Welcome to Barf Town: Population All The Barfs. At how many of his photoshoots do you think Terry Richardson says “We should do one where we’re making out, that would be great!”? Is it 100% of the photoshoots, or is it more than 100%? I’m not saying the Nazis were right to burn books, I’m not saying that, the jury is still out. But could we burn this? Let’s throw this on a pile in the town square to send a message. Someone should Occupy Terry Richardson’s Studio, because we need complete overhaul of this whole thing. FOR THE PEOPLE! (Thanks for the tip, Jane.)

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  1. “My necks, my backs.” –Terry Richardson

  2. Dear Terry,


  3. Two days ago I didn’t know who Terry Richardson was.

    And now I’m so afraid of Terry Richardson.

  4. Hey, VGum Ladies, all of you and me should make out and send him a video of it. Just give him a taste of his own medicine, you know? Haha! It’d be a riot!

  5. Seriously though, how else do you become famous as a photographer? Ansel Adams already maxed out the “take good pictures” career path.

  6. So, in case anybody was wondering just how much I loathe Terry Richardson, this should give you an idea: I watched the “My Neck, My Back” video earlier, but didn’t even entertain the idea of pressing play on this one because it’s too gross.

    • Yeah, this whole week of grossness is going to get IT to ban Videogum on my computer any day now… And the dicks are not even in the top 5 anymore…

      Top 5:
      1. Penn State
      2. Terry Richardson
      3. Terry Richardson
      4. Terry Richardson
      5. Herman Cain

      (I watched the dance on my phone, so it doesn’t count.)

  7. “Now let’s do a silly one! …Where we touch tongues.”

  8. She’s kinda old for him.

  9. Didn’t she learn her lesson with Vincent Gallo in The Brown Bunny?

  10. Weird that they were able to get Chloe to come back for the direct-to-video Boys Don’t Cry sequel.

  11. I really hate that man (Richard Attenborough voice)

  12. I find his obvious gunning for the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Academy of Creepers, Predators and Unpleasant People (ACPUP) awards show pretty classless.

  13. i’ll just leave this here.

  14. How apt this is Soundtracked by Suicidal Tendencies, and the chorus is;


  15. It’s recently come to my attention that I love making people barf.

  16. “Genius.” – James Franco

  17. Man, Chloe should get a sitcom Oscar because that was “Hard to Watch.”

    In all seriousness though, that was pretty gross, but then I remembered that she’s had her mouth on and around such dirtier things. You know, for art!

  18. Now he should do a photo shoot where he dresses up like an Olsen twin and then the three of them give each other footrubs.

  19. Based only on her body of work, Chloe Sevigny seems like a real gamer…

  20. Terry Richardson makes decent money, right? Then why does he only own the one shirt? Same shirt as in the Elle Fanning picture. Go check out his Wikipedia, and BOOM! Same shirt again! Is he not able to buy more shirts? Does every store have underage girls too close for him to be legally allowed to enter?

  21. *shudder*
    What a weird Pubey Mcpuberson. This guy is a giant, blighty, ingrown pube on everyone’s junk…ugh

  22. Hasn’t she gobbled ENOUGH cock on camera?

    • The downvoting on this comment…. is it because of the offensiveness of the message itself, or just general disagreement with the idea that Sevigny has gobbled enough cock on camera?

      • She could gobble more, I mean we allcould probably gobble more you know, I mean it’s just sometime you just gotta gooble gobble GOOBLE GOBBLE ONE OF UUUS ONE OF UUUS

  23. it’s FASHION guys you just don’t get it.

  24. haha art

  25. So she’s given a blow job to a creep on film & now made out with someone who I would call a female predator, on film. Perhaps next she can have sex with a rapist on film? Snuggle with a killer? She’s such a loser!!!!!

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