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  1. “fake” – Russia

    • “looks real to me” – Dr Drew

    • True story: in the coffee shop I frequent there used to work a Russian named Oleg who would occasionally ask people if they believed the moon landing was real. Anyone who said “yes” (or “probably,” or “I guess so” — which were more frequent than “yes”) was treated to a huge eye roll and was offered (with their coffee) a long verbal list of things that proved it was fake, which he ticked off on his fingers as he went. He was amazed — amazed — at how many people bought into the American propaganda (because clearly buying into his elaborate conspiracy theory was a much better plan).

      • I do the exact same thing as Oleg, but instead of “do you think the moon landing was real” I ask “Do you actually think I rooted through your garbage last night for evidence that you’re a member of a secret society hellbent on world domination” and actually instead of asking aloud, I printed it on a T-shirt and I just point to it often, and while I’m being honest I should point out that this doesn’t take place in a coffee shop, but rather in my office, every day, to pretty much all of my coworkers.

  2. Kelly, I don’t think you’re fully grasping the gravity of their situation.

  3. “NASA: Smart people doing stupid things”- Someone I can’t remember

  4. There probably are a lot of loose cords and things on the ground of that sound stage.

  5. I laugh because they’re having fun doing what I can only dream of doing – wasting millions of dollars since it costs so much money for them to be alive up there. Also, don’t break that!

    Oh, and being on the moon.

  6. This is like watching a drunk guy try to put on flip flops.


  8. those are just gravity experiments. “Still works!” – Buzz Aldren, 2nd man on the moon, first to take spill.

  9. Falling over on the moon looks twice as embarrassing on a count of how much longer it takes you to hit the ground and even then you might bounce once or twice.

    • I studied for three years to learn the art of falling over slowly and bouncing, and then these hot shot clowns come along, fly to the moon, and do it eight times in a row perfectly.

  10. I love this.

    ps. hi monsters, miss you!

  11. I know I am late to the party on this, but “Hey! We are not all the dumbest!”

    Brian (not really an astronaut)

  12. Well, let’s remember the old saying, “It’s not how often you fall down on the moon, it’s how often you pick yourself back up on the moon then go home and screw movie stars because you’re a goddamn astronaut, man, a goddamn astronaut.”

  13. I don’t know…that sneaky new wave instrumental music is quite distracting, regardless of the level of gravity.

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