The YouTube description on this video reads: “Two cams, anything goes, you decide. The future of live entertainment.” I don’t understand the first part, but I do understand the second part, and it’s hard to argue with.

Traditionally, when people talk about the future of entertainment they’re either talking about something that is the present of entertainment (a slightly thinner television set) or they are talking about some soot-smudged dystopian nightmare. This presents another option. Maybe the future isn’t The Hunger Games, or all the books and movies and short stories that The Hunger Games ripped off (Battle Royale, Blade Runner, Hard Target, The Long Walk, The Condemned, Gamer, etc times a million) that make you realize that it’s kind of annoying that The Hunger Games is so successful when it is also so derivative. No, maybe the future of entertainment isn’t a grim, blood-soaked product of intractable class warfare. Maybe it’s just this. Dancing with swords and switchblades to an up-tempo beat while grandma sips her beer and thinks about the day she’ll once again meet her beloved Franklin on the other side. I hope so, because that future looks GREAT! (Thanks for the tip, Mike and Frank.)

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  1. “Two cams, anything goes, you decide.”

    Okay, I’ve made my decision! My two Cams will be Candace and Kirk Cameron.

  2. Tell us how you really feel about The Hunger Games, Gabe.

    (Seriously, though, if you’re looking for something that isn’t derivative, you’re going to have to get Doc Brown to fire up the flux capacitor and go back to prehistory when stories were invented. Everyone borrows. Shakespeare borrowed, and we like him. Check it out on Wikipedia.)

    • Wikipedia? What a blatant rip-off! I’ll check it in my leather-bound encyclopedia, thank you very much!

    • I am a stalwart Hunger Games defender, but I do understand the frustration about how it is so similar to other, arguably better, works (NOTHING IS BETTER THAN CRANKY LADIES SHOOTING ARROWS I WILL STAND BY THAT UNTIL MY DYING DAY). I like to think that the Hunger Games is a gateway book, and soon children across the world will be conspicuously shuffling around the library looking for that next sweet literary fix.

      • Please, by the age that kids are reading The Hunger Games, they should already be indoctrinated into the world of literature through the Choose Your Own Adventure Classic “You Are Being Hunted As A Form Of Entertainment.”

    • The first thing I thought when I read this post was that Baby Friday would have something to say about it. Do NOT speak ill of The Hunger Games around Baby Friday.

      • Ha! I have been vocal, haven’t I?

        I guess my main concern is that the movie doesn’t come out until March, and then there will be more movies after that, and I just don’t know how much of Gabe bitching about The Hunger Games I can take. It’s such a weird thing to take issue with; just picturing Gabe sitting around with Birdie and thinking about Katniss and Peeta and just getting so MAD!

        • Also: what does it have to do with sword dancing in grandma’s yard?!?

          • Sword dancing in Grandma’s yard always makes Gabe hungry.

          • Well, that’s fair, then. It just makes me super, super nervous for the dog in the video.

          • War Of The Roses/Hunger Games cross-over fanfic? I’ll get started on this immediately!

          • Old Lady = Madge

            Sword Girl = Katniss

            Blond Dude = Peeta

            The Dog represents “going Mutt”.

          • Going Mutt was one of the most terrifying moments in that book. I have no idea how they can even make that film not NC-17, especially Mockingjay.

            But I think that if a kid gets a taste for dystopic fiction it’s quite possible they can go into the harder stuff. I got my 10-year-old neighbor into the Hunger Games last year. I was hoping to get her into Brave New World or 1984, but then I remembered she wasn’t me as a 10-year-old. And she took way too long to read those books so she probably wasn’t ready for the classics. Oh man, I need more of that stuff. The good stuff.

  3. Is that a Snoopy snowcone machine on the table next to grandma? Are they going to get snowcones as a reward for their hard work? Cool grandma.

  4. the grandma cant even be bothered to watch the whole thing.

    • I think grandma may have passed on half way through this video. She’s with Franklin now watching knife-dances with the angels.

  5. So we’re just going to skip over the fact that she almost decapitated the dog at 0:57?! Sword dancing around dogs is a TERRIBLE idea for future live entertainment.

    I prefer Tower Heist-style movie-parties. Now THAT is a future I can get into.

  6. I will have to watch it again, because the entire first time I was worried about the dog. Dog, don’t go too near the people flailing about with swords! That seems like it could be a poor decision!

  7. So that’s what happened to Draco Malfoy. Cool moves for a Slytherin.

  8. Please…PLEASE… let this be the future of live entertainment.

  9. That’s it, after Thanksgiving dinner we’re definitely having a mini flash mob in the yard.

  10. That dog is more impressed than me. BTW is that Britney from GLEE????

  11. I was having a not-so-good morning until I pulled up the ol’ videogum. Now…now I’m having the best morning. Also the coffee is ready. I’m not sure which one made my day better.


  13. And the award for best video of all time goes to… BR HANDSKILLS 01!!!

  14. A large portion of the “We Should All Be So Lucky” posts make so much sense now. Thanks to this BR future of entertainment thing.
    I rest my case.

  15. The actual maker of this video is Kyle Frere (temperature3 on twitter and youtube),
    a photographer / photographer’s assistant. Check him out at

    A pretty cool photo series he did called “Buried (alive)” is viewable in the Work section of his site.
    This one is called “Minnows:”

  16. Well, that’s not bad, but her shoulders are canted forward for a lot of, which is going to disrupt the energy of both thrusts and cuts, and I think the tempo is causing her to shortchange some of the stances, especially the Sitting and One-Leg stances.

  17. I was told not to run with scissors… or dance with death.

  18. I realize this is really not a big deal but the kid is playing with a butterfly knife, not a switch blade. A switch blade just flips out the side of the handle like those goofy combs we played with as kids. As a former kid that still has a (un)healthy fascination with knives, swords and cool sticks I just couldn’t let that pass.

  19. Please credit this masterpiece correctly. The original is by temperature 3 and says, “You probably can’t do it.” And he’s right. Genius like this only comes along once in a lifetime.

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