Still classic. Still perfect. (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.) Previously: The Classic Tablecloth Trick Done Perfectly

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  1. Ever think in these videos that the furniture is just fainting because of the miracles they’ve just witnessed?

  2. “Marriage, what? No, I mean, I hardly even know you, I …hey what is that man doing…the tablecloth trick?? I love this trick oh YES”

  3. You know how sometimes you WANT your magic trick to work but what you NEED is for a shelf to fall on you because you are too old to be doing stupid magic tricks? This is kind of like that.

  4. What is wrong with foreigners? USA #1!

  5. Aha! The classic “mom tucked the end of the tablecloth under the bookshelf to teach her son to stop doing stupid tricks and move out of her basement” trick. Works every time!

  6. you sir, are no Michel. or Sven for that matter!

  7. In Soviet Russia, tablecloth trick YOUUUU

  8. This will never be not funny.

  9. This is becoming an epidemic.

  10. Just a well-chosen camera angle to show off this trick.

  11. AWWW… is it Wednesday already? Cutest video yet, Kelly!

  12. I have to say, I much prefer the original European version. It was much darker, what with the suggestion that little Sven may have actually been crushed to death. This just has a typical Hollywood ending. “He definitely lived… happily ever after!”

  13. It was a towel! Does this make it even more perfect? Y/y?

  14. Guys, we have GOT to stop doing this trick around cabinets of any kind. I’m worried for us!

  15. Wonder what happens when his doorbell rings.

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