Some guy named Joe Paterno has been causing quite a stir in the sports world because something something child molestation or I’m not sure and also short eyes, dark hearts, can’t YIKES. Ashton Kutcher tweeted about it, because the sun shines and rain gets you wet. It’s a whole thing. I don’t have any idea.

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  1. I like the replies this article chose to post:

    : “F— you. He covered up child rape you sick, geriatric f—.” (Because when I think geriatric, I think Ashton Kutcher)

    “With 8 million followers, you MAY want to reserve your opinions until you know the whole story.” (Apparently, opinions should be based entirely on how many Twitter followers you have)

    • Quote 1–I think this was a misguided reference, not to Ashton, but to his wife.
      Quote 2–I think they have a point..I mean, he has 8 million followers, many of whom may find themselves swayed one way or the other by his opinions (a sign of the times). He has influence over people, to a degree (also, *gunshot*). He should get his facts right before putting them out there. I don`t think the point of the comment was that ONLY people with `x` amount of followers should get their facts straight, but perhaps that with his audience being larger than most, he has more responsibility..or maybe not. Hey, check out that video of the mom dancing with her gut hanging out!

      • It’s the same argument that people made about Sarah Palin, like, if you’re going to be stupid, don’t be stupid in such a lofty position of power and influence. Be stupid in private dummy. Ashton Palin 2012.

      • I can agree with that. But then he should keep his opinions to himself. He should not CHANGE his opinions just because of how many followers he has. Don’t give in to peer pressure, Ashton!

        • apology accepted

        • They’re actually asking him to learn what he’s talking about before he talks about it and not jump to hasty statements without the facts, which is what Ashton is claiming happened, that he somehow did not know about all these child rapin allegations and he thought they had fired Joe Paterno for no reason.

  2. Apology of the century: “U r right, I need 2b more responsible 4 my voice.”

  3. He’s really taking to his role as the new Charlie Sheen.

  4. I don’t have it in me to make a joke here. :(

  5. “Its going to take a lot more than that before I regret my tattoo.”

  6. Hide yo keeds, hide yo footballs

  7. “We need to stop sex slavery in this country, unless it interferes with college football, then we need to turn a blind eye. GO LIONS!” — Ashton Kutcher

  8. What do I need to do to get Ashton Kutcher to maintain his legendary silence about anything at all, ever???

  9. Michael Kelso is a reality.

  10. Of course Ashton Kutcher doesn’t see a problem with older people having sex with younger people.

  11. real men apparently don’t read the news…

  12. “I’m outraged at this miscarriage of justice. They fired those coaches over such a small issue??” –Roman Polanski

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