From the creator of “Cycles,” here is a short video about the city that we live in: Kitty City. It’s a little weird here for sure, but it IS home! (Via BoingBoing.)

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  1. I finally feel at home.

  2. The way those buildings sway, it looks like Kitty City is well prepared for earthquakes and high winds. Even in Kitty City, it’s important that buildings be up to code.

  3. To enhance your viewing pleasure please take with Ketamine.

  4. If the Human Centipede didn’t give you enough nightmares, here’s the Feline Caterpillar !

  5. Now that I know what cats go through on Mondays, Garfield makes a lot more sense.

  6. This is Cats. This is your brain on Cats. Any Questions?

  7. Did you guys see that dancing traffic light? SO WEIRD!

  8. Finally! Cat-related material on the internet. Boy, it sure took long enough.

    Now if only I could find something about trampolines…

  9. I love how all the elements in this video come together. I love the eerily pleasant music, the fluid animation, the theme, but most of all I love the excuse to post trippy cat gif tumblers.

  10. now we all know what it’s like to be on cat nip.


  12. Long story, but in high school, my hockey team had a phobia of (obviously fictitious) Catsnakes. This is exactly what I pictured them to be and I loved/hated every second of this video.

  13. Our kitty’s Star Guitar by Michel Gondry. Or something.

  14. Oh man, I was having pretty good nightmares but now I am having EVEN BETTER nightmares, thanks!

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