• I’m sure you probably thought that our time with Charlie Day’s SNL episode had ended, being that it is now Tuesday, but wait! It’s not over yet! Here are some behind-the-scenes photos! Ok, now it’s over! -Splitsider
  • Are you ready for another song from the Muppets soundtrack? You should be because this one is the best one! The Muppets do “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” R.I.P. Kurt Cobain. -Stereogum
  • Oh, this is great! Today, Tim Heidecker released Cainthology (Songs In The Key Of Cain), nine songs inspired by GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain. Songs like “Cain Train.” Remember that song? That was a great song. And all proceeds from the album will be donated to VIP Medical Clinics for Abused Childrenand Community Mental Health Center. Buy it! And download it! And listen to it on all your computers! -LittleRecordCompany
  • The Mike Tyson quotes song, duh, hello. -GorillaMask
  • Is everyone looking forward to the Robocop reboot? Yes, right? It is going to be kind of like an origin story, I guess? I don’t know. You figure this one out, since you love it so much. -FilmDrunk
  • Remember yesterday’s Up baby? Well here is another baby! A younger one, acting out even more movies! Awww, BABIES! -TheDailyWhat
  • Michelle Dugger, a TV mom, is going to be having her 20th child. Congratulations! I’m sure this is very special! My goodness! That is so many! -Dlisted
  • Ugh, Joseph  Gordon-Levitt! Here is JGL covering “Remix to Ignition,” of course. I wonder if he actually did this IRL or if you all just DREAMED it into life. -Celebuzz
  • Here is Elizabeth Olsen in the UK’s Wonderland Magazine. Very nice! Very pretty! I still haven’t seen Martha Marcy May Marlene! And I really want to! -JustJared
  • There is going to be an Absolutely Fabulous movie, written by Jennifer Saunders! Hooray! Fingers crossed for a Young Ones movie, I’m sure it can’t be far away! -Movieline
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  1. I can’t wait for the tell-all book from one of those Duggar kids, because you know shit is just straight fucked up in that family.

    • True Life My Mom Named Me Jinger

    • “How many kids do you have to have before you think you’ve got a family?” – Daffy Duck yelling at a School Bus on The Looney Tunes Show.

    • i hate the duggars. there is a special place in hell for men who are that controlling and abusive of their wives. and it is spousal abuse. i would be willing to bet she was abused in a similar manner by her father. there is no way that this woman voluntarily got pregnant with twenty children. her father probably made her feel unwanted. ugh, i have been angry about this all day. there is not enough food to feed the current population of the planet and here you have some cult fucks advocating no birth control and tlc gives them a show through which they can promote their fucktard message. shoot me, please…after i down this bottle of tequila please.

      • Seeing as how I have refused to ever watch that show, I’m not sure I follow. Why are you putting all the blame on the husband?

        • because she completely submits to his authority in every way. she plays into the whole man as head of the house mantra (which was probably fed to her by her father and mother) so much so that it seems she is just an extension of his will. it reminds me of that woman who drowned her children in the bathtub…i am blanking and i have to run to my second shift at work otherwise i would look it up…he demands her submission (which she willingly gives because it is the only way that she has been taught a woman should behave in marriage) and he is oblivious to her feelings/wants because he doesn’t bother to ask.

        • if it was a based on mutual respect and admiration for each other she would not defer to his authority as the sole authority and he would ask her opinion. the show basically reinforces that he is the only intelligent one in the house and she is there to serve him. it just makes me sick.

  2. I’m pretty sure that this RoboCop movie is going to be really boring (its about the part of RoboCop where they are just rebuilding his body?) and really preachy about using robot slaves made partially from dead humans, a thing that does not and most likely will not (thanks to this movie) ever exist.

  3. Why are we getting the afternoon links at 3:30? This is a 4:15 feature! My world is literally exploding right now.

  4. RoboCop =/= The Island

  5. That “baby acting out famous movie scenes” thing is such a cool baby book theme. Kelly, whoever of you or your brothers has a baby first, we’re doing that.

  6. I can see why they need to make a movie about the loss of humanity that results from replacing body parts with machinery also be a reboot of Robocop. There is literally no way to do that as an original story with original characters.

  7. That joke Cain Train video was 400,000 times less insane than anything his actual staff has created on purpose. I kind of hate it now and this is why:

    I will no longer make jokes about Godfather’s Pizza tasting terrible as THIS MAN RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT RIGHT NOW ESSENTIALLY TOLD A WOMAN TO SUCK HIS DICK IF SHE WANTED A JOB. And there are four OTHER women out there with similar stories… which means there are so many, many more instances of this man being so very creepy and awful. AND HE’S STILL THE FRONTRUNNER. This is very upsetting. Like really honestly upsetting. He’s a lunatic and fun for memes but he sounds like a sex predator from a Lifetime movie.

    That being said, I’m also incredibly upset that I cannot get a “You want a job, right? — Cain 2012″ joke bumpersticker yet. The Internet failed me.

  8. Wait, JGL likes having sex TOO???? We have so much in common! It’s like we’re meant to be.

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