• A FilmDrunk reader visited Wahlburgers and wrote a review about it and I am super jealous because — and I didn’t know this about myself until right now — I want to go to Wahlburgers and write a review of it!!! Uggh I bet it is so good. The other striking thing about this is, Isn’t the “W” logo the same as the grocery store chain Wegman’s “W” logo? I’m trying to find proof of it on the internet but I can’t. So it’s possible I’m wrong. But I don’t think I am! Guys?! Wahlbergs?! -FilmDrunk
  • On Halloween, Jimmy Kimmel challenged his viewers to, the next morning, tell their kids that they ate all of their candy and film the results. And the results are absolutely perfect, especially in the case of the final child. Holy cow. -TheDailyWhat
  • A Marcel The Shell With Shoes On app was born today! You can buy it at the iTunes store, and you SHOULD buy it because oh my goodness it looks so adorable, and this way if you’re ever around a child and don’t have the book with you, you can show the child the app! Easy, case closed. -iTunes
  • I don’t know who Berenice Marlohe is but she is a very pretty lady and also she is going to be the next Bond girl. Hooray for Berenice Marlohe! -TheSuperficial
  • Check out this handwritten letter from Madonna to A Certain Sacrifice director Stephen Lewicki from 1979. In it she says, “By the time I was in the fifth grade, I knew I either wanted to be a nun or a movie star.” Read the rest to find out which one she picked! -Madonnarama
  • OMG guys, we should all try out for the Glee Project! Now’s our chance to shine! We all look like high schoolers, right? Yes! Let’s do it!  -PopCultureBrain
  • Here are some photos of Courtney Stodden without makeup on. “Perfect.” – Celebuzz
  • Oooohh, I know you all either watched it streaming or were there IRL, but here are some photos from today’s Twilight hand cement ceremony! Do any of you guys have pictures from your parties that you want to share? Feel free to post them in the comments! -JustJared
  • Do you think The Office has gotten more relaxed? Salon thinks that! I also think that. Maybe TOO relaxed? That question was from only me. -Salon
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  1. Whatever, my parents pulled the “We ate your candy” trick on me 19 years ago. Jimmy Kimmel you stole Mr and Mrs djfreshie’s prank!

  2. La FIRST-ini

  3. I wore less makeup as Rose Tyler on Halloween than Courtney did on her “makeup free” stroll in censor bars as clothing.

    And I spent an hour filling in those eyebrows on Saturday. An hour. (I am very very fair.)

  4. I don’t get those Courtney Stodden pictures. Everything I’m looking at looks exactly the same as it always does.

  5. You’re right, that is the Wegman’s symbol.

  6. How is it possible that Courtney Stodden still looks so old? And she’s 4 years younger than me?!

    • Because she’s a 35-year-old performance artist who is helping James Franco with his Phd thesis on the relationship between fame, gender politics, sexual identity and the establishment of self.

  7. That’s weird. I figured Courtney Stodden was too young to drink coffee.

  8. The Wegman’s logo used to be similar to that, especially when they ran it in green, like they would often do on their seasonal magazines that I do not have stored in a drawer in my kitchen.

    They also used to run just the script “W” in a circle like that, but they have actually stopped using that logo altogether because of a settlement with Walgreen’s, because: corporations.


  9. Thanks to today’s Here Are Some Afternoon Links, I discovered that my I.T. department classified TheSuperficial as a forbidden, X-rated web site. Oops! Also: really?

  10. The “I ate all your candy” prank is, primarily, the only reason to have children.

  11. The last two kids are so smart.

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