The Internet is, in general, a haven for photographic and video evidence of the world’s worst ideas. Not today. Today we celebrate the true American heroes, which are this dude’s fingers. Tattoos are forever, six. Good thing you chose a smart one. (Sort of. I mean, no one else do this, obviously. It’s still kind of a terrible idea.) It’s hard to imagine coach approving, but you know that at the end of the day coach has your back, even if he thinks you’re making a stupid mistake and that you’re better than that and get out of his office. COACH! I MISS YOU DAD I MEAN COACH! How is Philadelphia? Click through to enlarge. (Via Samburgesa.Tumblr. Thanks for the tip, Scott.)

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  1. Does this mean that DS3M is J. D. McCoy’s dad?

  2. these people with their crappy tattoos just make those of us with amazingly tasteful tattoos look bad. jesus loves me and my tattoos or whatever.

  3. I think that’s a can’t lose full hearts clear eyes tattoo

  4. “That guy cut me off! I’m gonna flip him the clear eyes!”

  5. remember all those dudes with the LIFE. LOVE. REGRET. chest pieces? drama tv tribute tatts are the new metalcore tatts? 2011 is weird.

  6. It seems almost guaranteed that this person will lose “can’t lose” in some kind of fishing or jet-ski accident.

  7. I really miss that show. Pan Am doesn’t even come close to replacing it.

  8. Can’t lose full hearts clear eyes i love you love is forever fan love you

  9. One True Tattoo is probably better than a “One Ring” Tattoo. This guy probably disagrees, though.

  10. I am kinda afraid to tell you what your Mom has been up to…

  11. I’m opposed to tattoos that show when you’re wearing serious clothes, but I would probably not mind seeing that every time I looked at my hand.

  12. Dude should get a full sleeve that represents the opening title sequence.

  13. No!!!!! spoiler. I have two episodes left to watch in the series.

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