Sasha Grey recently read to a group of first graders, obviously. What did you think? That Sasha Grey DIDN’T read to a group of first graders? Be realistic. From TMZ:

TMZ has obtained photos of Sasha reading children’s books at Emerson Elementary School in Compton on November 2nd … participating in the Read Across America program. Grey, who hasn’t done porn in 2 years, may have been invited because she’s mainstream now, with credits which include “Entourage.”

Sasha tweeted about the experience — calling the students the “sweetest” ever. However, not everyone saw it that way … some angry parents complained to the PTA — who then contacted the school’s principal … but there’s one problem. A rep for the school district is flatly denying Sasha was ever inside one of its classrooms — telling TMZ, “We have several celebrities who read to our students each year. The actress you have indicated [Sasha] was not present.”

Yeah, she definitely was invited because of Entourage. Her work in pornography may or may not be appropriate for first graders, hard to tell, could go either way on that one, but her work on Entourage explains EVERYTHING. “Do you know Turtle in real life?” That’s a real question that a first grader definitely asks anyone who’s even visited the Entourage set, much less had a plotline in which they almost ruined Vincent Chase’s career with cocaine-fueled sex parties. In any case, it doesn’t matter why she was invited because she wasn’t and this never happened. So forget it. Nevermind. You probably dreamed it!

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  1. First graders have the same question and statement I would in this situation. “Who are you????” Followed by chanting, “We want the Muppets!!!!”

  2. Must be ‘shopped.

    Also — nice watermark, there, TMZ….

  3. Steven Soderbergh’s “The Teacher Experience.”

  4. Does this still count as a Porno Switcheroo?

  5. What the school is saying is that Sasha Grey is not a celebrity

  6. Sasha Gray in a classroom? You’re right, Gabe, I’ve definitely dreamed that, if you know what I mean!

    And what I mean is that I’ve dreamed of her in classroom fully clothed and reading to first graders. It was horrifying. I really need to cut back on the Ambien.

  7. Eazy-E was not available for comment

  8. The school received a huge backlash from fathers of the children, who demanded to know why they weren’t informed of the situation in time to make sure the children were properly chaperoned.

  9. The most affectless reading of “My Pet Goat” in American history.

  10. Must have been awkward when she read “Whorton Hears a Ho.”

  11. Am I the only one who doesn’t really see anything wrong with Sasha Grey reading to first graders? I’m assuming she wasn’t naked and spread eagle and also if a first grader knows who Sasha Grey is then I think the school should be more angry at the parents.

    • I think people are more concerned about their children seeing her as a role model because she is a celebrity. I would be slightly concerned that perhaps my child would come home and say she wanted to be an “actress” just like Sasha Grey.

    • 15 or so years ago, I would have been inclined to agree. Nowadays, though, a kid sees Sasha Grey in his classroom and wants to know who she is, he doesn’t ask mommy and daddy anymore. He googles her.

    • I don’t really see anything wrong with it either. She had clothes on, she was reading a book, and I just don’t have the energy to care about anything anymore.

    • One of those first graders is going to get on the google, search Sasha Grey, and see some crazy shit.

      Wait, you think her parents will keep that from happening? Ha!

    • I kind of feel like the people here are overestimating first graders. I feel like at most they might think she’s a pretty guest in their classroom, then forget about it by the end of the day. If for some reason they do remember it at the end of the day, they are not going to go onto google and search for it (I’M SORRY, even in today’s super fast-paced world, 6 year olds will not do that).

      • I hope you’re right, but I’m not convinced. These kids aren’t going to know a world without Google. I mean, stop and think about that for a minute. Imagine a life devoid of mystery. If you want to know something, you just search for it. Someone told you Santa isn’t real? Turns out they’re right! Someone told you the hoverboard from Back To The Future 2 really exist, but parents won’t let the stores sell them? You can google that and prove that it’s not true! And that is fucking depressing.

        Happy Friday, everyone!

        • Nope. I refuse to give up hope that it is still possible to withhold knowledge from a 6 year old. Also I’m pretty sure a solid 50% of 6 year olds wouldn’t even be able to remember the name “Sasha Grey” and then be able to spell it into the google machine.

          Technology may have changed the way we learn things, but it will not change the fact that 6 year olds as a whole are still dumb as shit.

  12. here’s the thing: first graders pretty much know how google works. maybe some kids in rougher neighborhoods like compton don’t have access, but if they do, then it’s easy enough for them to google it and stumble upon something that they might not be old enough to see

  13. God forbid that kids learn the brutal truth that this world is a sucking black hole of infinite despair and hardship and you literally have to fuck your way into making that paper just to survive. Good on ya, Emerson Elementary.

  14. bottom line, this is quite the learning experience for everyone!

  15. Yes, Sasha Grey is mainstream now, with credits that are exclusively Entourage, where she played a porn star named Sasha Grey.

  16. Having taught 1st grade, I have to ask, why you would invite an “actress” that no 1st grader has ever heard of (be it from porn or Entourage) to read to them in the first place? The whole point of having guests in the classroom is to engage the students, in my experience, 1st graders don’t engage well with completely unfamiliar or unrelateable people (I mean I’m assuming the teacher isn’t showing them Sasha Grey performances before hand to familiarize them with her work).

    • having also taught first grade, my experience is that the kids don’t need to know the body of work of the guest; rather, just knowing that they’re famous or that they’re on television or in movies is often enough.

  17. I know this is late, but I cannot believe no one had any suggestions for what she was reading. My vote is for “Bi-Curious George”.

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