• This “brief visual history of Saul Bass’s title design” video has been going around the internet for the past few days, but I have forgotten to include it in the link list every one of those days. I’m sorry! But here it is now! It’s great! Watch it! -HaveYouSeenThis
  • There was a new Muppets poster released today and it is a spoof of Twilight. UGH! ENOUGH! We’re all going to see the movie! Leave us alone until then! -FilmDrunk
  • Samuel L. Jackson did an anti gun violence PSA. What’s next, an anti SNAKES ON A PLANE PSA? Where he talks about how there shouldn’t be any snakes on plans? Ha-ha. That’s rich! I’d like to see the day. Ugh, I apologize.-TheDailyWhat
  • Oops, turns out Brad Pitt is NOT going to retire in three years. Thanks for clearing that up, Brad! We all almost killed ourselves, I hope you’re happy! -Dlisted
  • Here is an interview with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake from GQ’s Men of the Year issue. Those guys! Love ‘em. Justin also talks about Ryan Gosling in it so LOOK OUT! -GQ
  • Time has a piece on Jenny Slate and Marcel the Shell up today! Read it! -Time
  • UHHHHH, Vulture has some photos of Blair running away from her wedding! Why is she running?! Is she running to Chuck? Is she SERIOUSLY going to have that baby?! WHAT IS GOING ON?? (PS: It’s very funny that now Dan thinks his book is a failure because too few people are showing up to his readings!) -Vulture
  • Speaking of, Celebuzz wants to know who the better bride is: Blair or Bella from Twilight? WELL? The answer is Blair, obv, but, WELL? -Celebuzz
  • Justin Bieber was “caught with another girl” and gave the middle finger to the paparazzi. Justin! What is going on with your paternity test? I hate that I’m invested in it, and I’m not really, but I would kind of like to know! You’re the one who wanted to be famous! JUST TELL ME! -TheSuperficial
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  1. This less looks like Justin Bieber and more like Richard Kiel

  2. Can we talk about that Justin Bieber paternity thing for a minute? Okay, if it’s true, then when she got pregnant, she was 19 and he was 16. Which means she should be in jail! Even if, for some reason, she DOESN’T go to jail, what can she get out of this? What she did was statutory rape. No matter how famous the daddy is, I don’t think you can RAPE somebody and then ask for child support!

  3. Is this the part of the web zone where I post my comment about the occupy the wall street event?

  4. That’s just a cake of the indigo girls!

  5. Why don’t celebrities just wear that reflective clothing that bicyclists wear? Sure it would make it easier to spot them but it would ruin all the paparazzi pictures.

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