Love these John Crowder communions. Totally not terrifying. Just such a message of peace and love. Very powerful stuff. Hey, is that the guy from Mythbusters? Let go these worldly things. Namaste? Namaste. (Via ChristianNightmares.)

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  1. “This is so weird.” -Jesus

  2. Does anyone know any good Toronto churches where I can score some E? Asking for a friend the friend is me.

  3. Now we know where Rick Perry was before his speech this past weekend.

  4. Sometimes when I’m playing the “what if” game I come across the scenario that you can make water into wine but you can only make Carlo Rossi wine. I always pass on that magic power and now I know why.

  5. This guy’s services always receive rave reviews.

  6. Peyote’s a hell of a drug.

  7. “Needs more subway sandwiches.” -Cirk Kameron

  8. Well what did you expect would happen when you drank from a jug of Carlo Rossi?

  9. And yea, Jesus had taken the water, and yea it had transformeth into Mad Dog 40/40. And where there had been but one slim jim, he had createth an entire pallet of Cool Ranch Doritos.

  10. They keep hitting the ground. Is he giving them communion or proposing to them?

  11. I always knew the perfect pastor was a equal parts Paul van Dyk and Joe Francis.

  12. Wait. That isn’t Jeremy Piven?

    • He looks like that guy in Hostel who was all “you think this gun is too american?” and then he ripped out that girls eye? Is that the same guy? probably.

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