I’m not sure if it’s raining today where you live, but it’s raining today where I live. Not sunny or dry at all. Have all of your hearts broken for me and those who live in the NYC area already? They have? Plus you’re crying and don’t know if you can even keep doing work today because that’s how sad that news just made you? Aww, jeeze. You’re super sweet and totally right but glue your hearts back together if you can because it’s ANIMAL VIDEO COUNTDOWN TIIIIIMMEEE! (Also some of us don’t have to go outside at all during the day and enjoy listening to the sounds of rain outside, so, please, I know this all seems really terrible but relax, it’s going to be fine. Also umbrellas exist? I’m not sure why you’re taking the rain thing so hard.) We have nonstop REALLY GREAT videos to watch today, and almost none of them have someone behind the camera saying stupid things. Can you even believe it?! A very special group of great videos, one of which includes animal wearing sunglasses. CAN YOU GUESS WHICH KIND OF ANIMAL? Take a moment to guess which kind of animal, and then let’s watch them all and then talk about them.

10. Thirsty Kitten In A Cup

9. Cat Answers the Phone

8. Raccoon Eats Dinner At The Table

7. Dog And Bird Share Spaghetti

6. Corgi Swing

5. Trying To Feed A Kitten

4. Geese Walk In Marching Band Line

3. Baby Hippo Learns To Swim

2. Cool Gorilla

1. Puppies Meet Monkey

My goodness, puppies with a monkey! To give you a little insight on how the computer came up with this correctly organized list today, first it had “puppies with a monkey” video at number four just because it was a little TOO perfect and cute. The computer didn’t want to seem like you could throw puppies and a monkey into any video and have that video end up at number one. Then the computer watched the video again and saw the part where the puppy puts its tiny little puppy face right on the monkey’s face and, jeepers creepers, HOW COULD THE COMPUTER DENY IT? (Also, it’s possible that the “geese in a parade” video wasn’t watched until the very last moment because it was initially dismissed because it looked kind of boring, but upon viewing won the computer’s heart over immediately.) The “thirsty kitten in a cup” video could very well have placed higher in the list had the human behind the camera NOT said, “Now this media will go viral.” Uh, EXCUSE ME, SIR? Do NOT tell us which media will go viral. Now you are number ten, which is literally the last place you can be on the list while still remaining on the list. SO THERE! Also: DID YOU SEE THE GORILLA PUT ON THOSE SUNGLASSES? Congratulations to all of our winners.

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  1. Kelly, those are geese!

  2. I may just have to watch Corgi Swing on repeat for the rest of the afternoon.

  3. That Gorilla is coolsies

  4. I’m guessing feeding the raccoon dinner at the table is the only way to keep it from spelling out vulgar words with the fridge magnets… what a jerk.

  5. I love you thirsty kitten in a cup love is forever fan love you

  6. “I guess you could say the murderer” *puts on sunglasses* “went a little bananas.” YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Didn’t think I’d be watching 4:27 of a dog and a bird sharing spaghetti today.

  8. #1 should also be #1 because PUPPY PILE ON!

  9. So Koko definitely called those sunglasses bullshit, right? I love Koko.

  10. Lol holy shit. This is probably one of THE best posts I’ve seen. Just back to back straight up kick ass videos. I like!

  11. The marching band was pretty unexpectedly great.

  12. I demand a recount!!! There was tampering this week. There is no way kitty in a cup is TEN. OUTRAGEOUS. Kitty in a cup is most DEFINITELY cuter than that big cat that knocked the phone over. Big whoop to him.

    And geese in a line? Big whoop, that happens all the time. They walk in a line every day out of the lake in the park I live near. That guy just jumped in front. They’d follow anything. But a corgi on a swing…that is a-ma-zing.

    The corgi and the kitty in a cup were robbed.

    This is just like Ryan getting robbed of the People Sexiest man title.

  13. Everytime I lose my faith in animals, Wednesday rolls around and I remember that animals are the greatest.

  14. Kitten in a cup is 1 in my heart. Adorbs!

  15. Think that monkey was speechless from so much cuteness. Puppies!!!

  16. I love that videogum has posted about goose parade twice now. Goose parade is that good!! I can’t even explain how happy it makes me.

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