Oh, gross! I know that Terry Richardson has basically entered some kind of enshrined and untouchable pantheon of American Celebrity Photographers, where if you hit a point in your career you basically have to get your photo taken by him against a white wall in his SOHO studio American Apparel ad style and that’s just how business is done in Modern America and fair enough. But the dude still creeps me out to no end. If you look up Highly Questionable Skeezozoid in the dictionary there’s a (self-taken) picture of Terry Richardson French kissing some editor from Vice magazine while an androgynous precog of indeterminate age screams in the background. And this photo of him with a 4 REAL little girl, even if she is a famous movie star little girl, it just sets off an Amber Alert in my brain. SOMEONE HELP HER! HE’S PROBABLY GOING TO HUG HER! Thumbs up. More like thumbs down. Good one, Gabe. You caption it.

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. NO TOUCHING! (Image via ONTD.)

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  1. She could do better.

  2. Aaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy

  3. I have no clever caption, but what? Who is letting her anywhere near that dude? There seriously better be at least eighteen chaperones with tazers just out of frame, because yikes!

  4. The thumbs-up means he’s all clear of skin tags.

  5. “thumbs up!” from the bubble where two people think we should know who they are!

  6. I don’t have a caption, but I really don’t like how his hands are ginormous and his glasses look drawn on with a Sharpie. Gross. Somebody get that poor girl away from him.

  7. Guess who has two thumbs and isn’t wearing pants!

  8. They’re really doing their best Abu Ghraib pose here.

  9. That dude took my avatar pic. I don’t like to talk about it.

  10. via Instagram

  11. Save the Date! Richardson & Fanning: March 1, 2012

    King Kong ain’t got nothing on Hutchinson & Stodden

  12. to catch a predator : the movie.

  13. You do NOT want to know where those thumbs have been. Terry’s either.

  14. After the photoshoot for the Angie’s List 2012 calendar.

  15. “who has two thumbs and likes to take questionable pictures with underage girls, this guy” – that guy

  16. 2 thumbs up, shes old enough!

  17. It’s not like she’ll be able to smile on her driver’s license, so I won’t knock on her for smiling in her mugshot.

  18. Pictured: Two people that both wish they had had more private time to get to know Dakota Fanning better over the last few years.

  19. Who’s got two thumbs and is going to be involved in a statutory rape case?

  20. You guys, clearly the photographer just made a hilarious pun-based joke and they’re upvoting him/her.

  21. Pretty sure Gabe nailed this one.

  22. No words can accurately display my uneasiness at this, soooooooo:

  23. “I think we’re thumbs-upping for different reasons”–Elle Fanning

  24. Pictured: Five thumbs up (gross)

  25. “Please God. Call the police.” – Elle Fanning, Through Gritted Teeth

  26. Two people celebrate the return of flannel.

  27. Annie Leibovitz- I’ll eat your heart out. Err- I mean, EAT YOUR heart out, yeah, that’s the ticket.

  28. Heaven Just Got a Little More Elle Fanning’s Innocence.

  29. “Her?” – The Police

  30. I like how two penises touching is not the most disturbing image on videogum today.

  31. You already said “No touching,” Gabe. What are we supposed to say?

  32. One way to get your parent’s attention.

    “Mommy look I’m hanging out with a creepy older man who loves tampons!!” – Dakota’s sister

  33. Dr. Terry says they are not implants.

  34. Who has two thumbs and wants you to have a seat over there?

  35. I really wish I had developed the anti-Terry Richardson website I started a few months ago in time to stop this from happening.


  36. “Winning”

  37. Wii proudly introduces their newest game – TEXTY!

  38. “I’m not giving thumbs up. I’m just ready in case this perv gets fresh. Thumb in this sucker’s eye if he doesn’t watch his hands”

  39. A print from Terry Richardson’s playful new self-portrait collection, Statutory Rapscallion.

  40. Teenage girl and registered sex offender giving their vaguely disingenuous approval. It’s a photo of the “professional references” section of my resume.

  41. The Fanning Parents: Just Making Awesome Decisions For Their Daughters Since ’94.

  42. This is an add for the Sex Offender Registry. Please contact: http://www.fbi.gov/scams-safety/registry for more information.

  43. I know, I’m not the biggest fashion insider of all time (said the guy wearing pleated slacks), but when exactly did that industry turn into a house of horrors and degradation? I ask only out of curiousity.

    Why yes, that is my caption.

  44. My boyfriend thinks creepy of me. He’ is 52 years older than me, lol. We met online at RichardsonM’ingle. com

  45. “What? My sister got pretend-raped in Hounddog? Big whoop.” –Elle Fanning

  46. Pictured: Two people who have the BIGGEST crushes on James Franco

  47. For realsies now: In what scenario would Lindsay Lohan-that-was even come into contact (ew) with a skeever of this magnitude?

  48. “It was a lot of fun, Terry’s a really sweet guy” -Joy Fanning

  49. These pretzels are making me thirsty.

  50. Did anybody else hum Blondie’s “X Offender” song while reading this post?

  51. She just had to up the ante after this ad from big sis

  52. “We’re doing one of those movie scene reenactments, right? Seems a little soon to do ‘The Lovely Bones,’ doesn’t it?”

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