It’s easy to enter into the discussion about a video of a couple recreating Full House‘s opening credits with cynicism. It’s almost the only thing you can do because, ugh, Full House nostalgia and more importantly, ugh, that couple. You can imagine them posting the video all over Facebook, Tumblr, AND Google+, even though they don’t even use Google+, and constantly doing recuts of it and posting the recuts, and it’s just like, ugh, friggen, Jesus Christ enough with the GD video of you recreating the Full House intro, you went to San Francisco like seven months ago, PLEASE STOP! But somehow this is different? First of all let’s take a look at the YouTube description:

Have Mercy! My husband and I had a “Full House” of fun in San Francisco, and were inspired to pay homage to the show we grew up with! You got it dude!

Hahahah, awww, I’m crying! HAVE MERCY! That is just the sweetest thing I’ve ever read all this morning. As if you need anything other than what looks like a completely sincere YouTube description, let’s take a look at the actual, semi-relaxed intro recreation itself:

At first I was like, “Uh, THAT’S NOT A GREAT INTRO RECREATION, YOU MISSED SO MANY PARTS” but then I realized that I was a nightmare monster who needed to take a brain erase pill and go to bed. So now I’m like, “This is great.” I love this couple, I hope they never get divorced. I’m going to make my future husband do probably like a million tv intro recreations and show them all at our wedding. Hahaha, ugh, I just laughed OUT LOUD at that idea! Maybe I need to take another brain erase pill. These are the ones that I’m going to make him do:

I won’t waste everyone’s time, but there will be at least fifteen more. Marriage seems great, I don’t know why everyone is getting divorced! (Via PopCultureBrain.)

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  1. Have mercy, indeed.

  2. Kelly. We don’t know each other, and it wouldn’t be legal in my state, but I seriously will marry you right now if it means we can do a Young Ones opening recreation. I don’t have a ring (YET), but still. Think about it.

    Dibs on being Neil.

  3. I’ll bet Michael Kaplan is just like Mr. Tanner in that once the camera is off, he uses the F word all the time and makes inappropriate jokes about the Olsen twins.

  4. This couple makes me want to recreate the Mad Men intro.

  5. I don’t want to brag, but I reenact the Dexter Intro every morning when I get ready for work.

  6. I’m just sitting in my office chair but my soul is always plummeting deeper and deeper into despair so most of my waking life is sort of a recreation of the Mad Men intro, ladies.

  7. Aaron Paul will probably insist on doing a ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ recreation so you should add that one to your list.

  8. My desire to recreate the “Sex and the City” credits (with the bus ad, and the bus splashing water!) has led me to be arrested for vandalizing a bus five times. I was also hit by a bus once.

    What can I say? I’m such a Lauren Kaplan.

  9. Simpsons Conan and Bob Saget did it.

  10. I make my wife do Breaking Bad cold opens.

  11. The Hogan Family, complete with Valerie introduction, is now on my bucket list.

  12. you know, just the other day i found myself wondering whatever happened to predictability. now i know!

  13. I kind of love this, but I also kind of hate it. As clever as this kind of is, I bet these people are insufferable. Fuck you Kaplans. Thanks for reminding me I’m going to die alone.

    That being said, I will go back to side of loving this if the Kaplans do TV intros to shows that prominently feature all the cities they visit from this point forward.

    I’d really like to see their take on Perfect Strangers and also Mr. Belvedere.

    • Can they get Marilyn Manson to play himself for the Mr Belvedere intro, do you think?

    • I kind of love this because it’s so cute and they’re so cute and I want to do this! However…. why did they have to go call my city “San Fran”?! No one calls San Francisco that. If you want to know how to piss off a Bay Area native, I’ve let you in on the secret.

      • Right! That was my first clue into thinking they were probably awful in real life.

      • But we’re still keeping that Rice-O-Roni secret to ourselves, yes? I mean I was only there for a few months but I learned it. And I’m not talking.

        • You learned well in your short time here. Let’s hang out and eat sourdough.

          • I would enjoy that immensely. We could also go to Chinatown and try to eat stuff and then realize we don’t read Chinese and end up in Little Italy — BECAUSE THAT HAPPENS TO ME EVERY TIME I GO. “Oooh dim sum!” … “I have no idea what is in this and I don’t eat meat. TO THE PLACE THAT SERVES PASTA!” (Unless you read Chinese and can tell me what to get and what to avoid.)

          • It is handy how close North Beach is when Chinatown has too many de-shelling of live turtles for you to handle (I love you Chinatown, but seriously yikes).
            I actually do read some Chinese characters! I took Japanese for a thousand years which is not quite the same but it does involve a lot of Chinese characters too. I can at least what kind of meat something is so we won’t end up with sea slug (worst thing I have ever put into my mouth <- TWSS).

          • We have to go to a whole other area of town to get sea slug, if you know what I’m saying…

            The Castro. I’m saying we should go to the Castro.

          • Ah the Castro. Is this where we talk about Hot Cookie? I love Hot Cookie. I would explain with photos but I am at work and don’t want to get fired. Basically they make really good cookies and some of them have a very distinct shape.

          • OMG get a room, you guys :)

          • I have a feeling this “hot cookie” was etched into some concrete on my new street in Portland yesterday. Or possibly the shape in which I will assume the cookie appears.

      • At least they didn’t call it “Frisco.”

        But, no, “San Fran” is worse because it’s more widespread. Like chlamydia. I hate that phrase so much.

        • I live in San Fran…and I’ve always called it that. Since when is making words short not cool?

          • bout ’91…give or take a few yrs

          • You would be the first Bay Area person I’ve met that doesn’t hate that nickname with a passion. Are you a transplant or a native? SCIENCE DEMANDS ANSWERS!

          • The only people I know who call it that are Midwesterners on vacation. And a really irritating breed of Midwesterner at that… mainly my awful ex friends from high school and their awful friends.

          • Transplant from Columbus, OH. Lived in San Fran 5 years.

            Most people I know just hate “Frisco” but not “San Fran”. I mean I don’t even get the Frisco thing…the Grateful Dead called it Frisco! What do we hate the Grateful Dead in San Francisco now?!?

          • I had a feeling. I don’t know why natives hate both of those nicknames so much but we really do. We’re a finicky bunch!

          • Might I suggest that perhaps the citizens of SF (sorry, SAN FRANCISCO!) hate the nicknames due to the very widespread ailment known as Drama Queen Syndrome, which affects 1 in 5 self-important individuals annually?

  14. the irony of this will kick in when michael finds out he’s sterile and their house will never be full.

    • years from now, when I get severe carpal tunnel from spending too much time of the computer, I’ll think to myself, “At least I got to give ‘explainer guy tries it again’ that upvote, that made it all worth it.”

  15. My goal in life is to do a live action, shot for shot recreation of the Animaniacs intro. But I’ve hit a wall. Bill Clinton won’t return my calls to confirm whether or not he’ll play the sax, or even appear at all.

    • Solution! Get around it by doing the later version where they replace Bill and his sax with “we pay tons of income tax.” Bonus points for it having topical relevance. Occupy Water Tower!

  16. Ooh, I have a TV theme song cover band! BOOB TUBE ARAMADA!

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