It’s been two years since we’ve heard anything about a live-action film adaptation of the Where’s Waldo? books, which was a great idea two years ago, and is still a great idea. So the news that MGM has picked up the rights and is moving forward with the idea is just very reassuring for all of us and let’s us know that we don’t live in a lazy world of aggressive mediocrity that is covered in a damp, unforgiving morass where ideas go to die. From Deadline:

This project was originally in the works at Chris Meledandri’s Illumination Entertainment, but that’s apparently no longer the case. Here’s the release from MGM today:

LOS ANGELES, CA (November 07, 2011) – MGM’s President of Motion Picture Group Jonathan Glickman today announced that the studio has secured feature film rights to bring Classic Media’s Where’s Waldo?® to the big screen in a live-action family adventure.

“We are thrilled to be bringing the search for Waldo to the big screen. Along with our partners at Classic Media, we look forward to making a worldwide adventure that will appeal to Where’s Waldo? fans of all ages,” Glickman said. “Waldo is the most searched-for character in the world,” said Eric Ellenbogen, co-CEO, Classic Media. “With thanks to MGM, fans everywhere will find Waldo in movie theaters with his motion picture debut.”

Fans of all ages? How many ages do these guys think they are talking about? It’s a puzzle book for children. About a guy who likes to go to festivals. He’s the most searched-for character in the world? WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN!? Well, rest assured, the very idea of making those books into a movie is so great and strong and logical and compelling that even Hollywood would have a hard time messing it up as if they ever mess anything up just kidding they’re perfect. A++. Already at the theater. ONE ADULT WHERE’S WALDO FAN? FOR THE ALL-AGES SHOWING OF WHERE’S WALDO?: THE MOVIE, PLEASE, SULLEN 17-YEAR-OLD MOVIE THEATER EMPLOYEE!

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  1. “Where’s a good movie idea? Bet you can’ t find it in this sea of movie ideas.” -Hollywood

  2. Just a little reminder. This is also a real thing that is really happening:

  3. Isn’t Carmen San Diego the most searched-for character in the world? I mean “world” is in her motto/tagline. Waldo only travels to a few places every year. I guess I’ll cut them a little slack because making a Carmen San Diego movie doesn’t make sense and would never happen

  4. And you said miracles never happen.

  5. I hope this movie and the Carmen Sandiego movie don’t come out at the same time. If that happens, I imagine every movie theater in the country will spontaneously disappear from maps and GPS systems.

  6. Oh, there’s something for everyone all right:


  7. Weird! I just went to Google Trends to confirm Hollywood’s claim that Waldo is the world’s most searched-for character. It turns out alleged child molester Jerry Sandusky is.

    Waldo also is behind the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Carlos the Jackal, and (for some reason) the coriolis effect.

  8. Hey guys, they just announced this major star is attached to the project! It’s…

    No, wait. That’s not right. It’s this guy!


  9. Great idea. They probably hope everyone is going to watch it at the cinema for five or six times, before discovering that somewhere in the back of the final shot Andy Serkis is hiding.

  10. I don’t know. I saw many, many grown adults dressed as Waldo for Halloween. Seems streets is talking (about Waldo).

  11. it’s Zach Quinto!

  12. Fuck Waldo, Where’s Wallace ? Where he at String ?

  13. I already have watched the perfect Where’s Waldo movie, in my head, every time I listen to “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”

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