There are few things in this world that make me more upset than dubstep. A few weeks ago I had a legitimate argument with a friend about dubstep that ended in us shouting, “I don’t know what it is!,” “NEITHER DO I!” at each other, and I don’t even remember how the argument started, but we are definitely not friends anymore and either one or both of us are dead because of it. (JK.) (We’re best friends and we’re alive except for our brains.) But for some reason, because sometimes things just get stuck in the Matrix and you just have to deal with them until you can blue pill your way out of there, (classic and more importantly correct reference), in the past few months everything in the entire world has become about 98% dubstep related. Ugh. WHAT EVEN? Let’s not get into this argument again. So I guess, like we all had to do with Ryan Gosling, we just have to accept that dubstep is going to be a major part of our lives and learn to love it. To begin building that bridge, here are a few things I can say that I enjoy about it.

  1. The dancing, of course. The dancing is very good.
  2. The release of anxiety you feel when the bass drops, because you knew it was going to happen so you were just waiting for it the whole time and you were also a little worried that you were going to miss it, which would just make the whole entire thing pointless.
  3. The fantastic juggling.

If dubstep could increase its juggling presence a bit more, I think we’d all feel a little more affection towards it. So is it a deal, dubstep? More juggling? DUBSTEP? Are you even listening? Ugh, you are the worst! (Via reddit.)

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  1. Not on Kelly’s list: Skrillex.

  2. No one knows that dubstep is, even Deadmau5 is like why do I have a mouse on my head?

  3. Color me surprised that a website called is about juggling.

  4. Wait, is that seriously what dubstep sounds like? I’ve never heard a dubstep song before, is that really what it is? I feel like I’m missing something.

  5. Call me when he starts juggling sickles to dubstep.

  6. I refuse to believe this is actually music.

  7. I like dubstep a lot more than I like juggling.

  8. Sorry bro. Call me old fashioned, but your juggling videos is much better when I mute it and play the circus theme song in the background.

  9. i made it 15 seconds. not even juggling will get me to like dubstep.

  10. I didn’t watch the video but is that one song by Dubstep that goes “WOOOOOMP WOMP WOMP WUBWUBWUBWUBWUBWUB WOOOOOMP”?

  11. Wait till you guys see my psychedelic Horror core hacky sack routine.

  12. Dubstep originated in Croydon. I also am from Croydon. Should I know what dubstep is? Should I? I don’t.

    One of my friends once tried to describe dubstep to me by doing the dubstep dance. But it didn’t look anything like the dubstep juggling dance above.

  13. dubstep:you :: rock-n-roll:your grandpappy

    It’s the soundtrack that accompanies your wondering what the hell is wrong with kids these days.

  14. “What is this noise???” – My grandmother; me

  15. Thats so crazy. You would never imagine that someone that is into dubstep would like juggling too!

  16. Where r the chillwave jugglers?

  17. Honestly, I much prefered Dubstep back when it was called Techno, and was produced by a ton of different artists that all turned out to be Aphex Twin. Good times. Better times…

  18. Dubstep is new, it’s hip, it’s likely to put you in the hospital if done incorrectly.

    What is it? Basically mixing humanity with robotics, then using the beat to either speed up or slow down time using just your movement. It isn’t dancing – It’s expression. Often freakin awesome.

    And the music takes talent to create. You should see it done live – that shit is amazing to see.

    This video is an execellent example of how to really do dubstep like a pro. Prepare to have your mind blown.

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