Late yesterday afternoon, I posted a link on Twitter to this story about Hollywood making a movie about Legos, and a reader responded that to talk about anything other than Community at that moment was “uncivilized.” “Let me guess,” I wrote back, “canceled.” Within minutes, thousands of white Twitter users across the country but especially in New York and Los Angeles would see their Twitter feeds filled with an endless stream of outraged concern over the future of the Thursday night meta-sitcom. WAS IT CANCELED? And if it was canceled WHAT DID THAT SAY ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO LIKED THE SHOW?! Did anyone even CARE ABOUT THEM ANYMORE? People were so upset! Well, hush now people, because apparently, the show is not canceled. It is simply going on hiatus. According to the New York Times, “NBC vows [Community is not canceled and is promising the sit-com will be off the air for only a brief time.” (That placating reassurance has not stopped people from making a website called, obviously, and also a Facebook protest. Hey, speaking of protests…)

MEANWHILE, early this morning, the New York Police Department swept into Zucotti Park, birthplace of the Occupy movement, and removed any sign of the nearly two-month long protest, arresting 70 people in the process. The New York Times also tells that story (it really IS the paper of record):

By 1:45 a.m., dozens of officers moved through the park, some bearing plastic shields and wearing helmets. They removed tents and bedding materials, putting them on the sidewalk. Some protesters could be seen leaving the park with their belongings, but a core group of more than 100 hunkered down at the encampment’s kitchen area, linking arms, waving flags, and singing and chanting their refusal to leave the park.

About 2 a.m., police officers began using a vehicle equipped with a powerful speaker to issue their orders. City sanitation workers tossed protesters’ belongings into metal bins, while some protesters dug in at the center of the park by using heavy bicycle chains to bind themselves to park trees and to each other. Some donned gas masks and goggles.

But by 3 a.m., the police closed in on the remaining protesters and began arresting them.

Here are two sample reactions to the events of the past 12 hours:

Yikes! WHICH THING ARE YOU MORE UPSET ABOUT? The stupid thing that doesn’t matter and actually maybe this hiatus can act as a wake-up call to the fact that not everything has to be a meta-commentary on narrative structures and if nothing else this is a reminder to the Internet Boyz that it’s still not enough to survive in the entertainment world if the only people who like you are people who are very active on Tumblr, or are you more upset about the other thing that seems way more important and meaningful*? I have my guess of what you will say, but I’m going to keep it to myself for now because of surprises!

*It is worth noting that the conflation of these two events is entirely my own, and I am in no way suggesting that the actual makers of Community are themselves comparing their mid-term postponement to the Occupy Wall Street movement. I am pretty sure we all understand that one of them is a fun comedy product, and one of them is an historic mass protest against the inhumanity of capitalist greed. LOL.
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  1. I’d be more prone to give Occupy Wall Street a chance if there were some decent gifs coming out of that movement….

    (Maybe from the Triumph the insult comic dog interview? I don’t know.)

    At this rate their belief that they can compete with Community is if anything a little naive.

  2. Today’s biggest news: Occupy Wall Street protesters still protesting, have not moved on to other things like the rest of us.

  3. it’s rough out there.

  4. What they have in common: both are demoralizing and symbolic of good things being hard to sustain in this rotten world.

  5. Since Community chose to #occupy my heart, I’ll go with Community.

  6. Atlanta riot police (on horseback! aww!) broke up the adorable “Occupy Atlanta” protest a few Sundays ago, but I think this slipped through the national news cracks because everyone just assumed they were arresting homeless people.

    • Remember when Grand Rapids tried to #occupy a park, but they forgot to #occupy an ordinance guide, and they all got invited to #occupy some other place when the park closed?

  7. I liked what Alec Baldwin had to say today in his twitter feed: “Bloomberg’s NY is no place for the 1st amendment. Bloomberg serves Wall Street, now and forever. And Wall Street cannot handle free speech.”

  8. I am, more or less, okay with shows ending prematurely. I mean, I love Community and will miss it, but American shows have a tendency to go on until they lose their edge. Better if they go out at their best.

    • Six seasons and a movie.

    • Actually part of me agrees with this, but it is impossible for some corporate Nyan Cat to predict when a show is at its best. And despite this season being lackluster AT TIMES (CALM DOWN PEOPLE), several episodes (i.e., “Advanced Gay”) have made me laugh loudly and consistently. However, “Whitney” has driven me to vandalism on many, many occasions. They have Videogum in prison now, FYI.

      All I’m saying is, it’s time to retire Neisen ratings as a barometer, and start considering unique positive Internet reviews and unique instances of DVR season passes as a strong indicator. Didn’t Leslie Neilsen die, anyways? #joke

      • This is an honest question: Can you simply request a Neilsen box? Because I feel like it’s also a matter of people of the Community-watching generation don’t actually have Neilsen boxes. Also, I don’t know what NBC’s strategy is in what it licenses to hulu and hulu+, but I think P&R got a lot of off-season fans from having the full series available on hulu+ and netflix instant, where Community doesn’t have the same internet exposure (only 5 most recent eps, no streaming to other devises, etc.).

        I realize that internet streaming emerged pretty quickly, but it seems like it really shouldn’t be that difficult to measure how many views a hulu video gets. If I can have a wordpress blog that measures how many pageviews I get, it seems like they should be able to gather that data pretty easily.

        • And not only gather the data, but also use it to gauge a show’s actual popularity.

        • Here’s what I know about Nielsen boxes (this all may have been learned from an episode of ALF):

          One day, some people in suits will show up at your door. They will tell you that you have been selected to be a Nielsen family, and they will give you a box and tell you to just watch with your normal viewing habits. Then, despite your protestations, the alien that you are harboring will manipulate the box to try and save some terrible show that he likes. Then Facetaco changes the channel, so I’m not 100% clear on how it ends, but I’ll bet a lesson is learned by somebody.

          • And then you have to decide whether or not to push the button, and some show, somewhere dies, but you get a million dollars.

          • Being an Advertising student has taught me just how insanely in need of an update the Nielsen system is. Things like On Demand, Hulu, and DVR don’t get taken into account. The families that are typically given Nielsen boxes or diaries (thats right, they STILL actually use ‘diaries’ which require you to WRITE down on archaic, analog paper what shows you watch) are a) middle-class families with young children and OLD PEOPLE. So that’s why shows that are a hit with the young adults and teenagers are often overlooked. Not to mention that the sample rate of Nielsen households/actual households is insanely low, like I’m pretty sure there are only about 20,000 Nielsen households where as there are like 100,000,000 households with TVs in the US.

            Also, to whoever asked before, you can’t ask for a Nielsen box. They choose you.

        • Superglue, you cannot request a Neilsen or Arbitron box. It is invite-only to defend against ‘ballot-stuffing.’ Actually, they now use personal meters that detect the channel frequencies around you — I know because I am an ex-Arbitron participant. (Think of a beeper clipped to one’s belt.)

          The shocking thing I learned is that these services are not recording online viewership in any way, nor do they measure online radio or podcast listenership. Because no one gets their media through the INTERNET, right?

          Because the meters are frequency-based (they can tell via high-pitched tones exactly which stations you are watching), they cannot deal with contemporary technology. In fact, the old way of self-reporting ‘media diaries’ that participants used to fill out would actually resolve this problem and paint a more holistic picture of one’s media intake.

          Hulu and Netflix gather all the info you’re talking about; advertisers just don’t value those numbers in the same way as traditional outlets.

          • And the only people who sit down to watch live TV and have Neilsen boxes are jerks that watch crap like nerds next to hot chicks on CBS. UGH WITH THAT SHOW.

        • i’m a current nielsen participant. and yes…someone literally just showed up to my door one day, a few weeks after moving in, with a hands-free soap dispenser for me (maybe as a form of bribery) and explained that we’d been chosen at random and could participate in the program for two years. nielsen actually does monitor internet use also, but you have to agree to let them. apparently the networks pay a lot of money to them to report back the information on all the shows people watch, and dvr is included. i think it’s referred to as a plus3 rating.

          • Arbitron also records DVR, but that’s still on a television. And after 1 week shows get zero credit for people watching DVR’d shows.

            The real issue is that all meter programs favor live television watching, which in no way reflects reality — even for homebodies with children. Measurement is one problem; weighting results is another, more ominous one.

            (Ex: How do you rate this scenario: I am ‘watching’ Community, but also fucking around on Laughing Squid. How does one ‘rate’ that?)

          • Oh, hey there, banana hammock. OH HEY.

          • “Oh, hey there, banana hammock. OH HEY.” ——> so much yes.

          • whaaaa…i am confused. how can there be two bananas lounging in hammocks? you got here first, so i’ll switch mine up.

    • Of course, if shows go out at their best, that means there will only be:

      a) Shows that aren’t at there best yet
      b) Shows that were never good to begin with
      c) Shows that are brand new

      If we just kill good shows when they hit their peak, the overall quality of TV will be even bleaker than it already is. I much rather have an over the hill Simpsons or the Office than a Whitney or whatever that Tim Allen show is, and that’s just comparing Sitcoms to Sitcoms. If everyone leaves at their best, the only thing on the air will be the worst.

    • Would really love that if they are to eventually cancel the series, at least make it 4 seasons long with everyone getting their degrees. Nobody wins if they end up dropping out of college after their junior year or become some sort of super seniors like Van Wilder

  9. Feeling in the dark towards an NBC / Zuccotti Park joke. “Parks and Wreck”–too easy?

  10. I choose to believe that Community suffered from poor ratings because it was not promoted enough. I mean, you can’t go anywhere without seeing Whitney’s mug; they promote the hell out of it and it’s still on the air. Sure, Community might be unpalatable to some, but the overwhelming majority of people I know loved Community once they started watching. I challenge the Jack and Jillingest of America not to laugh at Troy and Abed in the mooooooooorning.

    Anyhow, today I am the saddest of Beetlejuices because in addition to Community being shelved, no NBA. No Ricky Rubio. #sportsgum :( :( ;) :(

    • I KNOW!

      Ahhhhhhhrrrg… A whole season gone (most likely) I’m a sad everything 4lyfe. This is the worst.


    • My dad and I were watching TV a few weeks back (i am 88 years old, he’s 143 years old) when Community came on. After a few minutes of great and awesome original comedy, he said, “Seriously, do you find this all that funny?”

      This might sound like a treatise on how a certain generation might find humor in Community’s writing (octogenarians), whereas another generation does not find much humor (Supercentenarians, 110 years and older). Actually, this is a treatise on how I no longer have a father, because we could not agree on how great Community is. The end!

      • That’s interesting. I’m not a TVologist but I think networks really care about the 18-49 year old group (for advertising and such) and whom, probably, were not watching Community. Maybe it was too smart/meta-commentary/etc., but I think it had one of the highest joke per minute ratios on television. Still scratching my head…

    • Whitney got moved in the line-up as well. It’ll be on Wednesdays in January. Which means you don’t have to put as much effort into avoiding it, which is kind of nice? I’m trying to stay positive.

    • 1) the NBA is the Michael Bay movie of sports. we should all be so happy it is gone.

      2) sadly, i know a number of people who watched community b/c i insisted upon how funny it is and have since abandoned ship “it’s too…weird

      3) speaking of Jack & Jill, i have met someone who not only claimed to have seen Jack & Jill but said it with an uplift in tone to a) suggest that they liked it and b) imply that it was somehow an in-demand movie that everyone was rushing to see

  11. The first person anywhere in the world to EVEN IN JEST remark that “NBC took our Community away” or “killed our Community” gets banned from making memes forever.

  12. I certainly don’t think Community being sidelined is important in the grand scheme of life but I don’t see anything wrong with being a little bummed out by it, no? If we have to live in this nightmare world we might as well get to watch some enjoyable shows!

  13. oof.


  14. “The stupid thing that doesn’t matter and actually maybe this hiatus can act as a wake-up call to the fact that not everything has to be a meta-commentary on narrative structures”


  15. I had no idea how much Gabe hated Community until last night on Twitter.

  16. I’m with Community here.

    I live in NYC and still don’t understand what exactly the Occupiers are hoping to accomplish by camping out. At least with Community, I know I’ll be guaranteed 22 minutes of uninterrupted laughter and hilarity every episode.

    • They were hoping to bring attention to the massive injustice done to America by the corporate elite and to turn the conversation away from cutting vital public services and towards forcing the top 1% of income earners to fairly support the society that has made their success possible. In this aim, they have been moderately successful.

  17. I like Community plenty, but, dag – it hasn’t been cancelled.
    It’s just been put aside for a while so we can have Kenneth back.

  18. Let’s not forget the silver lining to this Community thing: this opens up the potential for more Trudy Campbell (and, by extension, more green nighties), more Derrick Comedy movies, and more…The Soup? Maybe? More Fletch movies?

  19. Also, coincidentally, not EVERYTHING has to be a soapbox on which Gabe smugly moralizes at everyone.

    “Sometimes jokes are fun”

    • Also, I’m not sure if Gabe is watching some alternate form of Community that is in Pig Latin or something where he is not noticing that Community is actually packed with jokes every week. If he wants set-em-up-knock-em-down punchline jokes, there’s always Big Bang Theory.

      • Oh, bazinga!

        As something of a nerd, I can’t watch that show without very conflicted feelings. Are they laughing at me or with me?

        • As a hot girl and a nerd, I can’t watch this show AT ALL. I FUCKING HATE THIS SHOW SO MUCH.

        • as a nerd and a geek, i find this show offensive on many levels

          • I think it’s one of the most offensive shows in the history of television, actually.

          • I started to write a post about how insulting the show is, but I got exhausted in the work up. The laugh track offends me on a visceral level, but the premise is more insidious. It reinforces negative stereotypes and exploits them while throwing in a few physics jokes to inoculate you to the fact that it is exploiting the very people it claims to represent. They have a science consultant on the show, in additiOn to Dr Blossom, but they go to the comic book store on a Thursday and the shop owner argues that Jason Todd should have taken the Batmantle after Batman RIP!!!?? Egregious!!

          • True story: My brother and his wife watch this show over Community.

            Another true story: I explained to him why this show is awful and he can’t watch it any more. Other shows I’ve ruined for him include Entourage and The Family Guy. Hahahahahahahahahahaha.

    • Can we all just agree that Gabe’s comments on Community were the lowest rated of the week? Even though they were on twitter?

      I’d be willing to reconcile then.

  20. Anyone want to lend me their season 2 DVD set of Community? I haven’t been watching because I’m so behind, and now I feel like all of this is my fault.

    • you don’t need to watch in order! you can totally jump in and be fine. It is more awesome if you have been following long running jokes, but for the most part it’s easy to understand.

    • It is! Buy the DVDS! Buy Multiple Copies! Watch Every week! all this ‘lending’ from friends and the internet is what is KILLING THE WORLD! or something. #occupywhocares

  21. I think people just feel more hopeful about petitioning NBC to bring Community back than they do about petitioning Congress to stop pro-corporate/anti-worker economic policy.

  22. Are the protesters back now? Court-sanctioned and all?

  23. Personally I think Evil Troy and Evil Abed are behind both.

  24. If you want to real talk about occupy wall street, you should listen to BBC radio today/tonight because I might MIGHT be on the air giving my obviously very informed views about the movement and cops and stuff. Also, please alert the gregory brothers because a no duh there will be some spotify GOLD there.

  25. Wait, everyone really IS more upset about Community ? Well, I suppose this gives me some justification for my misanthropy.

    • Yeah, the glibness is a little sad. BUT. I don’t think it’s that rational to be pissed that the Zucotti park occupation didn’t last forever. Realistically, this was inevitable in that what they were doing was illegal and also pissing off all of the downtown yuppies in their condos.

      AND, they accomplished quite a bit, when you think of it. They held out for two whole months and generated the press coverage and momentum they wanted. (Compare that to the beginning when they were being ignored.)

      If I were them the next move would be a bunch of “legit” permitted events to capitalize on their popularity and show that they ain’t going out like that.

      • the problem is that most occupiers are against “legit” permitted events because that is what most political movements do and it just becomes part of the system, which inevitably changes the message. (you can even cite the Tea Party in its earliest, libertarian form and what it has become now)

        I really want to believe that the Occupy Movement is going to help change the political climate, but then I see Fox News clips and comments on Youtube/major news websites and I become completely disheartened. Too much name calling and not enough actual discussion about the massive problems that need to be dealt with.

      • Hey, I am very stupid, but can you maybe help explain the legality of the situation? What laws are the protesters breaking, and what is the legal justification for the clearing and arrests? News articles seem to elide over this stuff, maybe because it’s common knowledge and I am very stupid?

        • Yeah, you’re not stupid, the facts seems to be pretty subtle.

          My impression is that they were, at first, exploiting an interesting loophole — the park is privately owned “public space” that is governed by different rules than NYC parks (which “close” at night.) Early into the occupation, that company posted revised rules that you can’t camp there, as have many other owners of such spaces.

          So basically it was the owners’ perogative to decide what rules OWS was breaking and request NYPD to clear the place — they made a move to do so a month ago (on the grounds that the protesters were preventing the park from being cleaned) but backed down due to public opinion.

          From a practical perspective, the fact that OWS pulled this off for two whole months is pretty incredible. That’s my understanding anyway.

        • In Portland, it seemed to be very mixed. No one was really against the protesters — from all accounts the cops were super sympathetic as a whole (with a couple obvious exceptions) and the mayor seemed to be okay with it and everyone was getting along very well! Then a bunch of overdoses happened and they decided to clear people out. They = THE MAN. But from what I heard, the overdoses were probably going to happen anyway and this time many people were able to be rushed to get medical attention. Also, they had something called the 420 Hospital (later named the relaxation station). I am not making this up.

          My new town… where the jokes write themselves.

        • Trespassing, dude. Trespassing.*

          *I say this as someone who fully supports the movement, but who also understands that you can only occupy private property for as long as the owner tolerates it.

    • They started the “national dialogue”. What else were they expecting to accomplish? What else were you expecting to happen?

      Actually, I’m not sure they knew…there didn’t seem to be a clear, singular goal.

  26. what’s really important here is that my support of both the television show and the huge protest will be limited to internet petitions and a couple tweets.

  27. Hey guys, do you want to hear what the guy with a little person dancing with a cat has to say about something every important? Of course you don’t, her e it is:

    Listen, I’m like to think I’m pretty liberal, I have elected in the past to pass corporate jobs for small business type deals based on how much i hate corporate culture, I have voted 90% Democrat in every election and the way corporate greed has taken over the county for the past decade is absolutely disgusting. but as far as #OWS is concerned, much like Community, I pretty much saw this coming. Much like community, I appreciate the enthusiasm and I think it’s one of the things that consciously tries to change things. I appreciate OWS as a symbol that people are pissed about the way things are going and such, but I just don’t see a clear goal behind it. What exactly are they trying to accomplish? Are we trying to bring down the Fed? ‘Cuz i’m not for that. Are we trying to destroy capitalism? I’m not sure I want that either as I type in my fancy computer (which I do not need and don’t get me wrong I am nowhere near the 1%). Now, if someone would say to me OWS is about making Wall Street responsible AND we have a plan then I would be more willing to go down and take time from my job and show up for the cause. I don’t know maybe something like require companies making above an X amount of money to disclose financial records in the same way non-profits have to? Require a minimum tax? Something (exclamation mark)
    -End relevant comment-
    Let me tell you a pointless story: In October, my cousins from Germany and Mexico came to run the Chicago Marathon sponsored by Bank of America. They signed up early in the year, before OWS was a thing. Friends of one of my cousin’s disgustingly asked him how he could support Bank of America… while they stood in line at Starbucks. Now this is way simpler than fixing the banks, but this what it was: Not run something you’ve trained for the whole year with your family who’s coming from two different countries v. not giving a huge corporation money for over priced coffee because you didn’t want to go out of your way to an independent coffee shop.
    What I think I’m trying to say is TL;DR.

    • I support Starbucks on purpose because they give really good health insurance to pretty much anyone who works there… or at least my friends that have worked there. My old roommate was a personal trainer in LA and said the only people who could afford her training were movie stars through SAG’s insurance and Starbucks employees. And another friend quit her job in publishing to work at a Starbucks and said she was making way more money there and the benefits were off the hook.

      So, I get your ire, but it’s kind of a bad example.

      • starbucks actually has a really great CSR (corporate social responsibility)! Lots of sustainability and treating their workers well. They’re also pretty transparent about their political spending, etc.

        Does this mean I will choose Starbucks over a local coffee shop? Not at all. I like supporting small businesses, but I would choose Starbucks over a lot of the other national chains.

        • Well, yes. Unless the local coffee shop’s espresso tastes like coffee, which drives me bananas. But sometimes you don’t have time to find something new and local and need a fix to make the blinding headaches go away. And that’s when Starbucks is great.

          • I’m not saying we should all boycott Starbucks, I’m saying that if you are going to take a completely anti-corporate stand you can’t pick and choose based on arbitrary notions. Starbucks is by no means immaculate nor completely evil, just like Apple isn’t or any corporation for that matter. My issue is more with not having a clear goal for instituting some types of system for responsibility as opposed to just calling something evil and hoping it all works out.

          • Apple isn’t completely evil? Since when?!

          • Yes, absolutely. But the protests bring attention to a general disdain for what is happening to our culture and then the mainstream changes ever so slightly (hopefully for the better). And it’s unrealistic for anyone to take a totally anti-corporate stand as our culture is totally defined by consumerism and has been to a much greater extent since the Great Depression when identity and patriotism through purchasing was really driven into our collective consciousness. (Then doubled, tripled and squared in post WWII-society.)

            I’d love to live off the land and make websites from an abacus that I whittled myself, but that’s just not going to happen.

            However, there are shades of evil and Bank of America is pretty fucking evil. And so is Apple, for that. Nike, Disney, Wal Mart, etc. I don’t think picking and choosing which companies to support and which ones not avoid is necessarily arbitrary. It might be for some people, but I make very concerted efforts to give my money to the least offensive groups possible.

            And then there are those who mean well and fail miserably. I saw a shirt the other day that said “running is renewable,” which I find to be one of the most smug and ironic statements ever. In theory, sure. But add in all the slave labor to make the shoes and gear and headphones and iWhatever (plus the conflict-zone minerals)… yeah very much not renewable. And if you’re at a level where you’re running enough that that shirt seems cute, you’re putting a lot of plastic in landmines to support that hobby. But it’s Portland so I laughed because shut up, Portland.

          • well of course. also, if the local coffee shop isn’t selling fair trade i really start to question things (though just marking something fair trade doesn’t always make it ethical at this point, which is sad).

          • Just don’t learn about the importance of fair trade chocolate because that will ruin your whole day.

          • If you really want to take the piss out of an environmentalist, ask them how sustainable their toiletry habits are. Bidets need to catch on already.

        • Starbucks is not a responsible corporation! They’re pretty bad!

          Maybe I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to this issue, definitely when it comes to coffee, but they purchase their beans, from farms that openly use exploitative labor practices, and they have refused to purchase milk without GMOs, AND…and I’m pro-labor, so this is a bit of sticking point for me:

    • On big thing about the OWS is simply to move the conversation. Before OWS, it was all about fixing the deficit problem, and austerity measures, which basically would be regressive policies. Now, the media is actually talking about things like the growing wealth distribution inequality and the growing income inequality. Polling is up on taxing the rich, etc.

      The idea of an ocupation protest is to force people to realize that there is an issue. There is now a cost associated with ignoring this particular problem, and so the cost benefit analysis has to change. Just that it’s forcing people to think about how to solve the problem is a big deal, since before, the ‘problem’ was being ignored in favor of other stuff.

      Hopefully one thing that it helps to point out is that the concept of lower corporate taxes and less regulation won’t lead to the economy getting better, because thatis what has been happening already. One of the biggest problems is on the supply side. A corporation isn’t going to hire more people unless supply goes up, because unless tax credits are paying more than the entire salary of the hired person, there isn’t much incentive to increase production. Increasing supply without increasing demand either means you are stockpiling product (which costs money) or you are reducing prices without really reducing costs (which costs money). Increasing demand will create incentive to increase production and thus supply to meet demand. Cutting the taxes of those who are rich enough to save most of their income isn’t going to increase demand. Helping out those that spend 100% of their income to get more money in their pockets (with holes burnt into them) is basically dumping money into the supply end where it’s needed.

      The narrative is moving away from regressive austerity messages to progresive taxation. The “problem” with social security, for example, can be solved simply by making it’s tax progressive instead of it just capping at a fixed maximum, which makes it less and less of a burden if you make above a certain ammount.

      • I’m going to reply to you because I feel dirty even replying to Backwaxer. I agree with everything you say and I think OWS has served it’s purpose but there seems to be no cohesion between the movement itself as to what really needs to happen.

        • Don’t worry, bro, I got your back(waxer respone).

        • I don’t care whether you actually respond or passive aggressively respond dude. I’m glad you read what I wrote cause maybe after you think about it you’ll realize that you have a lot to learn about OWS.

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          • Listen, that was definitively passive aggressive, but just because I don’t agree with you 100% does not make wrong. Sure I MIGHT be. But you consistently attack commenters who don’t agree with you 100% so I excuse me for not wanting to spend the rest of my afternoon arguing in the Internets. One I’m not acting like I don’t understand the goal, I don’t. I, as a person who believes like most people, just want to understand what this really means.
            As far as the proposals, how do you know where I have argued? You call me lazy because I ask legitimate questions instead of attacking anyone who disagrees with me? You are telling me I’m wrong but I don’t see any facts coming from your end.
            I admitted that the anecdote was irrelevant, but it’s really not. There are people who just want to fight, in this case you, and there are people that actually have a clear understanding of what they want. My brother is actually a big OWS guy and so are many of my friends. Yes I’m glad for it, I just think there needs to be more side-stories as opposed to always having the study group together.

          • I think we can all agree that my grammar is the worst thing in this thread ” I, as a person who believes like most people, just want to understand what this really means.”

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          • “Seems like a waste of time, considering the movement is dwindling without making any real impact.”

            You’re crazy if you think they’ve had no impact.

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      • YOUR logical errors and poor argument tactics:
        - You are an insufferable ass
        - Any points you might have been trying to make are obscured by the fact that you are a total dickbag
        - Holding opinions to the extreme left or extreme right are equally damning towards your attempts to convince people, since your radical convictions make you look totally unreasonable.
        - You are seriously just a douche.

        • I didn’t write anything that was even slightly radically leftist. I pointed out distortions Chris Trash made in what the point of OWS is. That has nothing to do with being on the left, it has to do with correcting typical errors about truth.

          • You can’t even distinguish between “extreme leftist opinions” and “truth?” I shouldn’t be surprised at this point.

          • ok, put your money where your mouth is. quote me. what did I say that was an “extreme leftist opinion”?

          • I don’t have any money to put anywhere. I am in the 99%, remember?

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          • Okay, put your money where your mouth is. What did I say that was “bullshit?”

          • these facewaxer and backtaco fellas need to get a room and/or a tree to sit in and kay eye ess ess eye enn g-unit

          • Only if you’ll join us in some higher love.

          • here’s my money:
            “- Holding opinions to the extreme left… make you look totally unreasonable”
            “”You can’t even distinguish between “extreme leftist opinions” and “truth?””

          • Very good. You have the ability to copy/paste things others have written. I’m proud of you.

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          • Actually, backwaxer, facetaco didn’t call you leftist.
            He wrote that “Holding opinions to the extreme left or extreme right are equally damning…”
            So calm the fuck down.
            Listen to some Seal.

          • yeah, he did. he definitely wasn’t accusing me of being on the extreme right. by process of elimination, and his comment after that (“You can’t even distinguish between “extreme leftist opinions” and “truth?””), he did imply that I was being radically leftist, which is incorrect, I wasn’t. It was totally valid of me to show that he was making that argument and it was totally hollow.

            Dude you seriously need to work on your reading and critical thinking skills if you don’t get that. You’re not very smart.

          • Here’s your troll chum:

            Facetaco made the statement that extremist, radical views of any leaning weaken an argument (on top of personally insulting you for your trollish, selective understanding ways, which were pretty on point).

            You then said you didn’t say anything even slightly radically leftist (no one said you did). You continue and say you were pointing out perceived distortions in a comment made by Chris, which has nothing to do with being leftist, it has to do with correcting the truth.

            At this point facetaco asked you (probably rhetorically) if you could not distinguish between extreme leftist opinions and the truth, based on what you just said in your previous comment.

            You then challenged him to point out where you had voiced an extreme, leftist opinion.

            Facetaco rightfully did not take you seriously, because you are behaving very badly.

          • dude, he wrote “YOUR logical errors and poor argument tactics:” and he wrote “…your radical convictions make you look totally unreasonable.” That is a direct, perfectly clear, accusation that I was expressing a radical conviction. you saying that he wasn’t accusing me of being a radical leftist is so obviously completely dishonest – there’s no way you could actually think that. you’re lying.

            I have no fucking idea what you think I was saying when I clearly said that I correcting Chris’ errors ABOUT the what the truth is. “correcting the truth” doesn’t make any sense. you said it, I never did.

            then I think facetaco realized he was wrong. I hadn’t said anything extremely leftist. I’d just pointed out Chris’ errors about OWS. That’s why facetaco had to pussy out and try to change the subject.

            now, what the fuck is wrong you? why are you pretending you don’t understand this obvious shit, and why are you being such a fucking dick?

          • Wow… just wow. You need a break, dude. You are all over the place.

          • hahaha. look man. YOU fucking started this. YOU’RE the troll here. You had 1 thing of mild substance to contribute to this – which was quoting facetaco’s lie, 180 degrees backwards. You got that so wrong you basically proved you’re an idiot cause only an idiot could come up with it your way.

            And so far you’ve told me:
            “calm the fuck down”
            “‘Here’s your troll chum”
            “…personally insulting you for your trollish, selective understanding ways, which were pretty on point”
            “you are behaving very badly”
            “Wow… just wow. You need a break, dude”

            Are you a fucked-up teacher or something? You’re definitely an only child, right? Seriously, what is the explanation for your bossy, condescending personality disorder? you fucking cunt.

            I love how your last line is that I was all over the place. I addressed YOUR FUCKING ARGUMENTS you fucking troll. I concisely explained how you were pretending to have the fucking situation ass-fucking-backwards you fucking retard.

            You’re a piece of fucking shit Kajus X and Chainsaws. Always feel bad about how retarded you are, cause you should.

    • “Friends of one of my cousin’s disgustingly asked him how he could support Bank of America… while they stood in line at Starbucks.”

      So you’re disgusted by well-meaning but misguided activism? Did you at least try to persuade this person with a reasonable, logical argument?

      • Well-meaning but misguided activism is a good thing to be disgusted by. By which to be disgusted. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and all that. The same way that it’s better to not vote at all than to cast an uninformed vote.

        • Yes, but my point was (to use your analogy) even better than not voting or casting an uninformed vote would be to get informed. So, instead of just getting disgusted at the guy whining impotently about Bank of America and then going to some blog to whine impotently about the other guy’s whining (did you follow that?) wouldn’t it be better to have an actual conversation with that person and help them focus their passion in a direction where it could actually be useful?

          • Not necessarily. I am uninformed in a lot of different areas. I may be able to recognize others who are also uninformed, but it doesn’t mean that I can do anything to change that, because I’m right there with them.

          • Yeah, I guess you’re right. It’s hard to know things. And it’s hard to change things. Better to do nothing, as you said. Much better to complain about the people who actually want to try to do something.

            I’m sorry, but your argument of “I’m uninformed, therefore I don’t want to make an effort to help make my society a better place to live” is lazy and counterproductive. This is why we can’t have nice things.

            And for the record, you CAN do something to change those people. But first you have to give a damn, and second you have to inform yourself. Short of that, you’re not helping anything.

  28. Don’t worry guys, it was just a turkey fire. The Shat’s got this. Harmon will sort it out. OWS has got its press profile up. THANKSGIVING’S STILL GONNA HAPPEN GUYS. WE CAN DO THIS.

  29. (1) Last night Harmon tweeted a line from Marty Robbins’ El Paso; in the song the singer “goes on hiatus” from his true love but then returns only to get killed, so. (also here’s something I saw when I was little and I was happy to find it again)

    (2) I think Zucotti Park ultimately works in OWS’s favor in a game theory way: they made a splash, they got some momentum going, and they were martyred before winter put an end to it by nature of being winter.

  30. Time for me to go occupy Allison Brie street

  31. I think it’s great that we live in a world where I can think OWS protesters being evicted is bullshit and ALSO, at the VERY SAME TIME, be upset that my favourite show featuring meta-commentary on narrative structures (wait, is there more than one? I’m confused, because Gabe said not “EVERYTHING” has to be that, but I can really only think of this one thing.) is being put on hold since the network it is on doesn’t promote it much and put it in a terrible time slot, pretty much guaranteeing that nobody will watch it.

    In short, I am, at this very moment registering the URL for Until such time as my site goes online, I will somehow occupy myself by watching viral videos of squirrels with their heads in trampoline accidents and talking about how disappointed I am that Community got put on hold on Cool. Cool cool cool.

    • I would go so far as to say that you could probably make a Venn diagram of people who are upset about NBC’s handling of Community and the way police are handling Occupy Wall Street. In my mind, it would be a fairly large overlap.

      • Real talk, though: Gabe is absolutely right when he says that the two are not even remotely comparable in terms of real-world consequences.

        Holy shit, I’m a wordy motherfucker, aren’t i?

        • I know he’s right about that. I mean, OBVIOUSLY one is more important than the other. It was Duh Afficionado’s cover story this month.

          I just think it’s a little wanky to complain about how people who tweet and visit a pop culture blog are upset about a pop culture thing in comparison to a real-world thing that nobody compared it to anyway when you yourself write for said pop culture blog. Like, don’t worry Gabe. I get my real news elsewhere and am probably more disturbed about real world things. BUT. This is where I come to get away from that shit! Just because one is more important doesn’t mean I’m not still annoyed with NBC. I mean, Jesus. They suck. You know? You know.

  32. It wouldn’t be cancelled in an alternate time-line

  33. I love the sense of parental disappointment I get from Gabe’s last paragraph (not including the footnote). Like we just borrowed his car because we really wanted to go to that party that Landon is throwing while his parents are out of town and we totally promised that we would be extra careful and wouldn’t drive anywhere if we had anything to drink but then we did and nothing REALLY bad happened but we kind of dented the front grill because we thought there was a little more room to pull up before we hit the trailer hitch on that truck in front of us but we weren’t even going fast and anyway, so what if we were a little stoned, we know you said we were too young for that, but you told us about how YOU smoked pot when you were our age and you even said you tried coke that one time, so you can’t be that angry because we weren’t even doing coke, but now he’s regretting even telling us that story because he thought it would bring us closer but really it just gave us excuses to use when we damage his car. It was kind of like that.

  34. Alex Vermitsky  |   Posted on Nov 15th, 2011 +2

    Are we all going to buy Yahtzee and send it to the network now?

  35. An internet blogger complaining about people on the interet taking TV way too seriously by in turn taking his issue way too seriously and comparing it with a news item…..ahhhh….my head hurts

  36. Something tells me OWS is about to get a big boost in popularity. According to the Daily Rash, Occupy Wall Street organizers have hired prostitutes in their efforts to deter rapists at demonstration sites. According to the report, there’s no charge!

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