I know that it isn’t even close to nighttime yet, but when an opportunity like this comes into your life you have to ditch the norm — the hours they try and TELL you are “for sleeping” — and just go for it. Just go to sleep. Why waste a perfectly good chorus of singing “freedom” lullaby faces on being awake and probably at work? This is your life. LIVE IT. Sleep it. Go to sleep. Put your head down on your desk and turn this up your computer speakers as loud as they can go. Maybe your whole office will fall asleep? Maybe include a link to the video in an office-wide email just in case. The subject to the email can be, “Freedom. Freedom. Freedom.” And the body can be, “FREEDOM!” And that word will be a hyperlink to this video. You’ll probably even get a promotion? Congratulations in advance on your promotion. Freedom! (Via B3ta.)

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  1. Sounds better on vinyl:

  2. My primary question is this: Why did they choose the most intimidatingly handsome faces to sing this song to us? Because they are just so handsome and I just want to lie awake all night gazing at them.

    They are definitely not the disembodied faces of the dead searching for freedom from purgatory, NO SIR, just normal, every day, extremely handsome faces.

  3. Aaaaaaaa!!! I’m trying to decide if it would have been worse or better if they had normal man voices rather than the weird, creepy cartoon voices.

  4. I had no idea anything was even happening until I looked down and say the video was half over.

  5. And here I was hoping George Michael’s Freedom was gonna be the song they were singing.

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