This is good news. Or as the lady dowager of Downton might say, “hmph.”

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  1. Ain’t no party like a Downton party!

  2. don’t forget the christmas special! there’s going to be a christmas special!

  3. I will not stop requesting a Sunday Night TV Open Thread. This is something that should exist.

  4. So I while ago, when I lived in London, I had a gig writing for a big London culture/events/politics sort of blog, and I took it as a personal point of pride that readers shouldn’t be able to guess that I was an expat by reading my posts — I wouldn’t lie, but I’d get the vocabulary and spelling and slang right. And then one day I was doing a write of an exhibition at the British Library and I in passing referred to the Queen as “her highness” which is of course COMPLETELY WRONG because the queen is “her majesty” not “her highness” and blog commenters were all like “what the fuck?” and knew that I was a fraud and basically I felt like I should have been deported on the spot.

    This is a long way of telling you that the Downton Abbey character’s correct title is “The COUNTESS Dowager” not “The Lady Dowager.”

  5. I moved to London about two months ago, and I’m not going to lie – one of the best things about moving was the chance to see Downton Season 2 before all my friends.

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