Last week we tried very hard to figure out the Aubrey Plaza “juice bar neg” cliffhanger from the lastest issue of Rolling Stone, and the answer has finally been revealed! She didn’t know who he was? Basically unguessable. Sorry, guys.

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  1. If I don’t even know what the hell a neg is, does that mean I just negged negs?

  2. “bitch doesn’t know who I am?”

  3. Ryan Gosling for Andy Dwyer’s brother, Birdie for Andy Dwyer’s dog

  4. Y’all should read over the “So, Is Parks And Recreation Getting Better?” in the You Might Also Like section.

    How far we’ve come, oh how far we’ve come.

  5. I want to read the article, but I am distracted by my own annoyance at actresses being photographed while awkwardly lying on the floor in skimpy clothes giving that come-hither-because-I’m-paralyzed look. Hate it!

  6. Well played, Audrey Plaza.

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