Harry Potter director David Yates is developing the BBC’s longrunning Dr. Who series into what is sure to be a very profitable movie franchise. Good going, David Yates! Somebody’s gotta make all that money. #birdie4TARDIS

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  1. Just to piss off nerds, I’m gonna do my best to make #seannwilliamscott4drwho a thing.

  2. Somewhere far away, Chris Hardwick just came. No one noticed.

  3. #birdie4K-9

  4. Calm down fellow nerds! Everything I have uncovered so far points to this being a resurgance of a particularly robust rumor. Now lets all raise our sonic screwdrivers and bask in our geeky glory!

    • This makes me nervous. If there’s a feature, is it part of the cannon? Who will play The Doctor? Wouldn’t it need to be whoever is the current Doctor in the series? Gah!

      • Smith is leaving soon, so IF there is a movie I could see it as an introductory point for the 12th incarnation as well as being a new starting point for prospective new viewers who have not seen the series. BUT I really don’t think it’s happening.

        I am so happy about this post guys you can’t even know. LETS ALL TALK ABOUT DR. WHO FOREVER.

        • i really refuse to believe smith is leaving. i will not accept it. nope nope nope. he still needs to visit jim the fish! or, his younger self does.

        • Oh I could talk about Who all day!

          Remember the rumors a few years ago about who would play Eleven (before Matt Smith was announced)? I’m still holding out hope for a Paterson Joseph doctor at some point.

          • Smith isn’t leaving. He made an off handed remark in an interview and it got wildly blown out of proportion. He’s confirmed for the next season and is most likely staying on past Who’s 50th anniversary.

          • I am hoping that somehow in the future, James McAvoy and Idris Elba will both play the doctor at the same time, like by pretending they are one person by putting them both in a sweater with two head-holes or something.


          • I love that idea, but aren’t most Doctors kind of unknowns? James McAvoy as the doctor, though. Yeah, I’m okay with that. Very okay.

      • They made several moves with Ten, but none of them got theater play in the US. Did they in Lorryland? Were they just made for tv? They are on Netflix and are cannon. The 8th doctor, iirc, was only in a movie.

        Also, don’t time lords only get 12 regenerations??? AHHHH

        • I think it’s thirteen, but it’s scifi so something something timey wimey positronic radiation and WHAM more regenrations, technically speaking.

        • /nerdtalk Actually the BBC has nonchalantly and infuriatingly abandoned the whole 12 regenerations thing with a throwaway line in the Sarah Jane Chronicles! So, you know, nothing means anything anymore, I guess, but Doctor Who forever!

        • The TV movies with Ten were television movies and were broadcast on the BBC and BBC America, so they weren’t for theater release. They basically served as Ten’s farewell tour.

      • GAH! There are so many inaccuracies in this thread, I don’t know where to start!

        Whoops, I mean, “What’s Doctor Who?”

      • Agreed, R2, this is mystifying. If the movie has no connection to the show, the Doctor could be played by — Harrison Ford, for pete’s sake. And then what? He’s supposed to be one of the Doctors before the First Doctor? Or he’s supposed to be the Fortieth Doctor? Or he’s the Doctor’s cousin? Or he’s a parallel universe Doctor? I feel very nervous indeed.

        Actually, no matter what, yikes. The Eighth Doctor movie is really bad. (Partly because of canon issues: Is the Doctor really half human as said in the movie? But SPOILER when Donna and the Tenth did their meta-crisis thing he said there’s never been a half-human Time Lord, so the Eighth’s movie is not canon? But if it’s not canon then isn’t Christopher Eccleston really the Eighth Doctor? Oy.)

        • There can’t be an American doctor. There just can’t. I’d rather see Joanna Lumley reprise her role. Actually I would because that would be very entertaining.

    • Oh good! Phew.

  5. “The development of the movie, which would have no connection to the show…” what’s the point then? I, for one, am very protective of my Who and I do not want this! It’s not canon! Waah!

    Ok, nerd whine over.

    (But really, this sounds like a terrible idea.)

  6. Awesome Hollywood did such a great job with The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy!

  7. In a related note, I tried to drink hot chocolate out of my new tardis mug yesterday. It’s not easy.

  8. isn’t this basically what they tried to do with the 8th doctor?

    It just seems very silly to try to reboot something that is already going very well. If David Yates wants to try his had at Who then just let him write an episode.

    “Nerd alert!” -everyone who is reading this post

  9. Obligatory picture of the TARDIS that sits on my desk….

    It holds my Kaufhof vernier caliper. Hiding my calipers is essential if I don’t want any of my co-workers to steal them. I FOUND THEM IN THE SUPPLY CABINET IT MEANS I OWN THEM.

  10. Just want to give a nerdy high-five to everyone in this thread. That is all.

  11. Real question that’s been bugging me: the Doctor was 200 years older when he got shot in the season premiere, but it was the Doctor from the current timeline who got shot in the finale? Was this another case of the Doctor lies or was that just annoying timey wimey crap? (I hate it when they use that as a cop out.)

    • Well since it wasn’t actually the Doctor but those tiny guys that can travel through time, do you think they know all about his history and could pretend to be 200 years older?

      Or we are just missing 200 years of stories because Moffat wanted to skip ahead a bit.

  12. This is RumourTown USA and I just don’t think it’s going to happen. They tried this with the 8th Doctor and it killed the franchise all over again. I am holding on to this scrap of logic and hoping it sticks. I love DW but I don’t want a stupid movie!

  13. btw you guys, I just finished watching season 4 and am waiting for season 5 to arrive in the mail, and was jonesing so bad that I actually bought and watched a Sixth Doctor episode last night.

    Poor Sixth Doctor, they didn’t let him be great.

    • Like super old school Who? Impressive. The fourth doctor shouted too much and gave me a headache. Or was that five? The one with a floppy hat and many scarves.

      • Nooo, Four is totally my favourite! Older Who is great (and so very lowrent and that’s why it’s great).

        • The low-rentitude is astonishing. Like, wobbly sets in 1985 are one thing. But they couldn’t afford a Hair department to make the aliens not have 1985 hair?

          However, I do love the cheese, because I feel like it is leaving so much up to my imagination. “We’re not bothering. You figure it out.”

        • I love the low rent, but it’s the shouting and the shhhhing that would make me bonkers.

          • Every line of indoors dialog in O.G. Dr Who has an echo as it bounces around the big studio building, and every line outdoors is underwater. Seriously it is as if the microphone had just been invented and England had to guess how it worked. But this isn’t THAT crazy-making so possibly you were already bonkers?

            I am more annoyed by the number of times they shoot complex scenes with just one camera setup, so half the characters spend huge chunks of time awkwardly positioned or turning their back to the camera.



            Aaaand No Sir:

            (But I like it anyway.)

          • Also check out the awesome shadows there. Apparently the lightbulb had also just been invented. (This post will make more sense when my comment Awaiting Moderation appears.)

  14. Has everyone here heard the dulcet tones of the band Chameleon Circuit? Check it out

  15. This will obviously be bad, but what’s worse: this or the Bryan Singer Battlestar Galactica movie? LEAVE MY TV SHOWS ALONE HOLLYWOOD!

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