Jon Ronson is a journalist and radio essayist and maybe you have read one of his books? They are good books! Read ‘em. (This guy knows.) He has done a couple of pieces on This American Life that are some of my favorite pieces on This American Life. He is so dry and funny and British. Anyway, he after the jump is part one (out of who knows how many parts! Exciting!) of an on-line documentary in which he traces the herstory of Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” meeting with one of Rebecca Black’s best friends who appears in the music video, and then meeting with Patrice Wilson, the dude from Ark Music Factory who wrote the song, who seems to think he’s a genius, which I don’t know, maybe he is, but the very best part is when he WRITES A SONG FOR JON RONSON (no spoilers). It’s a very good song and you’re definitely going to put it on your Zune because of how good it is. Fall jamz, I’m sure. Watch:

I could watch Jon Ronson make an on-line documentary about the PHONE BOOK. (Similarly, I bet Patrice Wilson would love to write a song about the phone book.) (Thanks for the tip, Chris Trash.)

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  1. Jon Ronson doesn’t sound like a real name. Unless it’s supposed to be Ron Johnson, and he’s getting the Jen Kennings treatment.

  2. There’s no song about Friday out there?!? I think this guy would beg to differ.

  3. I’d rather hear a song about the dichotomy between my generally manic Mondays and my comparatively better Sundays. I like to call Sunday my Fun Day.

  4. How is Ark Music Factory not a Conservative Christian Rock Disco Production Company?

    “You Better WERK It…As a man does with a woman, and in no other way”

  5. I could watch Patrice Wilson talk forever for reasons he would probably not be too happy about.

  6. and Benni Cinkle remains one of the most well-adjusted teen viral stars

    • Please print this on my gravestone.ugh I can’t believe I just wrote that.

      • Ironically, your tombstone will mark an empty grave, after you remain missing for 8 years — abducted by Benni Cinkle after she’s introduced as “the girl in pink from the that Friday video” for the umpteenth time and suffers a severe psychotic break, keeping you locked in her closet, only seeing the light of day to respond to Cinkle’s pleas of: “you think I’m well-adjusted, don’t you, fondue cheddar?”

      • i’d like to think you’re talking about gravestone.ugh, the website the future world government will use after deciding only the wealthiest get actual physical graves

  7. Jon Ronson has they most soothing, mellifluous voice. I always feel calmer after listening to him, even (especially!) when he’s talking about psychopaths

  8. I’m surprised this never came up on Conan, since his interview was about his book discussing how to identify psychopaths. Probably the fact that all of Patrice’s employees are lawyers for some reason deterred Jon from mentioning that the hit teen pop song “Friday” was actually written by a middle aged creep job that meets all of the classifications of being a psychopath.

    Here’s that interview if anyone is interested:

  9. is it called “Women Who Sing Like Goats” ?

  10. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a British person work a “vaguely insulted but trying to be polite” face quite that hard before.

  11. I wanted to see Jon Ronson try the psychopath test on Patrice.

  12. Going to the Conan Show is actually eventful, I was hoping the lyrics went something along the lines of “Writing, writing, gotta do some writing a-bout some goooo-ooo-ooo-oooats.”

  13. I don’t mean to be ms. debbie downer- but I hate the way Jon Ronson talks. It’s so wispy and staccato at the same time; he constantly sounds like his mouth is tripping over itself. And he has a horrible tendency to elongate irregular vowel sounds, and talk in a childlike half northern/half London dialect.

    Maybe it’s because I’m actually British (and also one of Shakespeare’s Roman heroes preoccupied most with the speech of others) so don’t have a quaint sense of displaced nostalgia hearing him, but I couldn’t get through this video listening to him speak.

  14. Patrice Wilson thinks he has the power to make more monster viral videos like Friday. I think he’s at least half right – based on what he dashed off for Ronson, he certainly seems to have an endless supply of Friday-type vids in him; plus he may have set a record for saying Conan the most times in 4 minutes (or whatever it was).

    Whether YouTube Nation will grant viral status to another one remains to be seen, however.

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