Look at him sometimes.

  13. “Not as good as ‘Friday’, but I like it” – Lou Reed
    “YUUUUP” – James Hetfield

  14. You guys should watch this video instead?! Maybe. Just sayin’!

  15. That was not as bad as Friday, but fart sounds are not as bad as Friday so I guess thats not really saying much.

  16. They couldn’t find a boy that doesn’t look like a girl, or one that is handsome?

  17. I like to imagine the late Jerry Orbach singing this to perps on Law and Order.

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